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  1. I already talk to my self , Out loud , like whole conversations , I don't do it as much as I did when my psychosis was bad , I am a diagnosed simple schizophrenic , I know I am alone but during that time , there were times I thought I was talking to Angels , lol better than a volley ball lol , I also thought I was the next Buddha too , so I can say I am better than before thanks , everyone ,
  2. Are there any reclusives here ? I have been a quasi recluse for 17 years and a complete recluse for 10 I just very recently discovered forum boards and discussion groups , per my Doctors orders , he says I need to socialize , but its a bit overwhelming to me , seeing and comunicating with people . I am not sure if it healthy for me , I get my feelings hurt sometimes , because I am so far behind in everything it seems , How does one go about socializing on social media , what are some tips ? And if your a recluse I would like to know I am not all alone .
  3. The neatest thing That was said to me was " Fear not my old friend, for you weary heart has strength" Has anyone else heard an inspiring message through their voices? this came to me and changed my life it was deep meaningful and profound go me at a time when I really needed to hear it .
  4. Does anyone else have a hard time watching TV due to violence graphic material , I do. Is it because of my history do you think Complex PTSD and because I am a empathetic person With alturistic tendencies ?Anyone else feel this way? I have to admit,as well, some peoples profile pictures scare me also
  5. Does anyone else deal with sleep paralysis , on a regular basis ? I have it before I fall asleep and upon waking up . I have never felt like or seen a "monster " on top of me , but it has been frightening . I have found the sleep paralysis I feel before sleep is more pleasant than the ones I get upon waking up . Is this what they call "astral projection" or " OBE" Out of body experiences . I am curious if others have the same experiences and if you do how do you deal with it , and could this be a side affect of medicines or stress . Any information is appreciated , Thank you
  6. Do you think calling PTSD millitary type , MCSD Stands for Millitary Combat Stress Disorder would help , Its just a theory of mine I like to entertain . Giving them a different "title" could help them define thier experiences and help people understand thier experiences .I think giving then a comletely seperate diagnoses from civilians can be bennifical in so many ways . JMHO
  7. I think you should tell your pdoc about this. Are you on any medications? yes I am on Abilify I see him once a month , he knows about my "episodes" but not the extent of the anxiety and constant stress over what I see all day everyday , I can't even close my eyes and escape , it follows me there to . I see on Wendsday I will speak to him about it
  8. Do you tell people in your life who don't know of your diagnoses and if you do , when do you tell them of your diagnoses, what do you tell them ?
  9. Thank you It is Amazing how similiar all of it is , I see a pieces of myself here ,everywhere , I can't express enough how much better I feel , since finding this community .
  10. Zentangling helps me , concentrating on something helps me get past my thoughts . I took a different approach to empathy , I used it to gain experiences and feelings I wouldn't of otherwise felt , by putting the shoe on the other foot , I think it adds to my wisdom , lol
  11. Yes , as a matter of fact , I was just reading some of them, they are philosophical and funny . I was Miss know it all , and I wanted to save the world . I have dozens of notebooks where I just copied pholosophical quotes , it is something I do to calm myself now as well , google images wisdom quotes was mainly what I wrote, then I would rewrite them , It was helpful to me when I did it and I still do it .
  12. I thought Satan was in my house and we were in a full on battle for 2 and a half years , I faught hard it appears to of worked , as he is gone . during the same two year period I was convinced I was the next Buddha and I was going to India a voice in my head said " fear not , my old friend for your weary heart has strength" I suffer from paredolia ,your not supposed to but it became so violent and still is and has cause me the worse stress anxiety . I can't paint right now because when I do all I see nothing but angry hateful scary mean dead looking faces. I see it everywhere in everything from the tiles on my floor to my ceiling . I was convinced a malevolent ghost was doing it . I also see faces violent images any thing from a calm lake to a man being executed he had a white blindfold over his eyes and he was kneeling they are that vivid when my eyes are closed and I am looking at the back side of my eyelids. these I have all the time along with the perdolia . Do you think it is from my schizophrenia the images and the paredolia , and I am still unwell?
  13. Thank you , I am so thankful I found this place . I went through my episodes alone. It is comforting to know, I am no longer alone, and that means a great deal to me . Namaste
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