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  1. I’m a bit of a stress hoarder and depression or manic moments both make it worse. I can get rid of some things, some times. But it’s a struggle to maintain order. Supposedly the therapist is to help me with this specifically but via video visits, so we’ll see. I suspect getting rid of things is key since I have shelves etc but too much stuff. I can see the value in an organizer for sure. I don’t know the answer but I’m hoping this therapist will be of help and not just say to set a timer and clean for 15 minute increments.
  2. I think psych vs. GYN is a tough call but maybe your current doc can help? Worth a try. When I had my premenstrual craziness I didn’t have a pdoc but I can tell you now I have both GYN and pdoc (and FP) and the pdoc won’t deal with anything hormonal. So hoping your FP can meet your needs all around. It would help so hope it happens.
  3. I take all my meds together because if I waited for one I’d be sure to forget it. After all, I do have other things to do. On vit D, I take 5,000 units 5 days/week to stay normal but not high. If I quit, I drop down to low normal or below and get very low energy. That seems like a lot but maybe avoiding the sun contributes to that. I’ve had lifelong thyroid issues and do what works for me, only recently did I hear all the rules. Apparently my system works so I’m not changing. Is that bad? I’m just doing good to take everything daily, so unless I really need the rules, well, I wonder how important they are for me. Not that I think everyone should do that, of course.
  4. Well my true tests would be being able to talk about sex, if that was an issue, and hoarder type stuff, which is an issue. Those are hard to be able to talk about for whatever reason. They aren’t possible to talk to friends about, either. What’s up with that? My pdoc does no therapy but thinks this therapist, a MSW, would be a good fit. I’m hoping so.
  5. I might be able to drown them out but my dog can’t so I can’t. Why do people like them?? I turn up the TV and fans to muffler them. It partially works.
  6. I am quite a bit older but used to have terrible terrible pms. At the time, I saw a GYN, who used hormonal treatment, which may have changed now so I won’t go into detail. But it saved me. I was like a new person—so do you have a GYN by chance? For me, I needed one sympathetic to my severe symptoms. Pmdd wasn’t a diagnosis back then but I’m sure I had it. Anyway, I think it may work best to see an additional provider if yours can’t help, but maybe you can get help, or at least think if a GYN would work—and that might be your best bet. I hope you get someone knowledgeable, for me it was life changing to not be at the mercy of my hormone imbalance.
  7. I’ve been on a stable dose for years, despite my TSH changes. Now my TSH is at the low edge, so possibly could mean to go down on the synthroid, but we’re going to keep it the same. I don’t feel like my dose is too high. Also, I take my synthroid at night whether I eat or not, but supposedly you shouldn’t take near food. Also I hear you should avoid iron within an hour too but I ignore all rules. Plus I hear soy isn’t good with thyroid issues. I eat some soy sometimes. So that’s me, but maybe you’re more sensitive to those things? If your dose isn’t stable I would think an endocrinologist might be the better choice. I think my thyroid just gets ignored, but sounds like you need someone thyroid savvy. My personal experience is I get told my wt and thyroid are unrelated but I’m not so sure. Not sure if you get that, too. also, fwiw, some things I attributed to thyroid improve when I keep my vit D up in a good range, don’t know if your D levels get low, too and cloud the picture. Something to consider anyway.
  8. Sorry your thyroid isn’t cooperating. I have the same thyroid diagnosis but I’ve been ok—if you are having problems I do think it may be time for an endocrinologist, if you aren’t seeing one. Thyroid issues can be complicated.
  9. Now, it rarely gets that hot here, but I avoid the dogs being out in heat. The hot pavement can burn their poor paw pads, plus my black dog suffers more in heat. Also my dogs breed is inclined to heatstroke so I really get careful. I don’t have AC so they have fans for their dog beds. So I avoid the mask while dogwalking dilemma if it does get much over 80 by staying home. Of course mask or no mask I would. But masks in sweaty heat? I’ve done it. Not fun. I suspect it’ll be a problem for many this summer. I’ve just suffered.
  10. I will do that. It will be video. I’m in serious need of help right now so I feel I need to give this a chance. I did find a bio section on the website and she works especially with women, especially young women—I’m pretty much the older end of the spectrum so hope that’ll work. Also read pdoc bio. Interesting but not unexpected info. I’m hoping his recommendation is good, he did pick a good one before. I’ll try. I really want this to work.
  11. Apparently exercise equipment is frequently discarded so consider checking any freeshare or place for used stuff if you think you might have room. I used to have things that folded up, wouldn’t have room for unfolding them in my current home however. Actually the stair thing might help—I used to have coworkers who did stairs as their workout. And for walking, I can’t go far from home so when I have walked, I went around the same block again and again to stay close. I don’t trust people or stray dogs or chickens. I’m really in the same dilemma it seems.
  12. Gabapentin can make some people feel completely spacey and sleepy—but obviously not everyone reacts the same. Just makes me suspicious of it, but you’d probably want to factor that in before you decide what to change.
  13. Well if they won’t take precautions—that’s not good. How about home stuff? Years ago when I was low budget I used to jump rope, just found the rope again recently, and some sort of resistance bands. These things for home use come and go. Taking a brisk walk might be good, personally I can’t comfortably be that far walking around but that’s my problem, most people probably can be out more. It’s hard to figure out this weight thing any time, this is all just messing with me. Do you by chance own a bike? I had a friend who got some device to make hers act as an exercise bike. Is that still a thing? Also do you have stairs? Brisk walking up and down can be pretty strenuous and was suggested to me, too. Got to be creative plus motivated these days apparently.
  14. I’m in the same boat. My personal opinion is that if proper precautions sre enforced, it should be as safe as other public endeavors. Everyone should wear a mask, and hand sanitize plus wipe down any equipment before using it. Keep your distance. If you have either a medical grade mask, or use a filter with a cloth one, probably even better. Then sanitizer as you leave. If all that took place, I personally would feel pretty comfortable, especially if they even asked screening questions as you enter. But comfort levels do vary so I guess, what else would help you? Definitely check their protocol before you go. And be sure they (or you) have wipes, or spray plus paper towels, to clean things. I already use a cloth to touch door handles and all that. I should exercise, too, don’t know if it’ll happen. Gaining weight is demoralizing so I get that.
  15. OK, next plan: my pdoc wants me to see a therapist for this issue. I said I would, so I hope that works out.
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