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  1. I am looking into seeing one tomorrow. I’m a waxing technician and one of my clients is a doctor who I really love and asked if she could refer me to a therapist. I’m just scared my problems are too complex for anyone to help me. I am not currently on meds. I was taking 5mg of generic lexapro but stopped taking it.
  2. Hey everyone. Hope all is well. Anyone have any insight on maladaptive daydreams? Ive had both since I was basically born. Traumatic childhood right out the womb gave me Trauma and OCD and as a way to escape I would daydream. I’m 27 now. Been struggling this week badly which has scared me to a point that I’ve never felt before so I’m looking into therapy. I’m scared that no doctor will understand or help me because I can’t even make sense of what I’m going through. I’ve never really tried to change for good, because I’m afraid of what my life will be like if I change. I’m afraid of the how to deal with the silence, know what I mean? If I don’t have ruminations or disturbing thoughts/nothing to reassure then..what do I have? I don’t know myself at all without it and I’m scared but I also can’t keep living like this either.
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