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  1. I spend a lot on many seemingly small things. It adds up fast. It does get to be a problem for me. Maybe having someone to talk to about it actually helps? I’m single so no one to talk me out of it or make me think twice.
  2. Have you considered saving it as a draft and revisiting it later? I do write long emails but I do break up my thoughts into paragraphs so to me it seems ok. Work emails are more concise. I do think it depends on the recipient. Some of mine send back long replies so I figure I’m good.
  3. That seems reasonable to me. You don’t want to get an important med pulled and then be stuck with that doc if it doesn’t work. And if we tapers people, he must have the insurance coverage, just opts to restrict. Personally I have a different med, non MI, that I don’t want pulled, so I get your concerns. I hope the new med works out for you. This whole business can really be tiring to figure out when you’re already not feeling great.
  4. Maybe things will work with this pdoc now? It’s true the nurse gave you the benzo info so you never know but if she’s right—well, I personally have reservations about someone who never uses benzos ever. I don’t take them now but have, and it hasn’t caused me problems. I guess I’d hesitate. And if you do go, even once, will your current pdoc cut you off or could it truly be just a consult? Should be ok but some of them have their own set of rules. I had a doc basically give up on me. I did better with a fresh perspective of someone new seeing me. I realize insurance may be a factor but to me that’s not a good enough reason to ban benzos.
  5. Ok, my pdoc wanted to see if actually I was depressed. Never thought of that since I don’t recognize anything like that now. So possible ADD issue, and will try adding short acting med and see what happens. Should be interesting.
  6. I was the DPOAH (durable poa for healthcare) for a friend who died of cancer. Not sure how much they vary state to state or out of the US but I only had control if she was incapacitated and also she authorized docs to share info with me. I had to sit and discuss her wishes when she was well and it was a painful discussion. It didn’t authorize me to deal with her finances, another person had that and I have no idea how it worked. It’s a good idea but seems you’d need to check the legal ins and outs to be sure you get what you want. And who to choose is a whole other issue. I trust no one and my family is all very ill in my generation. Do I trust a niece? I don’t know. I’ve considered initiating a conversation about it without committing to it, to see how it went over, but not for MI issues. Maybe your pdoc knows about the type document and what powers you’d be giving and when. How do you bring it up with family? I’ve given it thought. Can you consult some sort of legal help to find out your local laws? That would affect my decision, if the laws would give me what I wanted. Like, who decides if you’re incapacitated and what if you disagree? It’s a really good question.
  7. That is helpful, both of you. I’m hoping when I see my pdoc in person he can get a better sense by talking with me. I’m so scattered right now I have a hard time figuring it out plus really I don’t know enough to do my own sorting. So I’ll see what happens.
  8. The estrogen lab thinking is that how you feel doesn’t correlate with levels, best to go by symptoms, and it’ll be low anyway in menopause but that doesn’t mean you’ll have symptoms. Ok, whatever. So we go by my symptoms which in my case is ok. However that doesn’t work for everyone and some ladies who get levels checked say they have a certain good level for them. So if your GYN checks levels you can use that but if not, it’s not hopeless as long as they are willing to treat symptoms. My objection is being told to live with it. I’ve had that. So just know you might meet resistance but the bigger issue may be do they prescribe estrogen at all and for what. Some just won’t and that sucks. Why do they expect us to just deal—don’t get me started. So good luck, forewarned is better than being surprised.
  9. Anyone bipolar plus have ADD issues? I have been feeling “not right “ and finally made an appointment after some email communications with my pdoc. My pdoc is trying to get what’s going on and needs to see me in person to see if I am describing one, the other, or just what all. I’m not asking for a diagnosis here—but wondering if anyone has both diagnoses how you figure out what’s what or how to describe it so it makes sense to someone. I feel so unfocused but restless and other things, I don’t want to catalogue my whole symptom list necessarily but I don’t have the insight apparently to sort out what to say to make it clearer to a pdoc what’s up and what meds, if any, might be tweaked. Are there some key symptoms that lead you to know which issue is bothering you? Does that even make sense?
  10. That’s good. I suspected as much but in my case it was just a guess—good you got a professional opinion. Good luck.
  11. Do you get hot flashes? The reason I ask is that apparently the policy at my HMO is no estrogen unless you have hot flashes and they won’t check estrogen levels. And I hear that from friends about their GYN experience, sometimes. No matter that I had insomnia and severe brain fog. So not to be a downer, but as a caution that if you get a choice, I’d pick someone who does a lot of menopause treatment as opposed to primarily being an obstetrician and delivering babies. And my insomnia disappeared 3 days after starting an estrogen patch. I didn’t have the skin thing that I recall. I know there are herbs but honestly I avoid them due to possible interactions with my meds, among other things. Good luck with a GYN, I hope you find a good one who can say if it’s menopause. I have heard that as a symptom before so could be. I’ve had my share of menopause stuff so I feel for you.
  12. I know when I had cancer I was totally self centered on it. I didn’t care about anyone else’s issues for a while. Maybe that’s what your friend is going through—not that it’s cool, but I’ve been on both sides of this fence. I suspect you may get some comments that are different from your friends usual behavior for a while and need to be prepared for some of that. Like I said, it’s not cool, but it happens and I know when my friend was struggling with a dire prognosis she was totally selfish and at times inconsiderate while she went through her crisis and illness. It was hurtful but I had to see where she was coming from and I doubt I’d have done better if it were me. It’s not a competition but illness does lead to some changes, that’s for sure.
  13. I am using Bausch snd Lomb product, Biotrue One Day. Supposedly they have some super moist technology that retains its moisture all day. Yeah, right, but surprisingly I can wear them 12-16 hours daily, and use rewetting drops 2 or 3 times a day. The optician said drinking more fluids help too, but dry eye people do well with this one. I watched a Doctor Eye Health video on YouTube about his idea of best contacts and that was one, plus a couple others that reviewed well for dry eyes. (I enjoyed his eye videos a lot). I quit contacts largely due to dryness, plus the bifocal issue, so expected another fail here. I guess you either like contacts or don’t understand why anyone would, but I greatly prefer them. This optician and ophthalmologist told me new technology helps more people wear contacts now so who knows, if it’s been years, maybe you have a chance again, if you still want them.
  14. I agree with food. Freezable is good, too. I took food to someone who had too much so he had to freeze my stuff for later. And I agree that after the memorial or whatever is over, people are just left hanging, so that’s a key time. I was happy just to have someone check in with me and let me talk and ramble on.
  15. I had RGP lenses for years and certainly prefer soft ones, so if I can I’ll go with them. I was told my eyes had gotten too dry, but with the new technology they are working. It’s amazing. I used to use drops all day and still had issues but this go-round, the lenses are made of some special stuff, plus they are daily disposable so they don’t get a chance to coat up with deposits and get drier. I’m as excited as if I were 12 years old getting them for the first time. Since I started this thread I’ve gotten more situated and I still think seeing someone who specializes in difficult lens situations was what saved me. The other people I’ve seen just said you’ve aged out, sorry, and didn’t offer any options. Sometimes it’s minor things that make your day—although being able to see better isn’t minor.
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