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    squash, Krav maga, weightlifting, running, reading, music, disassociation, racing thoughts (consumes all my processing power, I cant even talk properly anymore), sex (especially when the meds are helping :)), love (once I get rid of the racing thoughts), putting things in brackets, talking endlessly.....

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  1. Where did my muses go? How did my thinking change this much? #melancholy: I decided to start writing this at a mo... https://t.co/U0skkybU2M

  2. Now they weight 400 lbs and wear oversized polo shirts and khakis... America's immigrants https://t.co/VDAMndshGJ

  3. U.S. marijuana use, approval of legalization soaring: https://t.co/JK9Ho8YNUN via @cannabist

  4. @wafflesfm any chance for more invites? big music lover here!

  5. Lol... http://t.co/NqNzPe1uHi

  6. Spent yesterday afternoon in a park writing insights, lots coming to the blog soon! :)

  7. A little on role Models: I tried something different in group therapy about 2 months ago, since I could never rea... http://t.co/dFKGReeWIh

  8. Mental health on John Oliver! #John Oliver

  9. Brave! ~Kendra Wilkinson confesses she tried to kill herself as a teen http://t.co/kVr9gafIuW via @DailyMailCeleb

  10. RT @vicenews: As Saudis block a UN human rights inquiry in Yemen, America stays quiet: http://t.co/ZXt0ymQqaA http://t.co/XNDK4Cnevf

  11. love i pray.... http://t.co/tKk81oK7iv

  12. RT @VICE: Advice from a man who has delivered over 2,000 orgasms in three years http://t.co/kGUqBvdhYS http://t.co/KHHRVJOUxm

  13. @bestoelectro #bestoelectro Some ideas and thoughts.... http://t.co/dyD2bBDAIW

  14. Who would not like that show? Especially from this forum? We got a Borderline, Bipolar, and Joe (ASPD, Narcissist, what else?)...
  15. Wait, the Serbs are now the good guys? http://t.co/uQcRzyqz9h via @POLITICOEurope

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