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  1. Thought I had a personality disorder, turns out I just have anxiety lol

  2. I've actually had it mentioned to me in the past by a GP, but she didn't exactly explain it to me properly, so whenever I saw a new psychologist or psychiatrist I would always tell them I was certain I had no symptoms of it, even though I wasn't, just because I was scared of the diagnosis. Thanks for taking the time to write all this by the way, you've been really helpful ^^
  3. Thanks, this was really helpful actually ^^ I feel like I just don't know what's going on in my brain, or how to deal with it. I feel like having an accurate diagnosis would just help me figure shit out, I'm just worried my psych will think I'm just self diagnosing or whatever
  4. Don't know why I came back here tbh, remember why I left now.

  5. Sorry if this has been posted before, tried searching and couldn't find anything. ^^; So BPD has been bought up a few times over the years in conversations with GPs, but I've always run away from the diagnosis and strongly denied it (I guess due to a lot of misunderstanding as to what a BPD diagnosis would actually mean, I guess). Recently I was trying to explain what goes on in my head to a housemate, and he bought up that "it sounds a lot like borderline". Turns out he was diagnosed with BPD a couple years ago, so we had a good talk about it, and I must admit, it makes a lot of sense. The thing is, I'm not sure how to bring this concern up with my psychologist. Do I just tell her I think I might have BPD? Any advice from people with similar experiences would be great ^^;
  6. How do I delete my account???

    1. Cerberus


      I noticed your question in your status report. I'm afraid that at Crazyboards we do not delete member accounts. To do so would remove members' content that is woven through the threads of our boards, leaving holes in the conversations between members and resulting is places where meaning and context is lost. We preserve the content as it is the fabric that this peer support site offers not only the original posters but readers who come after.

      If your desire to remove your account is related to finding that your content is being associated with you personally in other real-life contexts or you have been outed in some way, please contact me or any Moderator or Administrator and we can make arrangements to change your username to something of your choice that will conceal your identity.



  7. My depression has been so bad lately, I seriously need to buy more meds...

    I just want to go home, I can barely focus at work...

  8. I feel so depressed... last night I felt so numb, first time I'd regretted throwing my blades away...

  9. I just want to go home and shower :(


  10. I really need to stop forgetting to take my meds... I just want to go home and curl up under the blankets and not deal with anything :c

  11. Nearly home time...

  12. I should really get out of bed... :(

  13. Well... turns out what my best friend thought was a bad ear infection is actually brain cancer...

    1. RepentantSpatula


      I'm so sorry. 


    2. Chantho


      I am so sorry. 

  14. I need to stop forgetting to take my meds...

  15. Thank you for your condolences. And unfortunately no... though I'm going to try looking into other forms of support that will fit around my work...
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