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  1. so i started taking seroquel about a month or so ago, just 25mg so not a huge dosage, but i've noticed that i'm not nearly as hungry as i used to be. i used to constantly be ready to eat a meal and now if i eat small meals twice a day i feel completely full. i've actually lost around 10 pounds since starting. i did some research and found that most people find they have an increased appetite with seroquel so i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. honestly i kind of miss being ready to eat whenever, it was nice to eat my feelings away ;;
  2. hey there, i'm fawna and i made this account a year and half ago when i was in a weird transitional space, made like three posts and then disappeared into the night. anyways i'm back !! probably maybe for real now. i'm everyone's favourite borderline (throw in some hpd and npd traits) with dysthymia, GAD, and a panic disorder. in not weird brainstuff stuff, i'm an art student that makes a lot of work about my head and i'm hoping to do this for the rest of my life. sometimes i make music too. xox thank you good bye
  3. yesterday i was given a diagnoses, the classic "anxiety, social anxiety, depression" i'm used to, but the psychiatrist also threw in "attachment dysphoria". not knowing what this was, i googled it on the way home. i just got results about gender dysphoria, which in this case was pretty unrelated. he was mumbling when he talked, i thought maybe he said "attachment disorder"? after looking at this, yeah, those symptoms are pretty spot on, but it's generally caused by child abuse or neglect during development. i went through a period of neglect during infancy but not long or prominent enough to be behind anything (at least i think;;) and the shrink doesn't know about it. so tldr; i have no idea what he meant, if anyone does please help me out !! thank you
  4. hey, so i found this place and at this point in my life i dont think i could of found anything better. i'm gonna call myself fawna, i just graduated from highschool, and i'm everyone's favourite baby bat (except well, not really;;) i'm basically here because i just went through my first psychiatric evaluation since i was 12. the definite GAD, depression, social anxiety i knew about earlier but as well as something the psychiatrist called "attachment dysphoria". anyways, i've been on sertraline for three years and i'm about to start on quetiapine. self medication wise i've a heavy drinker and smoker for a couple of years, throw in weed every now and then. um, yeah !! nice to be here (kinda ;;;)
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