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  1. While I'm currently single, I can say that I would not wear a mask with someone I was intimate with. Absolutely not a chance. I'm all for taking precautions and actually have a pre-existing condition myself, but wearing a mask during sex is a bridge way too far IMO. Personally, I wouldn't want to have any sort of close contact with somebody who refused to take basic precautions like wearing a mask while in public spaces. Though, wearing a mask while with only somebody you're dating is going much too far IMO.
  2. Honestly, people who refuse to wear a mask seriously piss me off, and I know someone who did not take precautions and died from the virus. The anti-maskers always talk about "my freedom" and all that, but getting it and becoming seriously ill would restrict your freedom far more than wearing a mask. I honestly cannot comprehend why some people have the idiotic attitude that the whole thing is a hoax, not that serious, etc. But the unfortunate reality is that it's often impossible to get through to these people. And telling them how you feel, as the manager said, would likely be of little effec
  3. Personally, I would only travel if it was out of necessity. I have asthma and often have to use my inhaler, and my parents are both older. So, we have all been extra-cautious during this. If you do decide to travel, there ae ways that you can greatly reduce your risk and actually travel relatively safely. Public transportation (e.g. flying, taking a train, or traveling on a bus) is best avoided. If you can, drive to your destination rather than using any sort of public transit. After you get to your hotel, disinfect high-touch surfaces, remove the bedding, and replace it with your own. Though,
  4. He may very well try, but it isn't going to get anywhere. If the basic institutions of the country are more or less intact, any attempt to do this would be quickly blocked. In the long run, I would not rule out the possibility of him corrupting the system to the point where he'd be able to do this. But we're a long ways away from that now, even still. Given enough time, it's possible he could get things to that point. But it's completely hypothetical at this point.
  5. He is absolutely and completely mentally unfit for office, no doubt about it whatsoever. The fact that he would take his mask off and knowingly walk around the White House spreading this contagious, potentially life threatening disease proves that he is a complete sociopath who has zero regard for the lives of others and lacks any semblance of human decency. He even went to a fundraiser when he knew he was infected! I just do not understand how anyone in their right mind could vote for someone like this honestly. There's no way that he's fully recovered and not contagious at this point.
  6. I feel like I have no value or purpose in the world really. I "work", but it serves no real meaningful purpose in the world, could be done by literally anyone, and is poorly paid. The only people who do the work I do are other people like me who are too dumb to make any progress in life. I really should've never been born. I'm just a burden on my family and society. I really am a complete screw up and an incredibly stupid, worthless person. I have a college degree, on paper. But really it's just that I must've gone to a shitty school where they actually mistook me for someone who has value to
  7. This has gone on for quite some time. It doesn't come up anywhere near as often as it used to, but I still have a fear of losing control and involuntarily spouting obscenities and involuntarily acting bizarrely. Possibly without remembering that I did it, which drives a sort of "Did I say/do that?", "Maybe I did", "No I didn't", "Am I just telling myself that I didn't though?", etc., etc. This sort of thing is extremely irritating, and it's very difficult to get a handle on once that thinking starts. The thing is that these obsessions/fears really have a mind of their own in a sense, which mak
  8. Yes, but not exactly the same thing. I am absolutely and utterly terrified of aliens, and it literally sometimes causes me to stay awake all night long. And all it takes to cause me to completely freak out is a slight sound or something of the sort. On occasion, I will literally leap out of bed because of a small sound even still, as an adult. Because the possibility of being abducted by aliens absolutely scares the living daylights out of me. Sometimes, I still actually look in the closets, check the shower, and literally look all over the house to make sure there's not an alien hiding s
  9. I recently had a terrifying nightmare involving demons, aliens, and all sorts of nonsense like that. Which I normally would write off as nothing other than a bad dream. Which is all that it was. However, it was like my unconscious knew something about myself that I didn't. Anyways, in this messed up dream, there was mention of me having an "epicanthal fold" (not exactly sure what the context was in the dream). I did not even know what that meant or anything like that, and I Googled it the next day simply out of curiosity. Then, to my surprise it turned out that I have it. I had no idea what th
  10. Sorry I didn't post back. I'm honestly not sure about these people. I talked to her shortly after this, and honestly she may have sort of gotten used to the idea of me not being straight. I'm not sure. Anyways, I said something about it sort of casually shortly after this, and she seemed to see it as old news rather than something to be angry about. And she hasn't been attacking me about it. For the most part, we have gotten along.
