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  1. I know you can ban me. What can I post as my last post? I'll post this dog with this cupcake. Looks appropriate.
  2. Please, Since I can't delete my account, I want to be banned. Thanks.
  3. Hypocrite child. You can't start a respectful conversation with anyone who has a different opinion than you. You can't also start any conversation because that would imply the need of content. If you will not learn from me or from someone else's who shares a different view than yours, it doesn't worry me. Diversity always find a way to teach the ignorant ones.
  4. Hmmm. Studying... I don't know half, I know everything that I said with exception in my predictions and speculations. It all had fundament in something called geopolitics. Sources include feed backs from US government. I can't say for sure but, maybe I risk to say, anything except Hillary Clinton. It's easy. You implied hate from Trump and supporters (supporters different from voters) and made hateful remarks about those people while doing it, this means you're a hypocrite. Hillary Clinton is a misleading person, which makes her also a hypocrite. Please don't come back saying: and what about Trump? blah blah blah. I already stated a bunch of information about his own hypocrisy and deceiving positions. I thought you're panicking about your own views. See. You're a hypocrite filled with hate and fed by hate and fear. Right now, this hate and fear is on democratic expanses more than on Trump supporters. This is part of opposition, it's normal. If you are entitled of hate, why won't you let other be? You're just an entitled person, self absorbed, that's why. You care about yourself. If you cared about others you would see the big picture and not start this hate speech, can you see the other way around? 'America's poor choice' Another american exceptionalist, self centered and... ignorant. Can't you see that you just admitted that you're nationalist and observing your lack of interests on the global scenario I can even put your defense of national status and indifference towards other nations as something that pours out of an ambiguous positioning Fascism? I said: So moralistic. This shows your immaturity and again, since you're open mouthed kid, I'll just say: YOU'RE STUPID. If you think moralism is a virtue you goes against everything you first said to be defending. I'll leave you with that and I'll not charge you because I'm not a sophist but I prefer spending my time learning than explaining because I know I lack and I'm ignorant but not on your level of stupidity. You look like someone who could benefit from reading and observing and after that you could just start having respectful conversations. “The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding". — Louis Brandeis.
  5. And @The Right Honourable Jimmy, right now your country just sent the best of the best of it's fleet to 'protect oil route' in Yemen to stand with US and it's fair war of enrichment. It's easy to defend the rights of your citizens while just profiting in expanses of everybody else.
  6. Oh, sorry to be the one to bring you this up, but... Hillary gives zero fucks to Latinos, Muslism, LGBTQ and Woman but you're too blind to see it. I'll include 'black' people, because American loves to create human species and separate than by pigment and religion. Hillary loves Latinos, like Obama, who record on deporting. Hillary loves latinos and call latinos 'needy people'. Muslim? Wow, She must love those ones, but only man and money. She's helping creating the immigrant, how lovable? LGBTQ? Specially in Sharia of the countries of investors. "Woman who will be bullied,raped,killed,forced to have unwanted child or their rights?" Like all the population of woman on the countries that invested and invests on her? Wake up kid. I'll not answer to you anymore because you're clear a byproduct of ignorance. Your discourse is pure hatred, you're a hypocrite and don't care about what is happening outside on a place called earth.
  7. He is the OPENLY politically incorrect which sounds stupid and hateful. While Clinton has her own language to refers to the same people on her not so private e-mails. He isn't. I would describe Trump as 'an american hustler'. Family involved with mob, he comes from money, meritocracy in his and almost all the cases are just myths to personality cult. He buys from China, everybody buys from China. China buys American debt as mean to validates their currency, which makes US welfare works. this is just populist talk. Once he stops dealing with China, US welfare state goes bankrupt. The problem is, which policies? From both sides, nobody talk about how to make it real and only made this a huge circus. ---------- In a democracy, presidents are no longer 'leaders' but just representatives, they have their saying but mostly they are just a reflection of it's own people or INTERESTS, this is what is sad and funny, maybe this can be a wake up call. People believe he was after their interests... Hillary Clinton would put a no fly zone in Syria just to build a pipeline. She already proven to be PRO-WAR. Trump UNTIL this MOMENT is ANTI-WAR. If I'm not mistaken, US is in seven conflicts, Obama made record in deporting people and the list goes on. Media wants to picture Trump as everyone that was already BAD and THERE. Clinton has ties to Klan, Clinton Has ties to Sharia Law countries and wants to convince that she's in favor of woman rights. I'm not a Trump supporter. I'm not even American. Just don't buy this crap, because now, who's selling hate is the DEMOCRATS. If you think about it, some of Trump supporters could actually start a civil war, so maybe this was for better, to everyone. I'm probably mistaken in prediction but I just stated some facts if someone needs sources I can post... Peace out.
