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  1. I think that one needs to be respectful when offering advice. It's hard enough for some of us to decide to get a therapist or even take our guards down online.
  2. I agree. Call the pdoc as soon as possible. This sounds very much like hypomania to me. Don't do any more drastic changes until you know what's up.
  3. Doing something important at work (been doing mostly unimportant stuff this week because I wasn't feeling very good, and I'm starting to feel bad about it). I have a to-do-list which I need to find and get on with. Painting my nails. I'm thinking red. Red is christmasy. If my hands are steady I might try to do a snowflake. Contact my psychiatric office and ask for an appointment with a new pdoc since my last one got retired and the next one quit working there before I had the opportunity to meet her.
  4. I feel better now. It must have been an increase in purity. Didn't know there could be differences. Have always been on generics as well as brand name and never been sensitive like now. Weird. Don't have a pdoc, just a gdoc and I guess he would just be surprised, like he was when I told him starting with Sertraline 25 mg was very hard.
  5. I am so scared. How will I manage tomorrow. I don't want to go outside. And I don't want to go to work. Being like this is no good.
  6. But I don't want to change. I just want to understand what is happening. I believe Zoloft to be the real deal, since it is the original, and that's why I asked for it at the pharmacy. If in fact Zoloft has more active ingredients in a pill compared to Sertralin Bluefish then this could be side effects like the ones I get when my dose is increased. In that case I should be fine in less than three days. I read somewhere that generics could have up to 20% less (or 25% more) active ingredient than the original, don't know if that's true though. Edit. You wrote Prozac. Did you mean Zoloft?
  7. Its been a months since last time my derealization got out of hand and scared me (that happened because of me taking amino acids). I had been getting used to being able to deal with life, and was finding things predictable again. Today I started taking Zoloft from Pfizer insterad of generic Sertraline bluefish and about 7 hours after I had my pill I had a huge change of perception. Everything started to look increasingly fake and unreal and I got scared. I felt like sounds were louder and like people were automated. When I understood that it was a panic attack I rushed to the toilet and t
  8. You are being mentally abused. I am so sorry. I hope that you are able to move out soon. Being stuck there sounds like a nightmare and being in constant arguments is draining. Is there anyone you can talk to? Do you think you could possibly live with your uncles of anyone else whom you trust?
  9. Tired and sick. This cold is making it even harder sleep the whole night through.
  10. Confused. It feels like my soul (I don't even believe in souls) is going to separate from my body - but it doesn't. Hoping a good nights sleep will make it all better. I seem to be very sensitive to tiredness nowdays
  11. Weirdly good. I'm suspicious of this. Am I actually getting better? It sure seems so. (Somebody pinch me.)
  12. I can't believe how normal I feel. :wtf:

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      That's great!I hope it continues! 

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