  11. Okay, I am not straight. I came out as gay last year, and it went horribly. Horribly meaning that I was told that if I "chose to live that life", that my own family, my own parents weren't sure if they wanted to remain in contact with me. My mother was the one saying these things, and I actually heard my Dad say "well you shouldn't think like that" when it she was on the phone saying that her bigotry against gays made her want to shun away (not in those words, just "it's kind of undesirable") or something of the sort. After this, my mother proceeded to abuse me and vowed to discard me and
  12. I have a prescription for 10mg adderall XR and one for 10mg adderall IR. It says on the bottle to take the XR in the morning, of course, since it lasts for 8-12 hours. However, the IR simply says take one pill every day. Is it usually most effective taking them at the same time? Because that's what I've been doing, but I was wondering if that was usually what people do. Or if people generally take the XR in the AM and the IR later in the day.
  13. I take the stimulants now (adderall) with no other meds and have had no issues at all. In fact, it puts me in a much better mood in addition to helping my ADHD symptoms.
  14. I have never taken this, but it's apparently referred to as velvet bean and other things. I may try it soon, as for New Years eve and New Year's I'm taking a bit of time off from my work, may even take another day off as a much deserved break (I'm self employed and can set my own schedule). Apparently, it contains small amounts of NN DMT..... yes that DMT, as in the most powerful hallucinogen on Earth DMT. But in tiny amounts along with L-dopa, 5-HTP, and 5-HMO-DMT (can't spell it right, but some sort of hallucinogenic compound that is found in psiolcybin mushrooms). However, the doses of
  15. This website I found seems to be a really helpful resource as far as saving money and they're planning to offer new information soon. It just went live recently I think, like within the past few days/weeks so I doubt it's finished yet. But there's already some pretty good stuff. They have a couple of links to a couple of places that offer really good coupons and discounts at a bunch of the places I shop. They're going to have information on other financial issues like finding work in the 21st Century economy, working from home, and other struggles that are commonplace these days thoug
  16. For me an anxiety/panic attack either involves the false belief that I may be having a heart attack (yet I've always had enough sense not to do something really stupid like showing up at the ER for the 'heart attack'), or it's connected to OCD type phobias that involve fearing that I've consumed a deadly poisonous chemical or have said or done something extremely inappropriate. They never really occur as a solitary phenomena. It's just a racing heart type feeling, nausea, and extreme anxiety. During the times that it's happened, I've generally appeared outwardly normal....... yet I avoid in
  17. I'd say there's a greater than 50% chance that she won't come around or change her views at all, ever...... and I think there's at least a 50/50 chance that she'd ultimately just cut off contact with me completely if I ever found myself in a gay relationship, even if she says otherwise, she's been known to lie. However, there is something that I thought could possibly be affecting her views, assuming it isn't just lies. This may be off base as it all may have been made up stories to to try to scare me and manipulate me. She said that the close friend she had that who was gay died of aids, a
  18. Over the past couple of years, this issue has come up multiple times..... over and over with the same crap every time. Her judgment of me has resulted in me going back into the closet several times. Then back out again, like cycles. This time, she first had a judgmental outburst over the phone that ultimately included her saying she was unsure if she wanted to remain in contact with me if I were ever in a relationship with a guy because she was seeming judgmental towards me and I just said, "look you don't have to be part of my life, you don't even have to talk to me. that's fine.". After
  19. I've never had any threesomes, so I can't really comment for sure that this is bad advice. However, building a relationship with the guy that you'll be having a threesome with sounds like it may make the whole situation more likely to create jealousy. Perhaps, OP's boyfriend or OP may begin to become attached to the guy in a romantic sort of way. If the guy were someone who you OP and OP's boyfriend didn't know that well or have much emotional connection with, it seems relatively unlikely that this would happen.
  20. I'm bi myself. I've never had a threesome nor is that something I would need with the way my life is, but I get where he's probably coming from. He's probably wanting this because he's never been with a guy before. Since I've already been with both on separate occasions, I wouldn't have to experience the gender other than whoever I'm with (single nowadays and have been getting rejected by both sexes for quite a while now, which is just great... pretty damn depressing actually). At this point in his life sex with a guy isn't something he's experienced and he feels he has to. However,
  21. It happened again! What the hell! With a totally different person! What the fuck is going on?!?!?!?!?! Are these people talking about me behind my back?
  22. Okay, this has happened twice now with two different people. I don't get what's going on, but it's beginning to make me wonder if large numbers of people are talking about me behind my back. Something just isn't right with this picture. A few months ago, a guy flipped me off as I was passing him in the parking lot for utterly no reason. This was a few/couple months ago. Today, I was on my way home, and this woman was driving in the other lane in did the same thing! I don't get it, and it's seriously making me wonder if this has to do with the fact that a bunch of people are talking about
  23. Wait until the blood work comes back, and try not to worry in the mean time. I struggle with the same thing, and I'm always nervous about doctor's appointments and lab tests. Whenever I get my blood work done or any medical procedure, it also nags me while I'm waiting and I frequently find myself fearing the worst. Even if the blood work comes back normal, make sure you tell your doctor about the pain.
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