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  1. Let me give you my experience and view. I avoided psychiatric care until my mid 30’s despite issues since childhood. In retrospect I suffered for nothing. I tried herbs, vitamins, exercise, affirmations and counseling without sucess. Finally I got on meds and it helped, some more than others. Fast forward years to a change in diagnosis from depression to bipolar—life changing. Getting the right meds has been amazing and I see years of my life were wasted with bipolar depression (and manic times). So my perspective is, if you are suffering, get help, and explain why you think you’re possibly bipolar. There are lower cost clinics. I know access can be limited but I also know depression can get worse and have serious consequences or just make the work of finding help seem insurmountable. I wish I had gotten correct meds sooner than I did and hate to see anyone else go down the parh I did. I have little faith in therapy alone, I believe meds play a big role especially if someone is truly bipolar, and I don’t know if you are or not, but just saying. However, I also felt really let down by the fact that meds weren’t miracle drugs and took time or weren’t right, so I don’t want to say you’ll instantly feel amazing on the first try because although some say that, most of us here have been on different meds over time. Not trying to boss you or preach, but sharing my experience and trying to be encouraging. It’s my perspective and opinion but I hope it helps.
  2. Seems like it could add up to a big hassle but maybe something within your own state would be easier? I’ve been watching a YouTube channel by a man who usually travels but now is just exploring unusual places in his own province instead, including staying in a treehouse, hotel in a train car, etc. I wonder if your area has interesting things off the beaten path? But if it seems too much trouble I think postponing is reasonable. Congratulations anyway.
  3. I have had a few long term therapy relationships for better and for worse. I saw a hypnotherapist for several years until I finally figured out she was causing more problems than she was helping. Then I saw a pdoc for several years who was nice enough and seemed to care but rarely did I have good stretches and he missed the right diagnosis; I saw a therapist in his office for a few helpful years but eventually she got angry with me and I had to leave. After that, years later, I had a great therapist I rarely could see, but saw her infrequently for around 4 years until she moved. That was sad, since I had good rapport with her. I wouldn’t say I’ve had great experiences overall but got some good from each at some point. My current pdoc doesn’t do therapy at all and I’ve seen a new therapist exactly once. We’ll see how that goes but the HMO is all about short term therapy only.
  4. Some psych NPs can be very good and some psychiatrists not really good. I think both have the potential to manage meds for you but your trust in whoever prescribes for you is important too. Can you afford to go private and how important is it to you? Personally I would give an NP a chance after I had a discussion about med choices, their training and ongoing training and they sounded good. But that’s me, and you may not have the same comfort level—also I have never been treated by an NP for psych, only for other issues so I can’t say I have direct experience. I do know I wouldn’t take psych meds from a GP, I do think it requires special knowledge. So I do see your concerns.
  5. My point of view is that friends are hard to come by at this point so I will just avoid certain topics with certain ones. Currently none of my friends know about my MI and I see no reason to go into it. I’ve heard some similar things in the past and I just don’t want to deal with it. I would probably keep someone as a friend if things were mostly good. Even my best friends over the years have had downsides at times. Maybe that’s just the nature of friendship, I don’t know.
  6. So the “discussion’ was about something else, actually about the topic that triggered my original outburst (most unwise). But I stayed calm and didn’t take the bait. They were acting unusually nice to me which made me suspicious. But now we’re in s two day training so nothing more can happen until that passes, then we’ll see. I don’t trust this niceness after what’s happened. I’m keeping my guard up.
  7. Tomorrow I return to work, but I’ve already gotten an invite to a “discussion “ (I am mostly remote so this will be video). The crap begins. I’m determined to stay calm and as quiet as I can. I meant to redo my resume over my break but didn’t. I still intend to. Trouble is, I’m required to “participate “ in discussions, but can’t be perceived as sounding or looking wrong. If I could just be quiet it’d be easier. I will do my best. It’s hard for me to hide total lack of respect but I’ll need to. I know the manager has depression issues (she told us) and is off her meds, and I’m wondering how that might play in, potentially. I’m hoping my time off has mellowed the tone but I’ll find out tomorrow. Not looking forward to this.
  8. I used to be on a higher dose, I forget what, but titrated down to 75 mg, couldn’t go lower. I didn’t discuss the rationale for checking levels for depression but guess I’ll find out. Have never had to titrate back up, I’m nervous about that. I should wait and see if that’s the plan before I think too much about it.
  9. I have not texted but at one time had a tdoc who had me write in a journal, which she read. I mention it because it may be a thought you could use, not sure exactly how in telehealth, but maybe send it by email then discuss in text whatever. Telehealth sort of complicates things. Anyway I did write things I couldn’t or wouldn’t say so I can see how texting could work. I hope it pans out for you.
  10. My experience, which may not apply to you at all, was that drinking alcohol gave me IBS D type syndrome. It could be just my body’s individual quirks so I hesitate to mention it, but my life was really restricted by my gut issues until I figured that out, so I’ll throw it out there just in case. I know my friend had the issue with citrus, so I suspect some people do have individual things that can’t be predicted. But to your question, metamucil didn’t help in a significant way, to my thinking. Maybe I didn’t try long enough to take more but I found it hard to get down. I do understand it helps some people though.
  11. I used to shower daily, brush my teeth twice a day, floss, sweep the house, etc. Now—not so much. Why is it all so hard, I don’t know. But I can totally relate to this.
  12. I’ve been on lamotrigine for 10 years and it’s been great for treating bipolar depression. But now I feel like I’m slipping into depression. My pdoc wants to check a blood level, for the first time, which I’ve never heard of. Has anyone had theirs checked, and was it helpful? It’s true I’m afraid to possibly increase at all, but wondering if others are getting levels checked?
  13. I have a similar situation in that I have things that could be used, like clothes, but I have a problem getting things to somewhere. People tell me charities will come pick it up and there may be some but I can’t find one here. I do know yarn is wanted in shelters, or so someone who worked in one told me. So apparently donations are welcome, but again, for me getting it there would be the issue. Here they take laptops too but again here mine sit. Sounds like we have similar stuff. I did find a company that will pickup, and then take to charity, dump, or recycle, depending. That’s promising. This covid stuff has just made the situation worse for me.
  14. I hoarded a whole lot of stuff a few months ago back in early lockdown. Now I’m home for a week and trying to sort out the stacks of stuff sitting all around. For me, I was so disorganized I rebought things I couldn’t find or forgot, and I haven’t used much of it. Of course some was bought “in case” I lost my job, which now I just might. I have used some rice, tuna, canned fruit and of course I have used part of my toilet paper stash. Not much but some. So, what did you actually end up using? And what did you do with the rest of it? Give it away, store it, toss it, or is it all still sitting there? Just wondering.
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