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  1. I have help in the sense that someone can watch them while I grocery shop, that is about it. Their father is caught up in his own issues, as are my parents.
  2. I have two and a half year old twins who are verbally delayed (as in, they do not speak at all) and probably both have autism. I say probably because we are still waiting on official paperwork. My son was also born with pyloric stenosis, meaning he had to have corrective surgery at four weeks old and will have a nasty scar for life. This is a condition he inherited from me, and my guilt over it is insane. I know it hasn't been proven that autism is inherited but we have a history of it in my family. I feel like I condemned both of my children by having faulty genetics and with each therapy app
  3. Hello. I'm forcing myself to reach out and try to talk to people because I can feel myself spinning out of control again. I'm not sure that I have anything worth saying, but I'll try. I'm a twenty four year old college drop out with no job and disabled two year old twins. That about covers it.
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