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  1. Don't know, I don't have any personal experience with that to comment on it. Maybe someone else does.
  2. Probably because your mental state doesn't sound all that with it, without being too harsh. Do you mean high on something or high as in hypomania or mania?
  3. No offense taken, he's a bloody buffoon at best. As for the question, I am going to say probably never. Even when the virus is gone, I doubt it will be something that won't leave an ever lasting impact on the way we live and function socioeconomically. That probably sounds grim but that's my thought. And that's socioeconomically and both socially and economically separately. Even just basic human survival and functioning, for some I think the impact of prolonged isolation will change them forever, I know I have spent my whole life forcibly excluded from the rest of society and it definitely molded aspects of my social behaviour and ability to understand how it impacts people, even though I myself am not negatively impacted on a personal level.
  4. I mean, being realistic, it isn't like there's much to even spend on anyways. And it isn't like all us pensioners haven't forcibly adapted to having such a piss poor income either. Only spend mine on basics, and most of the time it doesn't even cover those. I've not even been able to buy groceries this fortnight because Coles and Woolies have suspended their online services, including delivery slots, where I live, and I'm not far from an area that has a large percentage of my state's cases, so I will be avoiding going outside even more than usual, certainly not for groceries that are probably not even on the shelf because of hoarders and preppers.
  5. Ah, I only asked because I got tired of seeing his face and hearing him so last I heard of it was when he spoke about it for the first time. He's a fucking prick and just for that I will be putting what I get in savings, so up yours ScoMo. There are more polite and civil ways to stimulate the economy you stupid fuckhead.
  6. Yes, because it happened and what's done is done, and because of it, I basically ended up my own abuser. Because its a lot of damage that requires a lot of seemingly non-existent resources to undamage, if that is even a word. Because I have nothing else to report about my life, nothing else in my autobiography. Because I know it will impact me forever. Because it remains to be a taboo subject and I'm part of a horrible statistic. Because I know that there's really nothing anyone could do or say to change it. Because I survived when others did not and do not.
  7. Please let me know if this video isn't appropriate, but I think it explains crystals rather accurately and in quite an entertaining manner. I warn you to not watch this video if you are eating or drinking, because it may be hazardous in such scenarios.
  8. I don't believe they are supposed to be fine tuned. Is that not the root of largely every dysfunctional coping strategy there is in human existence? And some of the most heinous and abusive acts in human existence? I don't agree with the whole prolongation of life thing. Death is inevitable also, so it shouldn't be fucked with (yet alone cheated) in my opinion, and it is, as politely as I can put it, unwise to fear it or attach any emotion towards because of that, in my view. We're all going to die. End of story. That's part of why 1 for me is a personal definition of hell, if only death could be sooner. Without details, there is the type to cheat death and the type to cheat life, I am one who gains my guilty satisfaction from cheating life. Unlike most others, so it seems.
  9. I disagree. Don't you think that if such a thing was possible, it would have been achieved already in human history? Then there is the question of should it, and are the consequences worth the risk. Switch off negative emotions, you switch off emotions fullstop because you can't have positive without negative. Switch off addiction, what would be left of the person's personality psychology, not much, and then there is the question of do they have the resources available to manage it and manage life. Addiction is an absolute pain in the ass to treat for a reason. Speaking personally though, I wouldn't take that part of me away regardless of how shit it is, because it is still part of me and I still learn irreplaceable lessons from it. Life without negative? What is negative exactly? Hardship, challenge, suffering, all of those are inevitable, and I say, without them our existence would be boring as fuck because we would learn almost nothing that is genuinely useful and applicable to life. Which by the way, isn't supposed to be all rainbow farts coming out of unicorn anus and blinding sunshine. Its not healthy to trade one extreme for another, because an extreme is an extreme. As for which is more insane, neither, they are both insane, end of story. 1 is however my personal definition of hell, or one of them. One I have no choice but to exist with.
  10. I believe the aim of it isn't anything related to hallucinations, it is moreso that certain psychedellics have shown capacity to help with blockages in the brain that are barriers to trauma work, and MDMA especially has additional potential for helping with developing connections and moving past emotional blockages because of its empathogen properties chemically. But I could be wrong.
  11. That's not the issue. The issue is that he is forcing his relegious stance into the law and therefore making it excusable by law to use a personal matter as a cover up and excuse. Relegion is not a legal, state or federal matter and shouldn't be made any of those things. Yet alone in the context of being able to refuse service to people for uncontrollable circumstances just because of some beliefs you choose to have. What's more important as the leader responsible for the country, personal beliefs or the fact a large portion of the country is burning, all the while it is clear that you deny climate change despite the facts? Those priorities seem out of order.
  12. Our PM is a deluded, money hungry fuckwit with ScoMo as a nickname, if that says anything, currently he cares more about shoving his relegious extremism down our throats with a relegious freedom bill than the fact a large portion of the country is literally burning and lacking in fire department intervention and humanatarian aid. Look any depth into Australian politics and you will find that we are as much a laughing stock and backwards as any developed country, take a look at our history and it is foolish to question our level of insanity. But I don't care to derail the thread, so anyways.
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