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  1. Starting IOP in about three days. Jesus Christo.

  2. Does anyone else on here deal with echolalia when they're psychotic? I often get stuck repeating anything other people say to me or around me under my breath, which is unsettling both for me (when I'm aware of it - sometimes I'm conscious of the fact that I'm involuntarily doing this and sometimes I'm oblivious until someone points it out and even then I still wonder if it's really happening) and for the people around me. Not sure how to deal.
  3. THIS IS ME. I am never without headphones, and I absolutely cannot sit in any kind of silence. My music on my phone plus a good pair of headphones is often the only thing standing between me and a tidal wave of intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, and homicidal ideation.
  4. Hey there! Thanks for letting me know. I put everything under a hidden cut, so no worries. I'd never heard of Noelle Mason before! I love that.
  5. I really like your style. Never seen anything quite like it before, and I love whenever I see any especially unique art style.
  6. Hey! Here's two of my older pieces (I'm throwing this up here mostly because my newer stuff is just raw sketches in a notebook since I've moved out of my parents' house and had to leave my old giant desktop and tablet behind; I'll have to take some iPhone photos of my newer stuff for you when I get the chance!). Also, I'm more of a writer than I am an artist. My writing is mainly mass murder, school shootings, and gang violence. (Graphic stuff below the cut.) I'd love to see some of your art too.
  7. I keep mine to myself. My light's struggled with SI in her past and won, so there's no way in hell I'd risk triggering her when she's come such a long way. Plus I'm a private person by nature, and there will always be some things that I want to keep to myself just for the sake of keeping them to myself, all safety concerns aside. It's really a personal decision though! Up to you whether you want to reveal or deal. (Yeah, I went out of my way to make that unnecessary and kind of pointless rhyme.)
  8. I identify with this a lot. I really hate sleeping, don't like the idea of it at all. It's to the point where I'm happy that I also just so happen to have intense amounts of energy that leads me to extended periods of insomnia - haha, I'm actually realizing as I write this that I'm hardly the person to be trying to offer tips on how to fix this issue when I myself have actually purposefully contributed to my insomnia/energy problems in the past by taking caffeine pills to even further avoid sleep. I basically have to force myself to sleep the bare minimum for survival. That said, forcing myself to sleep usually involves popping in a pair of headphones and listening to chill music or playing ASMR videos from YouTube, so there's that.
  9. Hi everybody! My name's JK and I'm a 22-year-old guy looking to make some friends and talk to people who understand shit deeply. I have PTSD (with a side helping of secondary psychosis), I'm on the autism spectrum, and I struggle with homicidal/suicidal ideation and disordered eating. I'm sadistic and masochistic to the extreme. I was a conduct disorder kid. I also love writing, drawing, and researching true crime. I'm in absolute love with my girlfriend of two years, although I won't talk about that much here because I'm protective of her and her privacy to the extreme. Don't be shy, come say hi.
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