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  1. I also struggle with apathy and lack of motivation even when I feel somewhat better. Hoping this diet with exercise will help with that. I have heard of fruitarian but think eating carbs like potatoes, rice etc, may help better with depression, with some raw fruits and veggies. But a raw diet is good for cleansing. Heard of raw till 4, think that is better than just raw, doing the high carb low fat vegan diet, will be eating mostly bananas and potatoes cause I'm on a budget. Will be posting updates on my tumblr http://bananaspotatoesgreens.tumblr.com
  2. Going to go ahead and try, think it would help reduce depression at least. I will be posting updates on my tumblr at http://bananaspotatoesgreens.tumblr.com
  3. I did get discontinuation syndrome when I tried to go cold turkey before but thinking if I am taking Wellbutrin that should prevent that? If I think I am getting withdrawals I can always take some Celexa.
  4. Well really disappointed to hear no one really was helped much with their MI by it. Will try it anyhow for other health benefits though cause I need to lose weight etc. Not going off my medication (Wellbutrin) but was hoping one day I could be medication free. Not into herbal supplements, tried Saint Johns Wort once and after a few days the smell of the pills made me want to vomit, didn't do anything for my depression.
  5. A long time ago when I ran across an old book in the library that mentioned a study done in the 50s?, where schizophrenics/mental patients where helped "cured" with a plant based type diet of just fruits and vegetables and some water fasting. That was an old holistic health book and don't remember the title. The book said it didn't take off because it wasn't profitable and hard to get people to stick to follow, but it worked. But there is a new movement with holistic plant based diets now, so was wondering if anyone has tried that route and had any success? I'm talking about a plant based diet that is vegan like, with no meat, dairy or overly processed foods. Mostly just fruits and vegetables, no added oils, little salt and no sugar, with exercise to help boost endorphins. I am going to try it and will post results/updates here. What I eat, how many calories, macro ratios, any exercise I do. Want to see if it really works. I will be taking Wellbutrin. But eventually will wean off that if this diet really works at "curing" my depression/psychosis and do a water fast. Once I do this diet a while and feel like it's helped I will try going off medications. I am obese so hopefully will be losing weight too. Had a hard time losing anything on Ability but may fare better with just Wellbutrin and a plant based diet. Some background: Had depression with psychosis on and off since a small child. There is a lot of mental illness in my family. Both parents schizophrenic, brother schizophrenic, sister has depression with personality disorder, another sister has autism with mental retardation, grandfather had schizophrenia with depression. So I think my depression is something hereditary that I am just predisposed too.
  6. Already have been reducing ability from 20 mg down to 5mg, and Celexa from 40 mg to 10mg. Just started Wellbutrin a couple of days ago. If I am taking Wellbutrin is it okay to go ahead and just stop the other two? Stopping the Ability and Celexa cause of weight gain and can't lose on it. Didn't realize it can cause obesity and make it hard to lose. Does anyone know about that? Does it mess up your thyroid or metabolism? Does it take a few weeks to normalize after you stop?
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