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  1. I know that I lied and lying is wrong. But I was trying to help her. Plus the start of the problem for her wasn't logical to be angry at. She was called "ill-mannered" and she ignored it. But then this happens without her getting mentioned and now it's a problem?. Really?. And it's not only my friend that uses her emotions for everything. Yes they're not the same but they don't vary much. I've had tons of problems with them because of their irrelevant so scary "anger". I don't like the whole gender so it doesn't matter.
  2. I'm so happy today. Never been that happy for a long time.

  3. That's awkward that there's a book having nearly the same as the thread. I freaked out one time when i looked at the mirror because I didn't believe it was me so i thought it was an intruder.
  4. I'm posting in the wrong sub-forum but I don't know where to post. Whenever i look in the mirror I see a face that i don't recognise, I see a stranger or maybe because i changed to the worse. i don't recognise my face anymore. I often think that there's an intruder in my house.
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  6. I didn't blame her. I didn't say she has to do something to me if I stopped something for her. I'm expressing how much I loved her, that's all. I did it for a few months. It was stupid to stop doing it for someone and love turned out to be as stupid as I expected so I regret everything I did. I should work on myself like you said though.
  7. I don't remember, heard it from someone or actually read it. Didn't say it's true though.
  8. I'm careless when it comes to hygiene most of the time (or sometimes..idk). I don't brush my teeth very often, it can go from days to months. Sometimes I forget to bathe. I stayed without bathing for a month or more. I heard that being careless when it comes to hygiene is a sign of schizophrenia.
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    Alright, awesome.
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    Hey. Anyone knows how to play chess or is a regular player?. I need to play more chess games with anyone to improve my game (on chess.com). Thanks.
  11. Yea I know, I mean how I reacted at that time. I laugh at weird stuff all the time. Yep. As if it's a part of me that completes me. Without it I'd feel like another person.
  12. Yea I remember you telling me to see one. I don't know why I haven't seen one yet. Maybe I don't want to get better. I guess I want to leave myself to die like that. The post was for the laughs though. It sounds funny now.
  13. I had a Statistics exam last Thursday. The exam was pretty easy and I was so calm. Until I had to make a table to write some stuff in. Then I started panicking that the table's sections weren't equal and it was bad luck. What went through my head: "Oohh nooo. This doesn't look right. This looks awful. Do I erase the whole thing, measure the page and divide them equally again?. I'll fail if it looks uneven.". I seriously panicked and it was so painful to experience. My heart started rushing, I kept sweating and I was so anxious that I bit my lips till they bled. Just sharing my story. Bye
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