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    Art, good books, good cinema, tattoos, piercings, alternative lifestyle but a major homebody. My cats. Swimming.
  1. Understanding someone with chronic pain (Link to a wiki page) I thought it was pretty spot on. Just passing it along.
  2. I was rolling around on the floor with a tennis ball tonight, infuriating. Between that, the hammer, a tens unit, an electric massager, every protruding corner in the house, my pencil eraser, my fingers etc etc etc. .. I have yet to find relief tonight. Usually I just finally get so tired I fall asleep after 24-48 hours. I definitely get the needle/fork thing. I have an overwhelming desire to turn the hammer around to the hooked side and just dig in. Or shove knitting needles into my back. Anything. I break into furious frustrated tears more often than I'd like to admit.
  3. You find yourself beating your shoulder with a household hammer at 5am just to try to get some relief so you can sleep. (Share your ridiculous attempts at easing the suffering. We've all been there...might as well get a head shake and a hear hear out of it. I like to animate mine with quick sketches. ..because it soothes my mind, even if my body won't catch on...where's my hammer...)
  4. My husband sent me the link to this forum today. Very supportive man. I'm 30. I've been dealing with depression, anxiety and ptsd since about age 4. I've had chronic pain since about age 15. I avoided meds for a long time, convinced they were all bullshit, crutches. I've tried a few drugs in the past few years, my resolve broken down by pain. Just started fetzima after a few other failures. I'm very tired of all this. Very tired of chronic pain, mental instability, inability... Birds of a feather I suppose. See you around the boards.
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