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  1. In case you haven't heard about them or the controversy surrounding them already, these links from Ars Technica do a good job of summarizing the contents of the recent NSA leaks reported by The Guardian. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/06/top-secret-doc-shows-nsa-demands-verizon-hand-over-millions-of-phone-records-daily/ http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/06/new-leak-feds-can-access-anything-in-your-google-facebook-and-more/ http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/06/guardian-publishes-third-secret-nsa-document-on-cyberwar/ Sadly, not completely surp
  2. It's great when you can create a definitive test for something that is just "in your head". Hopefully the veterans who suspect they have this illness can get fMRI scans and apply for the benefits they deserve.
  3. I read an article not too long ago (that I can't find now) that space agencies from different countries have been laying the groundwork for asteroid deflection for some time now, and that it's expected that there will be testing of asteroid deflection strategies on non-threatening asteroids within the next ten years. My inner nihilist is a little disappointed though, since it kind of liked the idea of a possible planetary reset like the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cretaceous%E2%80%93Paleogene_extinction_event . A lot went right with the Russian meteorite. Had it exploded closer to the gro
  4. I tried these last summer, the Scar-Away sheets? Mine wouldn't stay on either, and I have a lot of scars over large areas of my legs so it was such a hassle to change them all and wash them all and everything. So I just gave up. Plus with so many scars they were really expensive. There are also liquid silicone treatments that dry onto the skin that have good reviews as well, but these are even more expensive than the sheets.
  5. I've read that silicone sheets can do wonders, but you have to wear them every day for however many weeks for them to reduce the appearance of scars. Mine didn't stay on, though I've considered doing another run where I use medical tape to keep the sheets in place.
  6. Are you sure the only difference between the two drinks is the inclusion of BCAA's? I've looked into supplements a little while thinking about getting more into fitness, and I wouldn't have suspected that BCAA's could have an effect like that (it's possible though). I would look at the ingredients list of your drinks for commonly added stimulants like yohimbe, ginseng, caffeine, and guarana instead. A lot of sports drinks/supplements include large amounts of them to boost energy/performance, and yohimbe and ginseng definitely affected me negatively when I tried them for sexual side effects fro
  7. I've been seeing a social worker for a few months now and I've found that helpful. It's been helpful in getting me to recognize my own schizoid thought processes and attempt to circumvent them when I recognize them. My stated goal at the beginning of seeing my social worker was to be more social, but, if I were to be completely honest with myself, it's still not something I actually want. Being more social is something I rationally know that would be beneficial to me in the long run, but emotionally it's still something I actively reject in lieu of my internal world, and often without my even
  8. I think a lot of loners can pull off extrovert for a time. IMHO the difference would be if being an extrovert takes energy as opposed to feeling refreshed in social situations as is the case with natural extroverts. I know I can pull off the funny guy in social gatherings, but most people don't see the couple of days in the house alone afterward where I recharge. Also, why is this in people suck? I see introversion/lonerism as just different from extroversion. Lonerism tends to be viewed negatively though, especially in light of certain things in the news that single out loners as doing th
  9. I graduated in 2007. In my middle school and early high school years, we started doing lockdown drills like that after the Columbine shooting.
  10. COMM is required for my degree. I don't really know what they can do in that case accommodationwise if you have severe social anxiety. I guess you could request to not take it in lieu of some other elective? Maybe another college student with severe social anxiety can chime in. I've been putting mine off because of lack of transportation, and though my social anxiety isn't as bad as it used to be, it's probably the scariest thing I see on my degree course list.
  11. I found another study very similar to the one mentioned in your first post (also from this year), so it would appear that CBD is getting noticed and similar experiments are being replicated, which is great since people with psychosis need more options. http://www.nature.co.../tp201215a.html . CBD and Amisulpride both had to be reduced to 600mg from 800mg because of side effects in some patients (with 3 reporting bad side effects from the CBD group and 5 reporting bad side effects from Amisulpride). So it does have side effects, but they were in significantly less severe than Amisulpride's o
  12. I can't, and that would be why it's a guess. Call me cynical. All current AP's have side effects and you just choose the ones that suck the last. So if the chemical structure of CBD is similar to the current AP's, then it isn't too much of a stretch to think it would also have similar side effects too. That is what I am basing my guess on.
  13. There's a few study abstracts about it on Pubmed http://www.ncbi.nlm....tipsychotic CBD , though most of them that I read didn't use a large number of participants (one only used two patients even) or they based their results on the effects on lab animals. Pretty much all of them agree that it has anxiolitic properties, but the proven antipsychotic and antimanic properties vary, or at least they did in the handful of overviews that I looked over. One study claimed that CBD has a structure "similar" to current atypical antipsychotics. My guess would be that if it is an antipsychotic, then it w
  14. Zyprexa tends to put a larger portion of the calories eaten towards fat gain, and it's pretty notorious for that. If muscularity is that important to you, then you could possibly bring up the idea of a med switch with your pdoc. There's been some reports of success reducing the metabolic side effects of Zyprexa by taking it with metformin, which is a diabetes 2 drug, so that could be an idea to bring up with your pdoc as well. This is all assuming that you're eating a clean diet btw.
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