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  1. ItaliaGaL

    ItaLia BeLLa Stuff?

    This is an album of artistic & random photos I like collecting on my spare time. Enjoy surfning the websites, designing my own pictures + also a great hobby on my Bad days?Thanks for checking them out & feel free to add me as your friend/follow me please? #NBL #GBU #Peace
  2. Seems like going to rain again?I am a summer person. How about all you? On my 3rd day of Prozac 20mg at lunch, Latuda 40mg at night along with 2mg of Ativan⏳⌛Any Advise or experience with this combo. Of medicine? 

    Have a Safe & Great Day 2 ALL?

    God Bless #NBL #Peace #Faith


  3. I have been on many medications all my life?Now on Prozac 20 mg still & added Latuda 40mg plus 2mg Ativan. It's so draining plus disappointing when nothing seems to work. I am hoping at this age of 54yrs old can finally find a combination of meds that work well together?Appreciate all the advise, experiences, feedback?Thanks ALL.....God Bless


    1. Starry Night1969

      Starry Night1969

      I'm currently on latuda 140mg, prozac, welbutrin, and a couple others I take as needed like ambien. I've been on this mix for 2 months, for a month I was sleeping 14 hrs a day and starving the other 10 hrs. I now regularly sleep 8pm-4am so that's great. But I used to be able to debate both sides of any question, now everything is crystal clear. Everything is black or white, only my way of seeing things exists. The voices are terrible for 3 days in a row. It's changed me. I used to admire others and admire others. Even the 4 homeless people that had been coming to my house 3 x a week to charge their phones, eat and use my wifi, on demand tv. They talked 95% of the time about their problems and then asked for my last dollars, tshirts, and gift cards. Now I only think of them as the worst scum and if I see them I say get a job, etc... and they stopped knocking on my door or texting me. I feel a grandier superiority to almost everyone because of the voices I hear.

      It's bad enough, that I've been wearing headphones with one song on repeat for 14 hrs a day. Ive been seeing my psych every 2 weeks. I was on invega pills for the 2 years prior 15mg but blood work dinged out of whack for 5 or so things. I heard voices before but was more functional. Now I wake up at 4am; wet cloth off in the sink cause I'm terrified to get in the shower due to paranoia haven't showered in 6weeks. Put off laundry, which is 30 feet away till I'm down to my last pair of underwear due to paranoia. I can no longer ride my bike, goto mcdonalds or even talk on the phone. I only text. Every 2 weeks my psych just tweaks one of the meds or took me off an old med. But prozac and latuda are his plan. So, I'm sorry to say but this med hasn't been a positive, hopeful experience. Oh, I used to be very suicidal and stared at a gallon of bleach on my dinning room table for hrs or would stand on bridges for a few hrs a week. But not no longer fear what happens to me. I think jail or being institutionalized wouldnt be that bad. Oh, I was going to school 4 hrs a week and was way ahead on work but can no longer go. The voices in the head are to awful. I'm going to demand another med. Apologies for the long rant. I've read on many Web sites that most people have improved on latuda. Good luck and once again apologies for the rambling.

    2. ItaliaGaL


      Thank you so much for the detailed post?I was so happy to read it!

      God Bless?

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