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  1. I listened to that crazy pharmacist and i decided just to stop cold. Well that pharmacist I learned is in recovery and is part of the 12 step program which makes no sense to me. I think it was extremely stupid of her to give me advice not knowing my medical history. I went on a medication holiday and I can tell you it has been the closest to suicidal I have ever been. I stayed in bed for three days and cried my eyes out and all I could think about were my dead friends and my brain was racing and I felt like honestly giving up. I texted my doctor at midnight and today went to pick up a new pre
  2. Thanks guys yes I was just worried because of a new pharmacist who was like this is a crazy dose and you are going to end up with a heart attack. I went to the hospital when I had bronchitis and I was on my adderall at the time and my blood pressure was 127 over 84 but I was nervous. After I spoke to the doctor dropped and they gave me this thing where they put stickers on me I think it's called an ECG and it was completely normal so I guess that's good. I want to take the proper amount and no more it's just that some days it's the right amount and some days it isn't. I played around with t
  3. Hello, Could someone please honestly tell me because I can't trust myself because I'm a recovering drug addict. (Id like to put a disclaimer right here that I don't follow 12-step dogma so please don't start preaching that even though it does work for many) anyways, new diagnosis I'm a 33-year-old male finally told that I have a little bit of aspbergers disorder which is now technically on the autism spectrum and ADHD to go together with my OCD, and GAD oh I can't forget about the clinical depression either. I was a severe opioid and benzo addict taking crazy amounts I am now medicated but I'm
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