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  1. Hello everyone, I am new here and am seeking guidance and opinion on medications. I find myself incredibly volatile and irritable every couple of days. Part of it is personality, part of it stress/pressure, and the other (probably greater part of it) is coming to terms with being a new mom. I am not depressed per se and am totally functional, but my fuse is rapid and short at home. Anything will set me off, and I will throw things and scream in rage until I find a way to calm myself down (usually xanax and a shot of whiskey). I don't want it to get to that point, so I am seeking an every day treatment/medication that will even out my mood. I have seen posts on here about anti-psychotics, but I tried one once and made me SEVERELY sedated. I don't want to be taking something like that on a daily basis. Perhaps there is something that causes a more subtle stabilization in mood. THe benzodiazapenes help, but I also do not want to build tolerance by taking them daily. Any other suggestions? Has anyone tried Buspar?
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