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    when I'm worn out and drowning in self hatred and cliff bars; video games. when I have the energy to think; poetry, pagan religions, nature, studying ancient culture and belief systems. oh, and candles. and I have a cat.

About Me

Happy stuff! 

I'm twenty years old. I'm married to an awesome guy I met when I was eleven (he's 24, now). I love the work of Van Gogh, and Stieg Larsson novels. I try to devote my time to my passions and friends whenever I'm capable. I create most of my art at the end of depressive cycles. 

Personal choices and beliefs that annoy some people!

I'm vegan! 

I'm feminist!

I'm Wiccan! 

I openly acknowledge that the human race is killing the earth! 

I do not believe immigrants should be criminalized, and I support stricter gun control policy! 

mental health issues! 

that is why I'm here, after all. keeping this part short. 

major depressive disorder (possibly bipolar II), social and generalized anxiety, anorexic tendencies, self harm habits, paranoia. 

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