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  1. Does it have to be wood? If not, what about a very large dog crate, with padding inside and covered with fabric? Hang quilted fabric inside so you have soft sides?
  2. Man, I'm really sorry you're struggling like this. I've had skin blemishes burnt off with nitro before, and you're right, it really hurts. No wonder it's a big trigger for you.
  3. Do you trust and work closely with your pdoc? Do you HAVE a tdoc? Things can get better, and will, but I believe you need a more closely monitored treatment until you are feeling better.
  4. Sonic, I've been reading your posts for a bit but haven't responded. I can tell that you are very lonely, and wishing for companionship. That is a very natural, human need, and God is aware of this, and intended it to be so: because the Bible speaks very highly of marriage. So what you want is very real and very natural. However, as I've read your posts, I notice that you seem to have a mishmash of a belief system. Often you express religious concerns, but don't have anywhere to go for guidance. My own church stresses the need for mentors, for a support system. So my question to yo
  5. White Death from the North! Run for your lives!
  6. Long time player here...Woo is right. It is something that is carefully negotiated and that both people WANT to do. It is not a 'therapeutic treatment' that you do with your partner to 'help' them. It actually makes sense if you think about how people with ADHD can get that really intense focus on doing something. You have to pay very close attention to what you are doing if you are the person doing the stuff to someone else (intentionally keeping this very vague, so no one gets uncomfortable). For the person on the receiving end, if they have ADHD, they can get a whoooole lot diffenrent phys
  7. My sister gets a mood lift from jasmine tea as well. She calls it her 'happy tea'.
  8. If they are using soy wrappers instead of nori for hand rolls, often those are bright pink or green.
  9. Look, it's Sid!

  10. Because it's the wrong time. We need to balance the introspective, restricted times with the joyous times. You know that Bible quote about 'there is season to all things' and feast things are out of season with fast things, and vice versa. You fast, you focus inward and on God. You feast, you focus on family and community. We do follow a very structured calender. Very, very structured. There's a definite framework to work within.
  11. Fast is over, now we are in the fast free period. This does NOT mean we turn away from spiritual pursuits (in fact, as I said, the point of the fast was to give up the time and space to come closer to God) but as we go forward, hopefully as better Christians (whatever each person recognizes as their faults and moves to correct; there's no one size fits all here) we also take the time to REJOICE. Now is the time for 'wine that gladdens the heart of man, oil to make his face shine, and bread that sustains his heart.' We are to enjoy the fruits of the earth, our time with friends and family a
  12. next time, before you dump the polish, try some polish thinner (not remover). I've heard of people reviving totally dried up polish with that.
  13. Shit happens. I'd much rather have a small glitch than a huge one. We all survived. I hope you get some sleep.
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