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  1. Hi all, each time I go through an episode I think I learn something new and explore new ways with which to recognise my own patterns, identify triggers and manage myself if the worst does happen. This time I am finding myself curious as to wether a regular visit to a support group may help me to stay stable. I already understand the importance of sleep, meds and nutrition. I now understand the role my tendancy towards substance abuse (alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs etc) plays in my mental health and I'm beginning to think that frequent discussion with other people of the same dilema's could possibly help me further my management of my bipolar. What do you guys think about support groups? What are your experiences of them? Do you attend group now or in the past? If you tried and it wasn't for you what were your reasons? Has attending group helped anybody here? I'm just curious so please share with me. Hope your all well and happy today, your friend and peer, Chris
  2. Lol, I'm in the midnight laundry club too. I am doing my laundry now and cleaning my flat at the same time as surfing the net, listening to music, re-building a coil for my vaping device, ironing clothes and cooking some curry for the freezer! Can't sleep so need to burn the energy off. It is 12:25 at night here. Bless the midnight manics
  3. Hi, was wondering if you may like to share about times when mania has actually helped you out achademically or to acheive in any way. I myself once got into a talk with a guy in a pub whilst manic once. I chatted to him about my line of work with knowledge and passion. He asked if I had ever thought about setting up my own company. To cut a long story short I obsessed over that question, went home and spent one single night manically putting together a business plan. I even fully designed a website and wrote all the content. Afew days later the guy was in the pub and I showed him what I had done and my Curriculum Vitae and asked if he thought the bank would find it interesting to which he immediately announced that he was a chartered acxcountant with a sideline in small business investments! We discussed it and he offered me an interest free loan of £50,000 to set up the business with him as a director and 10% share holder!! WI set the business up and made a good go of it with him doing the books. From me chatting in the pub to him to the business opening for trade, adverts, uniforms, website, tools, machinery, vehicles, signwriting and premises, VAT regestration, insurances and employees etc took me one manic month! Nobody could believe it! We successfully operated for 3 years at a profit before having to close because poor Martin developed cancer and had to pull all his money out. We had to close because I could not get a loan to keep going on my own due to the reccession Just shows what mania can achieve sometimes....that's what makes it so hard to look at my bi-polar as a totally bad thing sometimes.....hey ho, got to see it for what it is though because the most part of my manias have a beautiful ride to a very messy ending most times, Please share with me, Chris
  4. Have you gotten in touch with your care team? I know in the UK mental health is a mess, but you really sound manic. Hi! thanks for your concern and thanks for the reply Yes I have seen the doctor this morning then I went to see the phsychiatrist and my mental health nurse. They have put me up to 5mg nightly for the olanzapine and continuing on with my depakote 500mg twice a day and lorazepam 1m three times a day. I am manic but am aware of it now and am more inclined to question what i'm doing. For the moment I am signed off work so using my energy within the flat....it's super tidy now! The meds are getting rid of my anxiety and I managed 6 hours sleep last night, albeit at 4 in the morning (3 hours after 5mg olanzapene?) The nurse is coming to my flat to check on me tomorrow and is going to make contact with me everyday until I stabalise. Am hoping it is going to be in time for me to start back at work on monday next week. I am in a much better place than I was a week ago.....that was awful; totally panicky, adrenal gland nearly exploding, curtains shut, phone swithched off, hearing noises and so on, just awful state of mind..and that mixed with manic energy and an exhausted body. Anyhow I am doing better, I can feel that. One worries that it is just my mania peaking again though. Am eager to get back to my normal self even though sometimes I, like right now, I feel king of the world and full of creativity. Guess will just have to ride it out and try not to get in the situation again if I can help it. We worked it out that about a month ago I worked some emergency jobs after some storms that saw us working from 6 in the morning until midnight straight through for 6 days. I got mixed up with my meds and even missed a few then a week later the mania began. I didn't even realise until last weekend when I went way overboard then came back to earth with a bang after what I told you in the initial reply to this topic. I got support now and so I'm managing it ok now, Many thanks for your reply. Chris
  5. Hi, I'm manic right now! Look for my reply to the topic probably somewhere near the top of this sub forum called ...erm..."What have you done impulsively lately" or something. It will be very recent on the last page prob. That should give you some insight. Much Love, Chris.
