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  1. Hello. Hope this is the right place to post. So sometimes things don’t feel real (diagnosed w/ Schizophrenia) but today and the last two days I’ve had a strong feeling of being cut off from this world, the awful feeling I’m the only one left “after the rapture” although I have people and animals and traffic etc around me. I’ve been feeling like I’ve stranded on a lone island... I was hoping for some thoughts around it — if anyone has experienced something similar. I know post is short.
  2. My parents Friends My cat + my apartment etc
  3. Me too.. Some months ago I got really paranoid and had to check with like 3 other people. After a while I calmed down and realized the stuff I believed was not the case. Normally I realize things are delusions after a few seconds, worst case, minutes – with meds.
  4. I had a pdoc once, and after she found out I liked art she called me a "freak". I refused to go her after that.
  5. ​If you can, you definately should get a new therapist :/ I'm sorry this is happening, as Melissa said
  6. - Go to the antique shop to 'work' - without getting ill.. feeling symptoms right now - Go to the drug store to get more medicine
  7. I'm not sure if you are experiencing auditory hallucinations. Voices are like.. you hear a voice (or even two) either inside your head or it's outside your head. It could be a female talking or a male, or something that's hard to classify. ​There's more to say.. but thought of this youtube clip showing how the voices can be like:
  8. ​Bought groceries, then bought microwave in town with my mom. Walked my dog. But my support person couldn't meet me today so we'll meet up tomorrow.
  9. Go and buy a microwave and grocieries Walk my dog Meet my support person and go to a youth cafe
  10. Was about to delete this topic as I had made up my mind. Your answers reinforced what I had been thinking. Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  11. ​Well there's the movie A Beautitful Mind based on the life of John F. Nash. It's the only movie I've seen about mental illness/scz that's somewhat positive. It shows his life when he was ill, the way it's set up makes you think his hallucinations are the real story. Then it gets into how he eventually gets the Nobel price in mathemathics. Pretty awesome achievement. Overall a good movie. I don't know what else.
  12. Kinda need your opinions guys.. This is a tough one for me: Should I go to my relative's celebration of my nephews which is in a week? I hardly talk, and last time I was at a gathering with my relatives one of them indirectly said I didn't talk... The whole experience was not *nice* for me, as I had just been out of the hospital a couple of weeks and was still in some kind of care "day care/rehab" sort of stuff. I still haven't got my "speech" back, it's quite annoying. I know it just takes some practice and exposure to social settings, but yea... And if they ask how I've been doing, should I tell them I have a mental illness? It'd explain why I don't work or don't go to school as it's so hard to explain that away. I'm unsure of what they'll say or think.. Thanks for reading this.
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