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  1. This is about my weight.
  2. My grandfather died of a heart attack at age 40, or so.
  3. They did offer to take me to counseling, but since I was unaware I had a problem at the time, I did not take them up on their offer.
  4. As a late teenager with relatively limited income (had jobs that paid too little to really fully support myself and limited savings), I had some serious mental health issues over an issue that has become largely resolved. I was really struggling with this issue, but I would often verbally attack my parents. I would tell them that they were no good, horrible people, that I hated them, and become extremely belligerent. I acted out and even screamed at and flipped off the dog once, which I feel very badly about as it seemed to scare the poor little guy a lot. Me and the dog are best buds and always will be, so I feel real bad about that. I was really belligerent and would sometimes just go on these rants all day long. In response to this, there were occasions when my parents threatened to kick me out of the house, but never did. Would you consider them saying that to have been abusive behavior or was I the jerk.
  5. I have long suffered from ADHD with autism/autistic tendencies. I have had a difficult time with focus and remembering what was said. It often appears as though I was listening, when my mind was really elsewhere. I also am prone to have difficulties with social skills in various ways. I also tend to be very agitated and hot headed. Unfortunately, I have also had a few manic-like episodes and hallucinations which makes it so that I cannot take stimulants. Even some non-simulant meds like Strattera can cause effects like agitation/mania. The one thing that doesn't is clonidine. However, for anyone who has taken this med, how effective is it with ADHD/agitation?
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