  8. Hillary Clinton could not even deny the leaks... Nobody denied the Bush ones... What I don't believe is freedom of press, if you think about how much Hillary Clinton put on those major channels in advertising...
  9. Sorry about that. I posted before about it and come back because it kind of stuck in my head in a curious way. The original post was this one and posted above. (now it's here bellow) PS: The article starts picturing Alex Jones as a way to try to discredit 'the thing'. The e-mail is part of the leaks, what for me this will do is to eventually become a way to discredit WikiLeaks. Tony Podesta is known from liking some controversial artists. He kinds of brags about it around, it's easy to find it on articles on the internet. I think they'll push this as fake and lunatic but to be honest, you can find photos of well known people on Marina's performance art. Some people are trying to tie it to some pedophile sex ring and child trafficking, those things for me it's just speculation but it seems like some of the people are already convicted on both (pedophilia and child trafficking) and were known by Clinton's... How known those people were? How involved Clinton's were? I don't know and it isn't an information available and around. The more bizarre it gets the easier to discredit becomes. I don't know, I think it's a possibility that Podesta or at least his brother used to go at 'spirit cooking' rituals.
  10. It's a 'thing', a 'ritual', an 'art performance' made by Marina Abramovic, who said that: once in a gallery is art, once out of a gallery it has some sort of other values implying in 'magic-bs'. Some of the rituals consist in mixing body fluids like, blood, breast milk and semen. It looks like satanism, because of some allegories included but I'm not an expert, I think it's all BS, but... Podesta and Hillary's staff used to exchange e-mails with her and Marina Abramovic is in the pay roll, as consultant or something. On those e-mails, Hillary's staff seems to enjoy Marina's spirit cooking and it seems like is something that they often go or do. Funny thing, they locked her wiki page from editing, probably because of the election... Anyway, She claims herself as an artist and I find it FUNNY and tasteless and not a theme for a dinner that I would like to be part of. She also cuts herself doing her shows, craving in herself pentagrams, use inverted crosses, heads of goats and other stuff that, well, it's satanism but it's a free country, isn't it? So that's about it. Call me old fashioned but I like my dinner without goat heads, semen, breast milk but I like some blood in my steak from the cow, not from extra blood added from goat or chicken. If you google 'spirit cooking' you will find out what's about or google Marina Abramovic. She encourages cutting so, I don't think it's a good idea for self-harm people. Susan Atkins used to do some satanism art performance alike and that didn't turned out to be a healthy individual, maybe she is an exception.
  11. I can't remember the dosage but was 50 or 100mg. I would hallucinate shortly after taking it, like vivid colors and would become very sexual aroused and after that it would knock me out. It become less and less intense, I guess it disappeared at the first week.
  12. I can't stop laughing when I think about 'spirit cooking'. I can't stop thinking about this... The artist exist, satanism exist, the ritual exists... I think the concept of satanism funny, sorry if it offends satanists but if I don't believe in the bible, how could I believe in satan? The sad or what I'm worried about is the part about all this 'spirit cooking' that can ruin wikileaks credibility. It's just too fucked up to not backlash.
  13. Wondering what is the 'spirit cooking' or 'the spiritual cooking' about? ***Warning: The following link contain medieval and superstitious rituals, involving graphic scenes.*** http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/11/spirit-cooking-explained-satanic-ritual-or-fun-dinner.html
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