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  1. I used to have to use the scales and I always said I had no clue, which was true. Finally my pdoc just gave up on it. Now the clinic uses what I think is the PH-9 with slightly better questions butI still struggle. The 1-10 baffled me. I never got clarification so that’s a good idea. Now i get asked about manic symptoms and that’s hard too. I don’t do well at those scale things at all. Could you say you experience x, y z and be ok? Who thinks these things up anyway?
  2. I have been there almost 2 years and got glowing feedback until my angry outburst. Since then it’s been up and down.
  3. I’m so confused. First, I was in trouble at work for speaking in anger and frustration. Then that seemed all forgotten somehow. Then I was told I got a small extra raise, and would be trained to do my boss’s job just in case she got ill. What? Such a disconnect. Then I had a bad fall and injuries and had to say I can’t do a small part of my job, takes 1-2 hours/week, for a couple months while I recover, although I can do everything else. She said she would report me to HR for that. I can’t understand why. So I feel like I am getting mixed messages here and feel very insecure in my job. One day all is well, next day I’m in trouble or at least in bad graces. And I have enough trouble of my own without all that. I don’t know what to think.
  4. Maybe not, I don’t think the story is unique but if it was, it was long ago and as I said, I was very messed up, too, so you were not alone in having problems in that house.
  5. I’m not very organized so that would be really hard. Maybe knowing you need a ride will get you a couple days more, I hope so.
  6. I was diagnosed several years ago with no testing at all, and I doubted it as just a trendy diagnosis. But meds did help me. Years later my current pdoc said he very much doubted the diagnosis but after a year or so he changed his mind. No testing, just working with me. It’s a balancing act with the bipolar meds but it works and without the concerta I accomplish nothing. So if you feel strongly, I would consider persisting with discussing it and see if you get anywhere. That’s not helpful maybe but I think ADD in adults gets blown off.
  7. Don’t I wish. But no. I can get on the point of being around the midpoint of moods but manic, it all goes to hell.
  8. My manager wants me to talk to the mask refusers about “tell them how that makes you feel “. Seriously? I don’t think it’s about my feelings, it’s about my safety.
  9. I see this thread is now old. Finally one cube neighbor is out sick from chronic health issues pus working remotely and the other has agreed to mask if I’m around. This took months to get to. Apparently the rules are that if you sit in your cube masks aren’t required but many use standing desks and are heads above the walls which seems worse. I can’t believe I’m even still having this discussion. I mask, use s conference room, and stay home when allowed. And I’ve been told to “have a conversation about my feelings “ about masks. Really?
  10. I knew, just knew when he could he’d say covid was no big deal. Those people who died? No big deal. Don’t let it dominate you. What I can’t understand is why that makes sense to someone. I was waiting for him to wnd up in ICU but instead he got care my insurance would never cover. Now to pass it on to the butler and housekeeper who can’t exactly refuse to work. I won’t say how I really feel but having had jobs where I was exposed to things, because I needed the job, I know how trapped you can be. Honestly, what is wrong with this man? No consideration for others at all.
  11. My recent tdoc appointment was a video fail. I did all the troubleshooting and finally called in and had a phone appointment. Better than nothing I guess.
  12. I can wear a mask but a couple guys at desks around me won’t, so the reverse. Can’t understand why employers can’t work with us so we can be protected.
  13. Since it had been 2 months since the last visit, this seemed unrelated. The video wouldn’t connect so we reverted to phone. We mainly talked about my recent snafu at work, which wasn’t my intention but that’s ok. Next appointment in 2 weeks and hope for better.
  14. OK session 2, after 2 months, is tomorrow. I barely remember last time. No idea how this can work but I will try to work with her. I read the materials she sent but remember almost nothing. My next appointment is in 2 weeks so maybe I can build some momentum. Seems an ineffective system but I’m trying not to prejudge.
  15. I found my time from working different shifts and finding the time that seemed best by chance. Then I found how key it was when I worked nights. So I don’t have a system to make this work for someone else I guess—did you ever have a schedule that worked well for you? I had a clock that had a sunrise feature but found it annoying. I did better getting up and using a SAD light for maybe 5 minutes, very unscientific I know. I really rely on getting up on time so I can have a day. I wish I could know how someone could find their personal time.
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