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  1. As I posted, my brother died less than 2 weeks ago. I held it together during that whole ICU and disconnecting care process. But yesterday my dog died. If you’re a dog lover you get it, if you’re anti pet this may seem off. But the combination of two deaths was just too much. My dog got increasingly sick over a week, and her last morning had clearly crossed the line. I never cried when my brother died but cried on the way to the vet and long after my dog was gone. I wasn’t close to my brother but liked/loved him and miss him. But my dog—I lived with her and she was totally bonded to me. And her loss makes the loss of my brother more real. Especially since I mainly saw my brother at holidays, and this is holiday season. I was going to work today but decided not to. I need time plus every time someone gives me that “sorry look” and says something consoling, I tear up, and I hate crying in public. Now I am actually grieving. And I hate that process. Losses are painful and I knew that. But two losses are really hard for me. Not the same, but still hard.
  2. The slide function messed me up, too, but I forget how. At any rate, that’s the area to go to, so you can figure it by trying different options. I personally disable many and especially auto correct I hate.
  3. Go to settings , general, keyboard—then disable auto correct and predictive text You may have to disable the slide feature too, I think that caused me some issues. But that’s where to go to disable those irritating features. I prefer to not have things changed or added.
  4. This happens all the time in the system where I work. The routine is to tell the person to shred the papers and keep the revealed info confidential/don’t reveal their name to anyone. They should have been more careful. If you have a shredder it would solve the what to do issues. Sorry this happened to you and the other patient. Also, I started asking for info via portal, not written, so this doesn’t happen to me, and I don’t read it anyway.
  5. Thank you. What makes me sad is that I didn’t really know my brother well at all. I googled him and learned more than I ever knew. We only saw each other on holidays and mainly talked family stuff. I feel like I missed a lot. Then I found out my dog is dying from cancer and has only a few weeks to live. That affects me even more—I live with my dog and don’t have any family baggage to muddy the waters. I feel sort of guilty, but I’m responsible for my dogs quality of life and when to stop. And two deaths seem like a lot to cope with. If you aren’t a pet person that might seem off but losing a pet is wrenching. I’m hoping this doesn’t trigger some episode, deaths have done that before, and that doesn’t help anything. Just venting here, because this is hard to deal with.
  6. I admit my online dating was more for sex than relationship but I still had some relationships—but I won’t give the name, if wouldn’t help. What I do have is advice—be yourself and be clear on what you want. And meet in person before long, start with just a brief coffee date. You can have lovely coffee times and tell much more than texts ever will. That’s my unsolicited take on it. I had many coffee dates that I expected to go better, and some that unexpectedly went way better than expected. And some didn’t want to actually meet, just wanted to waste my time. Online dating was a good way to meet people since I don’t meet many otherwise outside of work. I really hope it works out for you. Be open to meeting and don’t rush getting serious seemed to work for me. (Because it sounds like serious is your intent). It can be a positive experience. I keep considering trying it again myself, it’s been a few years now.
  7. My brother died today. Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet. There was a really annoying minister there who read a prayer I thought would never end. The staff was so slow disconnecting all the stuff that was being stopped to allow him to pass since he wanted that. Family was ok although now that I’m home I’m feeling annoyed at some of them. In the days leading up to this I was already grieving but now, I just feel generally irritated and not like I expected. I’m suspecting that later I will feel bad again so I’ll stay home from work tomorrow. This is not what I expected. Maybe because my brother was in pain, and told me if it got worse he’d consider a way to end it. He expected to live longer, though. Tomorrow I’ll see how I feel.
  8. I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s hard under any circumstances to lose someone but this sounds like a very traumatic experience. Take care of yourself as best you can.
  9. I think people who have been sad or had mild depression may think it’s like that for everyone with depression. At least that’s how it looks with some of the people I know. I suppose It is hard to comprehend how bad and unrelenting depression can be if you haven’t been there, but don’t belittle what you don’t understand. Another reason I keep my MI secret, unhealthy as that may be.
  10. His rec was take one in the morning and see how you do. Take another later if you feel it would help. I’m sort of ok with that, but it’s pretty vague. I end up wondering if I should try another, wait, or skip it. Guess I should try a system and keep track maybe? Look for an ADD tracker and see if that’s an answer? (If I ever used it). I’m stressed right now so probably this seems harder than it needs to be.
  11. I admit I don’t know much about this diagnosis compared to depression or mania, so this may sound pretty dumb. But I’ve been on Concerta, with so so results until early afternoon. So the new plan is to add in regular methylphenidate as needed. It’s up to me to decide when. It’s trial and error. So has anyone had that plan and how did it work out? Did it work out? If I don’t think it’s working I can stop, but I want to give it a chance. I’m just having trouble figuring out how to manage my own meds when so many factors seem to come into play. Not to mention remembering to take them mid day.
  12. Also, when you’re on fmla, it covers having to take time off when you’re back, like for an appointment or treatment day, apparently. I had a coworker who had to get fmla just for that reason. It wasn’t just for extended time off. I won’t start on why we shouldn’t need it to protect it, because we do, is the reality.
  13. I spend a lot on many seemingly small things. It adds up fast. It does get to be a problem for me. Maybe having someone to talk to about it actually helps? I’m single so no one to talk me out of it or make me think twice.
  14. Have you considered saving it as a draft and revisiting it later? I do write long emails but I do break up my thoughts into paragraphs so to me it seems ok. Work emails are more concise. I do think it depends on the recipient. Some of mine send back long replies so I figure I’m good.
  15. That seems reasonable to me. You don’t want to get an important med pulled and then be stuck with that doc if it doesn’t work. And if we tapers people, he must have the insurance coverage, just opts to restrict. Personally I have a different med, non MI, that I don’t want pulled, so I get your concerns. I hope the new med works out for you. This whole business can really be tiring to figure out when you’re already not feeling great.
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