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  1. We had to set up putting me as a signer on her account and related business that’s an in person thing. And then we got her online banking, so now personal visits shouldn’t be required. Otherwise banking was drive in only, unfortunately we had extensive business to attend to before she potentially got sick. This is hard on my mom, she enjoyed personal visits to all these places.
  2. Your manic sounds much like mine only no spreadsheets or organization. I’m prepared for natural or other disasters and have things like cooking devices I’ve never used but could. Not everything but most categories. So when an actual event is occurring, you’d think I could settle in and enjoy my preps, rather than buy more. But that’s not what’s happening and wondering if I can chill and stop buying soon. I hope so.
  3. Maybe if your family has computers or cellphones you could have a dinner by video meeting. My coworker is having a family Passover dinner that way. I think it’s a good compromise. And CDC now says general people wearing masks might help, if I understand correctly, so maybe his mom could wear a makeshift mask for the haircut visit. And everyone hand wash. It is hard to be the lone voice.
  4. One thing I do is not lick the envelope, I use a sponge or wet tissue to wet it. But for the opposite reason. Also just heard on the radio the next step will be wearing cloth masks for everyone in public. Maybe that would help feeling responsible, it would help me I hope. Washing, masking and isolating seem like about all we can do. I had to take my mom to the bank and hope that didn’t expose her but so far she’s ok.
  5. I only have a tiny freezer but I have things freezer burned and disorganized anyway. Plus I fear power loss here, too, it happens frequently some parts of the year. I guess knowing what you have and actually using it would be key. I too have learned the pieces of chicken frozen together lesson. Also learned to freeze individual servings of soups, etc. Mostly I’ve learned freezing isn’t best for my style.
  6. Some hospitals may go to allowing outside masks being used, and are starting to clean and resterilize. but apparently until then, the public donations of their mask stashes is really helping here. I’m hearing about cloth masks now, and hope that can be an answer.
  7. Dagr, you’re way more organized than I am. I don’t have a system but I was pretty fully prepared as to food and water plus some other items for emergency. But this is a different type emergency. It feels like food isn’t very available, also TP, and this could go on a long while—things that trigger my stocking up impulses. Meal planning only works to a point because I go off plan immediately. I should organize my supplies somehow. It’s disorganized now, at best. I’ve never been in a situation where I tried to buy groceries and many items are just sold out, so to compensate I’m getting tuna and you name it, I’ve got it. Plus I worry about getting laid off and losing income to buy needed items, so another reason to over prepare. Now, I do know there’s a difference in point of view. Some people think 1-2 weeks food is a huge supply and adequate. My mom has an extra couple cans of tuna, basically. Those people really consider me excessive anyway. Then there are degrees of preppers, and we should stay under the radar as to amounts we have, I believe. Then there’s compulsive stocking of sometimes random items, like I’m doing. Although I can probably justify most of it. Also I bought a few supplies in case I need to care for my very elderly mother. If she gets this, it’ll fall to me, so I did buy a few sick care items plus a couple cloth masks that will seem smart if I need them, excessive if I don’t. I know that if I need them it’ll take weeks to get them. Again, hoarder or prepper? For me, setting up my shelving units and unpacking items will probably come before any spreadsheets but I admire your system. I’m sure now you’re glad you prepared. If I didn’t have cans of sardines stashed in my living room I’d be feeling better right now, too.
  8. Are they totally out? Here, two things are happening. The hospitals are working with groups who are making cloth masks and clear plastic reusable face shields, sort of like welders masks, to allow masks to be worn longer and protect the eyes. You could ask the hospital about anything like that. Also locally some people have posted, who knows where, asking for people with personal stashes of masks to donate them to the hospital. And locally they are starting to reprocess masks for reuse, and use strategies to ration masks in safe ways. They are all stopgap things but maybe you could look into something like that. I do worry and hope more masks are being produced soon.
  9. I know sardines are good for you and all but I have stocked up on more than I normally would eat in years. I’ve been told to donate to a food bank if I have extra but honestly nothing feels extra. I already was prepared. This confirmed my beliefs in that plan. But it’s gone too far now. Or not—I’m still working, but if I got laid off I’d be extremely grateful to have been stocking up/prepping/hoarding.
  10. When I have time, I turn to YouTube. I discovered Pluto Living (a talking dog), and have watched a few very entertaining videos on what to do when you run out of TP—spray bottles, reusable rags, etc—plus other equally topics that appear to interest many. Of course, I’m still working, and still avoiding cleaning and cooking. Guess I’m good at doing mindless things.
  11. I’m not as efficient but work later to make up for it. I had to set up a more efficient work space, I set a 2nd monitor up to my laptop, for example. Although my work space is very cluttered, like my whole house, and that contributes to being less productive. I do take breaks. Mainly I force myself to get started, but if the dog acts up, I get distracted. Eventually I get work done.
  12. I’m working from home a partial week, required to go in 2 days a week. I’m pretty much a stay home type but this is a bit much for me. I’m calling people I don’t usually call. They don’t want to video chat, which I would prefer. This has triggered my hoarding/acquiring tendencies which is a big problem and I’m crowded by huge quantities of stuff, which is worse from being home all the time. We are on orders to stay home except for essentials or lone walks. I think it’s debatable how essential I am. I’m usually alone a lot but forced home time seems different.
  13. Yes, apparently I am “that one” buying all that food and TP. I used to be able to tell myself I was basically a prepper, but now I’m just driven to get more stuff, beyond what I can afford or have space for. I have cases of toilet paper, canned goods, and huge quantities of beans, rice, and pasta, and other dry goods, including flour and yeast. I’m just one person and I already had way more than needed but that’s wise to a point. This has exceeded that point but I get this fear that this will continue for a long time and I’ll need supplies for myself and potentially my family—who would probably be desperate to rely on me to provide food, not realistic. I’m a little worried about some things I’ve ordered, because I rarely eat those things (sardines), and based on their availability they aren’t popular items. Anybody else driven to compulsively buy supplies now? I’m apparently good at finding things in a shortage, at least random things, but I can’t stop.
  14. I take it with about 5 or 6 other meds, may or may not be near food, and I’ve always done it that way, have stable labs. I have no intention of changing any of that. I’m lucky to remember to take pills and that’s my system. I’d been doing it many years before I heard it was wrong. Since it’s not causing a problem, I question why I’d change. If someone is more sensitive then it makes sense for them but apparently I’m lucky on this one.
  15. I know some people do believe in existence after death. Heaven, reincarnation, whatever else they imagine. I don’t have that belief although I wish I did. Wanting to avoid nonexistence is as good a reason as any to continue living. I’m glad it gives you a reason and hope things can improve for you.
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