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  1. I'm a bit confused :/ I just set up my blog. Where's the "guest view" button mentioned above? I want it so the blog is readable by people here, but not by unregistered users.
  2. Well, I'm not sure that I do cope terribly well. But I write, I create stories and poems and songs, and it's cathartic to use up the darkness in my work. But since I've got so much worse in the last year, I haven't had the confidence to submit anything to agents or periodicals. I tried to force myself to, a few weeks ago, and it just sent me into a panic attack. I ended curled up whimpering in a chair. I know in my head that my work is still as good as stuff I've had published in the past, but I can't make myself do anything with it. Thank you! <3 Thank you!
  3. Hello world, I'm accept. I'm here because a friend of mine, appleberry on here, told me that the site had helped them. I'm still looking around and getting my bearings. About me, briefly: I live in the UK. I was abused as a child by my parents and others, and as an adult by my first partner, whom I lived with for over a decade. Since leaving that partner I've been dealing with PTSD symptoms-- panic attacks, nightmares, anxiety, and fatigue from anxiety-- which meant I lost four jobs in a row within a year. Since then I've been living on benefits (PIP), and carer's allowance for my disabled partner, who is also on PIP and (to my surprise and delight) is not an abuser. I'm under the care of the local Community Mental Health Team. I'm on Concerta for ADHD, which has made a huge difference, and I've been prescribed about ten different antidepressants over the last fifteen years. Counselling has helped me a great deal in the past, but because of heavy budget cuts locally I'm still waiting to see a counsellor after six months, and of course I can't afford to go private now. I've been dealing with depression and suicidal ideation since my early teens. That's all I can think of at the moment. Oh, I forgot to say-- I may or may not have been diagnosed with high-functioning autism. There was a lot of gaslighting at the time so I don't remember, and I had to destroy all records. The CMHT tell me the psychologist I'll eventually see will check that out too.
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