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  1. There were some published research studies about if "drug cocktails" (more than one prescribed drug) were any more effective than single targeted drugs and the results, if I remember clearly, were that drug cocktails actually are NOT usually any more effective. Yet some pdocs do it anyway, just like they often will prescribe a dosage higher than the documented upper limit that the drug manufacturers specify is not any more theraputic and just causes more side effects. Sorry I don't have the exact links for this. I read about the drug cocktails study in Schizophrenia Digest magazine. (I think it's now called Schizophrenia magazine). It's not my favorite magazine, and it seems to have gone downhill but for some info about research it used to be pretty good. You might be able to look up an old issue based up this and find the original and get the source info from that.
  2. I also struggle with feeling that doors have closed on me. It feels like my whole life got eclipsed. For me, some of it is because when I last got hospitalised I lost my apartment and nearly all of my personal belongings. It's happened a few times over now. It's related to the delusions but it's a long story. Anyways, I'm not homeless anymore, but I hate where I live and I don't have any friends. I can't work and I don't have a car. Every day is a struggle to fight off boredom and depression. I wonder what happened to my youth and the medication makes me feel like I aged 25 years over the past months.
  3. I respect FiveDollarShake for telling what happened to them. People need to stop sugar-coating the truth about these meds. They don't always work right for eveyone. Being at the extreme of being "pro-med" doesn't help people whose lives have been hurt by the meds. yeah antipsychotics are amazing for how they treat psychosis and delusions and hallucinations and stuff like that, but reality is reality. There are good things that can happen and bad things that can happen. Pretending the bad things never happen is just as foolish as acting like the good things never happen. I'm pro-med but anti-foolishness. I believe in med compliance but my life has been adversely affected by meds also. That's the reality of how they turned out for me. Nobody else can live our lives for us, and people telling us to shut up doesn't reduce our side effects nor our symptoms.
  4. Depression (wrong), Social Anxiety (wrong), OCD (very wrong), Schizophrenia (correct), Depression (wrong again), Schizo-Affective (wrong), Schizophrenia (correct, again).
  5. dont flush pills down the toilet. if you have to throw em out, put em in the trash. municipal water plants can't filter out chemicals from the water supply even though they can filter out sewage. all those chemicals affect people's drinking water in the long run. only reason why i know this is from an environmental science college course i had and also we toured a water treatment plant. it was gross but educational.
  6. in my town, if people flash their lights at you, it means your headlights are out and they can barely see your car and are trying to help prevent an accident. other than that, sometimes car lights flicker when the car goes over a bump. i think schizos are more sensitive to things like this.
  7. Just so you know, feeling like thoughts or stolen or inserted is a symptom of psychosis. And meds can also interfere with short term memory if they are too high. It sounds like you might need to discuss medication adjustments either way.
  8. Hey BlurredBoundaries. This just happened to me too about 2 months ago. I'm still adjusting. The new therapist is not nearly as cheerful and fun as the new therapist. It was like losing a friend but gaining an acquaintance. I almost quit therapy because of the change. I feel like the continuity was all broken down. Also it made me feel like not much got accomplished with the previous therapist except helping me feel calm while she was there.
  9. i dont have disorganized speech. i dont have it as a symptom and i dont have it as a side effect. i've actually never heard of anybody getting it as a side effect of meds. but what i do have, is when my psychosis is deep enough, words start to take on different meanings for me and i start misinterpreting what people are talking about.
  10. make sure you always get 8 hours of quality sleep. it is well documented that lack of sleep causes irritability. i'm not saying that's what's causing your mood issues, but it could be making it worse. you will know if this is true or not. i know you said you're not depressed, but i just wanted to add for anybody else reading this... that my dad had severe rage issues and he told me that his rages decreased as he did therapy and antidepressants. he found that the antidepressants helped once he found one that worked. i remember this as a child and think it's true. I think the antidepressants really helped him. i remember the times when he skipped his meds he'd be really difficult to be around. but as soon as he was back on his meds he was normal again.
  11. the site can still be pro-medication and pro-support and still acknowledge the suffering that is sometimes a result of side effects of medications. the two aren't mutually exclusive. ignoring serious side effects experienced by others just makes people feel isolated and makes them suffer more emotionally.
  12. Geodon gave me anhedonia (not permanently, because I got off of it and got better). And haldol injections (which I'm still on), mildly reduces my good mood too. I feel better as it drains out of my system every month.
  13. maybe you have depression or bipolar and not schizophrenia nor schizoaffective. doctors do make mistakes and alot of us have had some silly misdiagnoses before they got the right one. some people stick with their early diagnoses and end up on a rainbow of meds and still other people really do have all of their diagnoses. i'm glad you are going to confront your psychiatrist about this. it's better to get to the bottom of these things and get on a proper treatment. i had a doc put me on OCD medicine once, and I don't have OCD. and i got put on antidepressants when I don't have depression. Also I got put on an anti-convulsant/moodstabilizer when I dont match that either. In each instance I quit the medicines and it had no bad effect on me whatsoever and the later psychiatrists didn't even notice or care. Get with the best psychiatrist you have available. There's some duds out there. Good luck.
  14. i won't lie, since you asked an honest ernest question. i think you are still delusional, but luckily the medications are reducing the delusions and/or hallucinations. you might even get better as time goes on. i've had similar experiences during my times off and on of meds. it's not a personal criticism against you. it's just my solicited opinon of your symptoms based upon what you said. i hope you continue to get relief. peace.
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