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  1. I'm currently on 60mgs of morphine a day, 10mgs flexaril, and 20 mgs of hydrocodone. My pain doctor and I are trying to reduce pain without going up on the hard stuff. I'm currently trying gabapentin (300mgs 3×a day) but I dont notice any difference. We're trying lyrica next. I'd love to hear experiences with Lyrica.
  2. Hey, I'm new here and just thought I'd stop and say hi. Hope all is good with you today. ❤️

  3. Firstly, blood draws terrify me. I avoid them at all costs if I can. But, my pdoc required a blood draw to do routine tests. It was a fasting draw too,if that makes a difference. So, I brought my bf with me for moral support. So I go in the room that they do the blood draws in and I sit in the chair and cover my face (so I won't see the needle,etc). The nurse was massaging my hand to relax me. She looked at my arms,and decided on the right arm to prick. It seemed like she rubbed my arm with alcohol forever. Finally, the prick came. I barely felt it. I was thinking I was being a baby and that w
  4. Well so much for it ruining my naps. I actually slept more today than I normally do. 15 hours.
  5. I seen my pdoc today. I asked for an antidepressant to help with my weight. She gave me Cymbalta. It can help my depression, anxiety, pain, and weight. So I want to know how was/is Cymbalta for you? I just started it today, but I usually take 2 or 3 naps a day. With this med, I've failed to fall asleep everytime. My mind won't shut off to sleep.
  6. I can't join for some reason. It won't let me set a password so I can't get on. I miss everyone already!!!!
  7. I know this post is a year old but I thought I'd give a little update: My current psych meds are Vistaril, Trazadone, and Latuda. I've been off Seroquel for a year. I've lost about 35 pounds since then(with diet and exercise). I don't have those binge eating attacks anymore. I miss the sleep I'd getting from Seroquel, but not all that weight. I think once you stop Seroquel, the weight will slowly come off.
  8. Update: I stayed up till 1230am last night(was not easy) to see if it's make a difference with my sleep; and boy did it ever! Instead of laying there for over an hour with my eyes closed trying to fall asleep, I fell asleep within 10-15 minutes. I did wake up a couple times to pee because i drink alot of water, but i fell back asleep realky fast. And I didn't wake up until 1230pm! I haven't slept past 9am in months. Last night's sleep was truly amazing.
  9. I used to take Seroquel. You need to allow plenty of time for sleep. I used to sleep 12 hours on it. But I didn't take it until around midnight and slept till about noon the next day.
  10. I take Imitrex for migraines and it's the BEST headache medicine I've ever taken I've been on the injection and the pill. They both work amazingly. The injection works super quick, but it does make your heart beat fast for a few minutes. The pills have less side effects but work just as good.
  11. Thank you for this tread! I have the exact same problem. I'll wake up between 2-4am and watch tv for a while because I can not fall back asleep.
  12. I'm currently on Trazadone, Latuda, Vistaril, MS Contin, and Norco. My medications have always done wonders for my sleep. Recently it's not had the same effect so I've been taking the generic form of Benadryl. That worked good for like a month, but even that is losing its effectiveness. I also usually drug myself to sleep around 8 (even though I sleep at least 10 hours and get a 2-3 hour nap). So I'm not really tired, I just get bored and love to sleep. So. What's a good medicine for sleep? And do you think if I stayed up later until I'm actually tired that I'd sleep better?
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