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  1. Summer can blow me.

  2. My skin (eyes, mucous membranes) has been very dry since I started lamictal, but for me it’s just an intensification of how it’s always been. Is this a problem for you, too? There’s an iffy connection between LTG and hair loss. Depakote is supposed to be the worst on that one, as far as I know. I haven’t noticed hair loss, but my hair has always been crazy thick, so I would have to lose an incredible amount for it to matter. What have you done to try to treat it?
  3. Today’s emotions are brought to you by the 110F heat index and the letter Fuck It.
  4. I beg your pardon for interrupting, but I just misread the title of this thread as “Chicken Energy Healing,” and it kind of made my day. Carry on.
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