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  1. I have schizoaffective disorder. Recently, I have been experimenting with supplements and over the counter drugs that might help with some of the cognitive symptoms of schizphrenia (e.g., working memory impairment). I just wanted to discuss some ideas I've tested, and see if anyone else might have suggestions. 1. D-Serine/Glycine. I ordered this from bluebrainboost, not knowing what to expect. Both D-serine and glycine are amino acids that activate a binding site of the NMDA receptor (a receptor in the brain that binds to glutamate, an 'excitatory' neurotransmitter). The idea is that schizophrenia might be a disease of impaired glutamate signaling, and the glycine/d-serine mixture boosts glutamate signaling by activating the NMDA (glutamate) receptor. This has actually been tested clinically, and partially panned out in real patients with schizophrenia. I've been taking 2g of each daily; glycine seems to improve sleep quality, and I have definitely noticed feeling a little more lucid than usual. 2. Nicotine gum. I picked up some nicorette form CVS. This is controversial, because most people associate nicotine with the negative effects of smoking. I think nicotine use by itself is pretty benign. So some scientists noted that many schizophrenics are heavy smokers (nearly 80%). Nicotine might help with some of the cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia, or so I'm told. I've been chewing 2-5 pieces of gum daily with pretty good results (memory and attention are better). 3. D-cycloserine. I've heard this is beneficial, and works kind of like the D-Serine/glycine amino acid mixture, but I have never tried it. Any other supplement ideas floating around?
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