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  1. Hi, Im a 14 year old girl going into 8th grade. I decided to do cross country (long distance running) but at the end or the middle of the run I always throw up. Its so embarassing and it always messes up the rest of my running. I threw up at the end of a 5k race when I was 12 and was later diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and emetophobia(fear of vomit). Im just so scared that im going to throw up in front of my teammates. Ive already missed so much conditioning but I dont know what to do!! I really want to be on the team but Ill be sooo embarassed if that happens!! Should i just suck it up and go or should I just quit?!! Idk please help.
  2. The skills are supposed to help with my anxiety but they dont. The only one that helps but very little is the breathing technique. The others Im just capable of doing while having a panic attack because my heart is pounding or Im clenching my jaw trying to not throw up.
  3. Sadly , I have had three therapists already and none of them worked. We have meeting coming up with a new one sometime next month so I hooe this one can help. Thanks BTW!!!
  4. Im 14 and I have had so many insults. The one day I was having a panic attack right next to my friend and we later got into a fight and she was telling me what she didnt like about me and she's all like "everyone gets nervous and your no special than anyone else! And you complain about the littlest things!" I was just in AWE that my BEST friend would say that right to my face!! Also my mom says this to me all the time- I will be nauseous and sick and Ill say I dont feel well when I have my panic attacks and my mom is always like "oh, you never feel well". She says with attitude and she is sooo mean about it. I hate anxiety ……
  5. I have an anxiety disorder and the fear if throwing up. I went to 3 therapists and told me stuff to do but it didn't help me but maybe it will help you. One way, like you said, is deep breathing. Also, to use your senses by listening to noises around you, feeling, or seeing the objects around and really focusing on them. Last way they told me to do was to just let the anxiety happen knowing exactly what will happen and that you are ready for it. Its great that you were able to handle it on your own though!!! Best of luck!!!
  6. I'm now in 8th grade and got this problem in the summer of 5th grade when I was so nervous about a 5k race and I ended up vomiting at the end. After that I was always scared of throwing up in public and embarassing myself. It was horrible and I was prescribed to the medication zoloft for my anxiety. It didn't help (at least I dont think so) and nothing changed. Going to school was and sometimes still is a stuggle but after my mom pushed me to go, I kind of calmed down to my surrounding and I was ok. The problem is that Im a runner and everytime I run a long distance, I throw up. Its sooo embarrassing!! I used to be in Cross Country but then I quit because I threw up and I just couldnt go back. Cross Country is starting again and Im afraid to do it because I dont want to throw up. PLEASE HELP!!!
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