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  1. A big thank you from me for your post! Before I used to ask other people because there's no way I could of talked to the person directly. I didn't realise that was wrong!
  2. I just had an "incident" with my friend where he was REALLY upset at me and we nearly got into a physical fight! I have no idea what it was I did wrong and I'm resultant to ask him because so pissed off! INSTEAD I thought of asking his Girlfriend on Facebook if she knows why he's so pissed at me BUT I feel this would be going behind his back and IF he finds out it will make things worse!
  3. Hi all! Rexulti the new Atypical antipsychotic is finally available in Australia! I'm very tempted to try it for my schizophrenia. Has anyone here had much luck with Rexulti for schizophrenia?! What are people's experiences with it?!
  4. I totally agree! IF there was a choice, why on earth would we "choose" to be like this?!
  5. I've been thinking did I "Choose" to be like this? Did I "choose" to be introverted and not mix with other people? Choose is a funny word! Is it a choice? I feel I've got no choice! I was trying to think of a better way to describe this but I can't! Its abit like saying "oh you chose to be in a bad relationship." But why would someone "choose" to be in a bad relationship? Or saying to someone "oh u chose to have a crap life and live miserable" but of course no one would "chose" to live like this?! Can anyone think of a better word or a better way to describe this?
  6. I just don't understand *how* I was being rude?! At first I didn't even know he lived in the building?
  7. UPDATE: Ran into that guy again in the elevator a few minutes ago before writing this post and he said to me "Don't talk to me you were rude to me last time!" I was left speechless!
  8. This morning as I was walking down the street without realizing it I kicked an empty can of coke by accident. THEN out of no where all these strangers were yelling "PUT YOUR RUBBISH IN THE BIN!" I thought it's not even mine! I kept walking BUT it didn't end there someone chased after me and told me put the can in the bin! Then I said "it's not even mine!" but he wouldn't believe me?!?! Can you guys believe this!
  9. Ok thanks for replying. I pretty much agree with everything you just said!
  10. I recently caught up with a friend from High school on Facebook. She said she lost a ton of weight like over 100 kilos and was on The Biggest Loser! I wasn't sure how true this was so I messaged some of her friends on Facebook if is it was true that she WAS on The Biggest Loser. Anyway they said no its not true! Soon after my friend blocked me on Facebook! I think it was because either she wasn't happy with me messaging her friends on Facebook OR she found out I caught her in a lie?! Was it wrong for me to message her friends on Facebook to see if she was lying or not?! We were actually meant to catch up in person because we haven't seen each other for over 15 years BUT obviously now we're not!
  11. I actually got the message from other people I LITERALLY look like a loner. BUT howTF does someone "look" like a loner?! It's just rude!
  12. At this moment I don't constantly ask my friends to do things for me that I should be doing for myself!
  13. Because I'm not sure how far she will go with this? If she does one thing for me then I should pay her back with one thing NOT 10 things?!
  14. You gave me the feedback I was looking for! It's ok for her to ask me to do things because she drives me around?!
  15. The irony SHE said she doesn't want money for petrol because she said she's going there anyway! Then I said "You're still doing me a favor! BUT no she still didn't want money for driving me around!
  16. THEY just say I'm just worrying too much about it?! Ive had a few lemon therapists. That's why I came here for advice! I would just like a simple Yes or No if my friend is using me and If she shouldn't be asking me to do things for her and If she should be doing it herself?
  17. Ofcourse I offered money for petrol but she won't take it!
  18. Um no THIS problem I can't tell if I'm being used or not?! If I say no I'm an asshole OR if I say yes I'm letting her use me and I'm a dumbass...
  19. How am I ignoring it?! IDK how to react in certain situations?!
  20. Ah when I browse crazyboards.org there are heaps of people asking for advice! Isn't that point of posting?!
  21. She said she would pay me back and she drives me around everywhere without wanting money from me for petrol!
  22. Sorry I know you didn't write that someone else did! I apologize! I think I feel she's testing me OR using me and so does the other poster?! IDK how to react to all this?! Someone might say "oh she's just using you" OR "your an asshole for not helping her out!"
  23. Because of THIS from a previous post: "The thing is, honestly maybe she is seeing how far she can get away with you, if you keep doing little things she asks for... "
  24. I also did ask her "Are you testing me?!" Then she answered "how am I testing you?!"
  25. UPDATE: Yesterday she said she had no money and asked me to buy her a can soft drink. I said "that's ok it's only $2 who cares?!". Guys IF I said no I feel like I'm being an asshole. What do you think?
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