  6. PS I have spent a very large portion of the £300 quid I took out for the flight on buying several way over the top takeaway orders to make myself feel better......banquets one could say. I ate very little and now am wondering why anybody would ever feel the need to buy so much food for one person??????? I also have spent a HUGE amount of money online buying video bundles of American Dad, The League Of Gentlemen etc on xbox video and have downloaded several expensive games online from the xbox store. Ihaven't kept interest with anything so far......what a stupid waste of money. I save so hard and just when I think i'm doing well.......crazy Annie shows her face! Laters.
  7. Hi, this is my first post apart from my introduction. At the moment i'm in the fifth week of a manic episode. First few weeks were....fun! Didn't even know it was happening. Work was going well, had plenty of energy, lots of banter and was feeling great. Weather has been really warm lately. Last weekend went overboard with the drinks after work with the boys and went cuckoo! by sat morning it dawned on me that I was on one again. It had crept up on me. I could not sleep, my mind was on full spin cycle, heart rate through the roof, legs going ten to the dozen, doing ten things at once and so on. I hid away in my flat until early monday morning with little more than no sleep and gradually convinced myself that my life here in Jersey was not going to work out. I panicked and thought it would be a great idea to borrow one of my bosses vehicles (by the way, i'm a manager/Lead Climber/ Foreman at a very big tree surgery company. I am in charge of a crew of 11 blokes! How embarrassing I live in a flat on site so this is way off the chart. I'm my bosses number 2! I have keys and everything!) I packed a bag and effectively stole a vehicle but was so high and irratic that I knocked a wing mirror off as I drove up the drive. I came to my senses and returned and put the damaged vehicle back, then I went back and unlocked my flat, wandered around a bit, left, locked my flat and knocked up one of the lads to drive me to the airport. He was of course totally bemused and I think a little on edge about my general state to say the least. (Oh by the way, my driving license was revoked on medical grounds a few years ago on medical grounds because of my tendancy to drive whilst manic!! So shouldn't have been driving anyways!!) I took £300 out of an ATM and presented at the departure desk to buy a ticket to England. The girl behind the counter was suspicious about my general demeanure and asked me if everything was ok to which I said it was fine. After rattling on at her with a massive story about why I needed to go home she finally stopped me and asked if I had bipolar........I said yes and asked what made here say that. She responded that her younger sister has it too and acts exactly the same in terms of speaking really fast and poor attention span, my body posture and agitation etc. She took me to one side and got it out of me at which point my boss rang my phone! It was 7am and I had not shown for work. She answered for me and he came and collected me and took me to the doctors. After only 5 mins talking she told me I was definately manic. I was given lorazepam there and then, which took the edge off the anxiety and panicky feelings but not much else then signed me off work and talked things through. That was monday......I have been taking my depakote properly all week, lorazepam 3 times a day and olanzapine once a day and I'm still manic. I've just been sat in my flat with the curtains drawn trying to settle down. Got a touch af aggrophobia and MASSIVE anxiety, butterflies, adreneline pumping, the shakes and disco legs lol. The meds are definately working but i'm still wide awake (as you can tell). My body is aching and I feel drained and exhausted but my brain just will not switch off or settle down. Least i'm aware of it at this point. I got a meeting with the community mental health nurse at 11 this morning for an assessment. Well, time for my morning meds. Hope you don't mind me rambling on......it's an outlet for me at this point........I feel well embarrassed, what on earth is my boss and my colleagues and everybody thinking about me right now? I dread to think. PS my boss knows about my bipolar but think he still doesn't understand it. Anyway, Peace n Love Chris.
  8. Thanks, for the replies. I hope to become an active member here, Chris.
  9. Hi, Im Chris. I live in Jersey (Channel Islands, UK) I was diagnosed with BiPolar Dissorder three years ago. I am on maintence medication of Depakote 500mg twice daily, Olanzapine 2.5mg once daily at bedtime and Lorazepam 1mg three times daily when im Manic like now. I am 34 years old and work as a tree surgeon. Im originally from York in England. Nice to meet you all.
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