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  1. Age 15-19(ish) major depression, General anxiety and PTSD 19-23 major depression, schizotypal PD 23 (prior to 1st hospitalization) bipolar, General anxiety 23-current (31) Schizoaffective disorder bipolar type 28- possible paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis (didn't sick)
  2. My happy moment was working out a way to buy a couch from an old friend at a price we could manage and my cousin more than willingly offered to pick it up and bring it here for me/help hubby take this nasty falling apart loveseat out (we had to tie rope around the bits to hold it together and screw in a bunch of nails) Hubby and I had been trying to figure out how to get something newer for us and the kids to seat on for a while now and then this opportunity came!
  3. I was on 300mg for many years, we had talked of upping it but I ended up going off of it when I was trying to get pregnant. I'm actually hoping to restart it after my Pdoc appointment today. I never had any noticeable side effects on it and it did pretty good for my depression, which is why I took it for so long. I tend to get crappy side effects from antidepressants. It usually takes me about 2 weeks to notice any change to my mood on it at all and about a month for full effect. Hope it works for you. Edit: xl is what I take
  4. I'd like to file a complaint against the mother nature and local forecasters; please finalize your agreements prior to ending your daily meetings (all channels saying clear skies currently and it's raining outside)
  5. My stepson age 10 (ss10) has been dealing with mental illness almost his whole life. I've been in his life since he was 5. When the kids are here (2 days a week and extra time agreed upon by their bio parents) my husband and I co parent, meaning we work together to parent the children. When it comes to my husband I almost always have a say when it comes to the kids but that's where it ends because I'm not a legal guardian/parent. This gets beyond frustrating for both me and my husband. (I can't contact the school, drs, therapist and what not and except for one time I'm not able to go to meetin
  6. It really is hard living on ssdi but it is possible to do. Have you tried to find ways to cut back on what your spending each month? It might not free up a lot of money but it all adds up. Like already said there are programs for housing and homeownership There are free government cell phone programs for low income individuals, the one I used was assurance wireless. It gave me 200 mins a month and unlimited texting. You could add minutes for low cost or do unlimited everything including internet for 30 a month. Personally I decided to buy a phone outright and pay 25 a month for unlimited ever
  7. I think in the long run it's helpful when someone NICELY suggests to me that whatever it is at the time isn't something most people believe to be true. I mean if no-one points anything out I can't get meds adjusted if needed and it can spiral out of control. At the same time it causes a lot of stress on both me and the person pointing it out (usually my husband) because when I'm in the midst of it I think I'm right and anyone who disagrees is obviously part of the problem. I usually don't even know I've been delusional though because I don't talk about most things with people except useless s
  8. Zedge -free wallpapers (both still and live), ringtones, notification sounds, games and something else that's still in the beta stage. Its really user friendly. It's been around for years and I've never had a problem with it.
  9. Im sorry your having such a tough time. I've only found 1 antidepressant that works for me and doesn't give me bad did effects, Wellbutrine XL. I've tried a whole lot of different ones (over a course of 17 years) the only reason I stopped taking it was we were trying to get pregnant. Is your insurance company not covering the Abilify at all? I ask because I think if your Dr can prove you tried x amount of other medications for the same condition and they are not working the insurance company will then cover said medication (at least in my experience) In one of your replies you mentioned if som
  10. I just recently got a new phone; alcatel onetouch Evolve 2. It's OS is android 4.4 kit Kat. The last new smartphone I got was over 7 years ago so I'm completely lost with the advancements made. Yesterday I was looking up pics for ending stigma about mental health on Google. This morning when I looked at my phone there was a pop up on the lock screen from Google (not sure which app) of a local mental health facility including transportation time to the facility with current traffic. WTF? I'm guessing it's something to do with Google "watching" my activity within it's products but I don't feel c
  11. I guess I really do have an all or nothing mindset going on (I have that problem with a lot of things) I'm going to try my hardest to stop looking at counts, at least for now. If my plan comes to a point of having to do that I'll cross that bridge when it's time. I can't keep doing this. I didn't completely stop with the new plan we put in place but I did take a break on writing everything down for a few days to step away from the situation and clear my head. I just tried to focus on eating the types of food I'm supposed to without obsessing over it. I think I'm ok to start writing things down
  12. I've always wanted a child. I have 3 amazing step children right now. My husband and I tried for a while to get pregnant but none of the pregnancies made it past the first trimester. Both my husband and I have MI, as does one of the kids. We decided to put off trying for at least a year now. I don't know if it's because I'm sick but I've been debating if I even want to have a child now (birth child, not my step children) it's hard taking care of myself, my husband and the kids when they are here now. I feel pressured into deciding because I'm 31 and my husband is older than me and at this p
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