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  1. Back at my last job (which was a decent one, although somewhat entry level), we were expected to be working pretty much 100% of the time except for a 30min unpaid lunch (most people ate at their desks in their cubicles) and I think we got one or two 15-20min breaks. I would guess I could have gotten away with being "off task" maybe 5-10 minutes total in a day every once in awhile but it was pretty strictly monitored and they could tell when you weren't either on the phone or doing claims work in the computer system. And when you took a break or lunch or whatever, you had to instant message you
  2. The $100 cancellation fee has been the norm in my area since forever (or at least for as long as I've been in therapy). I can't remember ever seeing a pdoc or tdoc that didn't have a $100 (or thereabouts) cancellation fee if you didn't cancel more than 24-48 hours in advance. And yes, there have been 2 or 3 times over the years I've had to pay it. As for the other stuff, I am not familiar with most of it. My tdoc's office does keep my credit card on file which is actually more convenient for me than pdoc's medical billing company which sends me an invoice via snail mail a few weeks after
  3. The trial was of structured psychoeducation (PE) vs. mindfulness training. I think perhaps you're misreading PE as meaning PE class, i.e. physical education or gym class?? Or am I reading things wrong? According to sciencedirect, "Psychoeducation (PE) is defined as an intervention with systematic, structured, and didactic knowledge transfer for an illness and its treatment, integrating emotional and motivational aspects to enable patients to cope with the illness and to improve its treatment adherence and efficacy." https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/psychoeducati
  4. I also liked Andrew Solomon's Noonday Demon (about depression). It had a good mix of scholarly/history stuff as well as first person experience stuff IIRC. I keep meaning to read more stuff he's written about other subjects (because he writes so well and covers topics so in depth and thoroughly) but my attention span is very short.
  5. I've argued sometimes that I think some of these people like your former coworker are perhaps projecting. It's like some of them know on some subconscious level that that's what they'd like to do to people who aren't like them (or maybe they remember horrific things done like enslaving people, the Tuskegee experiments, Japanese American incarceration camps, conversion therapy for non-cisgender people, etc.), so they assume that if those "others" had more privilege/power that that's what their instinct would be too--to do awful things to those with less power or take "revenge" or whatever.
  6. I think you stopped yourself at the exact right moment. I was laughing at this section. But then again, I've been told I have the sense of humor of a teenage boy.
  7. Edited to add: My apologies to Fluent for veering even more off-topic with this crazy rambling post. I actually owned Trainspotting on VHS back in the day. Even had the CD soundtrack at one point. Saw it pretty soon after it came out I think but not in the theatre as I would have been too young at the time to see an R-rated movie in a theatre without my parents present. I'm slowly coming to grips with the fact that I'm pretty much ancient at this point. Blockbuster kind of sucked IMO because the fines were ridiculous if you returned a movie like even a couple hours late or whatever. That'
  8. Today's New Yorker cartoon...not a meme:
  9. Resurrecting this to say that I've recently been reading poetry by Jane Hirshfield and it might be something you'd be interested in, if you haven't already read her work, especially her book Lives of the Heart. I mean, there is sadness and loneliness, but there's a lot of nature and beauty and food for thought. Now, I'm not sure if Mark Doty's poetry in general would be to your taste; however, who can resist "A Green Crab's Shell"?
  10. Unless of course you choose "password" as your password (which technically is 8 or more characters). Apparently there really are people that choose such terrible passwords. Like "1234", etc. Really makes me wonder about the human race's long term prospects come to think of it.
  11. I've been on various doses of remeron and effexor since 2002. The vivid technicolor dreams/nightmares have not yet abated and it's been 18 years. I mean, sometimes the dreams will be boring-weird or totally banal but quite vivid. And a lot of the time it's me abusing people, people abusing me, long torture sequences, apocalyptic storylines (that's probably the most frequent recurring theme), being killed, killing others, etc. etc. Usually pretty gory. I have woken myself up a few times trying to scream but it's been awhile since that happened. Usually I'll have multiple dream plots in one nigh
  12. Just wanted to say, as to your example, I'm female, several visible (obviously self-inflicted) scars scattered over my body, and it has not been an issue that has come up in a significant way during "sexy good times". It may come up, but usually not "in the moment". Maybe because most of mine are on my arms so they're already usually seen long before the question of clothes coming off? I have seen scars on a guy once that I can recall, on the inside of a guy's arm who I chatted with. I think I asked him about them. So long ago and my memory is crap. IIRC, I haven't seen any scars on guys
  13. You don't necessarily have to meet a blue book listing in order to be approved for SSDI and/or SSI or even have a disorder that is listed in the blue book. Another link that explains the determination process and paths to approval/denial: https://www.ssa.gov/oidap/Documents/Social Security Administration. SSAs Sequential Evaluation.pdf
  14. Not sure if this qualifies as a meme: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8218703/Artist-digitally-creates-books-shelf-reveal-hidden-coronavirus-message.html
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