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  1. Ohh okay, well I guess so. wasn't aware of it.
  2. Kik is a text app lol I go on sometimes just wondered if any one had one .
  3. You are most welcome for the welcome lol yeah I see what you mean its better to have a doctor invest his full attention into investigating the problem. Me myself , I've have no prior experience with treatment my story is a bit confusing I haven't gotten any help or sought any because I still refuse to believe this problem is real. It feels real but then again imagination is a powerful component when it comes to the mind playing tricks on you. I really wish I did and now I'm thinking of really seeking a treatment .. Idk. I can relate to the anxiety Im quite familiar with it.. We've had a hist
  4. Hey housecat! Welcome I've seen you in chat you were delightful and I am a fellow curtain peerer as well lol
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