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  1. Yes, it was many many years ago, a therapist I saw for a while. Nice, but clueless.
  2. I’m sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself as best you can.
  3. Coming to the discussion late and feeling guilty that I’ve said it myself. I don’t know what I want someone to say to me and I don’t know what to say to someone else. I do know I’ve heard the “it could be worse “ (you were raped? Well you didn’t get pregnant so it could’ve been worse) and that wasn’t to my liking. But even though I’ve had my own trauma, I don’t know what to say to someone else, partly because I know they won’t necessarily react exactly how I would. I’ve been known to say “that sucks “ but it felt like the wrong thing. I wish I knew what to say—or even what I wanted said to me.
  4. I have been there, or at least my version of there. I would suggest staying sober because the feeling of starting over just contributes to the spiral. My unsolicited advice is to call the pdoc and say you need an urgent appointment. Even a phone conversation, if yours will talk on the phone. Ii think it’s time for new or better meds. I know it can seem pointless but things can actually get better. I’m glad you came here to talk.
  5. Sounds safe to wait, from what you say. Hopefully you could call if things got worse. My HMO doesn’t really allow visits that often but encourages using their secure messaging or phone, so if you have that sort of backup option, even better.
  6. I haven’t used that plan but I know going towards mania feels so normal at first. Feels like I’m finally feeling like myself. Then next thing I know it’s gotten out of hand without my recognizing it. That’s what I’d be afraid of. I guess ideally a person would have a trusted person to help point that process out in the beginning, but I don’t have that and I bet most of us don’t. I don’t know how to avoid things getting away from me, but that’s my concern, if you go that route. Any chance of using a person to help or a mood tracker even?
  7. My mom isn’t deaf but has hearing loss. She insists it’s people mumbling to her plus poor phone equipment. She has hearing aids but doesn’t like to wear them in case people think she can’t hear. So I’m frustrated at times. I don’t have your exact same situation but I do have an idea based on my experience. Also my friend needed money so sold his hearing aids, something that made absolutely no sense to me. Then he had to wait months to qualify to get new aids from workers comp. meanwhile communications were tough. And I had a hard time with that. So yeah, I try to understand because sometimes I don’t hear as well and I think maybe I’m ignoring it and frustrating other people too. It’s complicated I guess.
  8. My HMO seems to require therapy goals but I had a hard time figuring out the right type. I’m used to making SMART goals in school but it’s harder related to my life.
  9. Yes, respectful. And not judgemental or shocked. I know my issues have caused or contributed some behavior that’s problematic, like manic sex, but I can’t really talk about almost anything related to that with therapists that I’ve had, and my pdoc barely can stand to hear the word. Things like sex and money can be real trouble areas and I wanted help dealing with that aspect of my MI but it wasn’t acceptable to go there, so how is that helpful? Also at this point I am better off without therapy, after many years of it. For me I had to stop. If I found one who could actually help me and could maybe understand my life challenges, it might be different. I had a pdoc who’s wife worked in his office as the therapist. Never again. (What are the chances?). Am I a difficult patient/client, or are good therapists just hard to find? I don’t think it’s all me that’s the problem but I’ve been told that if there’s a problem with every therapist, what’s the common denominator—me, so I must be the root of the problem. And that’s the attitude that’s maybe common. Compassion, skill, experience—that’s what I want.
  10. I don’t really have much advice. I personally prefer sanitizing wipes individually packaged for travel, to wipe things plus my hands, vs gels (and gloves). That’s just me, I don’t see others doing it. I admit I’m not much of a traveler, but I’ve wanted to go to specific important events lately so had to travel to do that. Is this something you want to do? I hope you can enjoy it. How some people travel every week I do not know, but I guess it’s a matter of figuring what you can control and sticking to that. Again, hope it works out.
  11. So much for saving water. I for sure will avoid that type washer as long as possible. What exactly is the efficient part of these machines? I’m not seeing it. That’s a lot of water and electricity
  12. I won’t even go into my stories, it’ll just make me frustrated. I certainly had one insist I was being defiant and resistant because I wouldn’t believe what she was telling me about my life, she got so angry with me I quit going without any discussion, just didn’t go. And I’ve been told some pretty blaming type things. And useless advice—just do things you enjoy, get out, make friends, be active and enjoy life, then you won’t be depressed. Really, I paid money for that? I guess some places, anyone can call themselves a therapist.
  13. I was not implying anyone should get an IV in their hand if they had an option, sorry if I was not clear--I didn't think anyone was referring to me. I don't have an IV option but I am OK with it, but wanted to give tips to anyone who was a difficult stick so they could have an easier time getting an IV elsewhere on the arm, so the hand wouldn't have to even be discussed. Sorry I was so unclear. I was trying to pass on my experience . Everything I said is so you can get an IV (not anywhere you say is out of bounds) more easily. Sometimes for emergencies (not colonoscopy) or such or when you just find it too painful to be poked, the EMLA tip may help someone, and not just related to hand IVs. I didn't realize I was being confusing and hope I'm not just confusing things more now.
  14. I have had about 4, maybe 5. I have IV advice. Personally my only real good veins are in my hands so I tell them to go there, it’s not painful for me, for some reason. However if you ever need an IV and know in advance and it would have to be in your hand—-ask them to get EMLA for you. They use it for kids mainly but it’s a numbing cream they apply thickly over a wide IV area, cover with plastic wrap, and let sit over 15 minutes. It numbs it. Keep it in mind if you’re ever in the hospital or such. But otherwise, for an IV, be warm and hydrated. Drink a lot of fluids up to the deadline. And go in very warm, plus ask for warm blankets and warm packs. If you watch at home sometime you’ll see what I mean. Cold and dehydrated makes for a poor IV experience for a lot of us deep veined types. For the prep, I chug it and follow with a chaser of broth or white grape juice. I find making real broth the day before, vs canned, is way more tolerable. I’m a pro at these by now I swear. Also I set a timer and just do it and get done. I used to chill the prep but drinking that much cold drink so fast really bothered my stomach and gave me chills so I go for room temperature or barely chill. Anyone going for the test, it’s easy. I’ve also had the upper GI scope and that’s easy too.
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