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  1. it seems there has been another CB upgrade; i miss seeing you.  hope all is ok. (as far as that goes.)

  2. I go through a county indigent care service ATM, thus get very discounted care...otherwise I would be TOTALLY screwed. (...I have nascent plans of emigrating to England, as I do * not * like the idea of moving Mr Crazypants to the Land Of The Trigger-Happy Police... I also think my long-term survival is more assured over there, so long as I have a college degree and can be gainfully employed. It takes a LOT of pills to keep me ticking over. Anyway...)
  3. ...You know why it's so hard to get out the door on time? Why? The kids HIDE STUFF! ...AHHHHHHH! * Waves hands in frustration*
  4. I would have been more than a bit afraid to let him in, too, honestly, and I'm a fairly tall, wide person. You're ok. Ultimately, better safe than in the ER, and you have to trust your instincts in iffy situations. You just have to.
  5. You should not be required to put up with racism or belligerence on the job. Just...nope. ...hmm...have no idea ATM, but sympathies extended, will think about it.
  6. Interestingly enough? He seems to have at first responded sanely to that? http://www.expressnews.com/news/local/article/Abbott-s-first-response-to-Jade-Helm-more-6293173.php But then, as in the above mental health bill, he caved in to ...um...non-reality based groups.
  7. Don't read this link then: WHAAAAARGAARBL We do acually have amazingly smart people in this state, but they are doing things like unmanned space missions and heart transplants. ...Quietly.
  8. http://www.texastribune.org/2015/07/14/scientology-group-urged-veto-mental-health-bill/ Reading the Tribune article, looks like Abbot bowed to a coalition of loud wingnuts on this. ...Crt...might projectile vomit...duck!
  9. Adding...you will probably want in-home hospice care. If you go into a nursing facility I doubt they will allow you to have alcohol, and apparently you are going to need pain control...more than alcohol can really provide.
  10. I'm sad and baffled. What drove you to end up like this? ...Not trying to be mean or hateful, and I...probably should not be posting at all in this forum. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. ...what arrangements have you made for your death regarding burial/cremation, getting your stuff cleaned up or tossed out...I mean, someone's going to go through your stuff after you are gone. You may want to give some of your stuff to people you care for. You may NOT want anybody to...I dunno, find the dildo? Again, you don't have to answer, but as you are terminally ill now, that's something to deal with if you feel up to it. You are going to need a toilet chair, diapers and general incontinence supplies if you don't already have them. Sympathies extended. Lots of them.
  11. Want to borrow this? * hands over Megabitch Supersuit * ...You are currently easy to push over. You are not happy about this. You are in a really good position to practice being politely assertive to arrogant, entitled douchebags in such a way as to not get oneself in trouble. That's a skill you need, I think? Put your CV's out, though, because it still sucks.
  12. Oop, dunno why I thought I read Medicaid....* facepalm* Beg pardon. * Bows out of thread *
  13. Um, I think you may have misheard your doc or you meant HYPOtension? Meaning unhealthily LOW blood pressure. Prasozin's an old blood pressure med, it drops your blood pressure. So, like, taking too much could result in orthostatic hypotension when you wake up? standing up rapidly and blacking out. Or just blacking out al fresco, but it's more likely when standing, and IIRC prasozin is short-acting, so in the morning. If you had high blood pressure more prasozin would be good, I think?
  14. That is dangerous. NC medicaid has apparently become especially evil since supervision was handed over to a private manglement company. The company keeps denying care right and left. It's ugly. Intellectually disabled people and their guardians sued over it recently. ..confess to being suicidal and go Inpatient until you can taper?
  15. My ex wife became WAAAY more moody and explosive when she went off antidepressants. I started taking more meds in part to be able to handle the unmedicated ex screaming at me... I strongly believe my ex is Asperger's / high-functioning autistic. She got very easily frustrated and lashed out A LOT MORE off Effexor. My online buddy who is also high-functioning autistic is getting therapeutic " coaching" in social interaction. That has been really educational for him! If you can get it, get it. I understand wrongplanet.net is the spot for autie people on the 'net? If you haven't found it. Maybe they'd know?
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