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  1. I was not implying anyone should get an IV in their hand if they had an option, sorry if I was not clear--I didn't think anyone was referring to me. I don't have an IV option but I am OK with it, but wanted to give tips to anyone who was a difficult stick so they could have an easier time getting an IV elsewhere on the arm, so the hand wouldn't have to even be discussed. Sorry I was so unclear. I was trying to pass on my experience . Everything I said is so you can get an IV (not anywhere you say is out of bounds) more easily. Sometimes for emergencies (not colonoscopy) or such or when you just find it too painful to be poked, the EMLA tip may help someone, and not just related to hand IVs. I didn't realize I was being confusing and hope I'm not just confusing things more now.
  2. I have had about 4, maybe 5. I have IV advice. Personally my only real good veins are in my hands so I tell them to go there, it’s not painful for me, for some reason. However if you ever need an IV and know in advance and it would have to be in your hand—-ask them to get EMLA for you. They use it for kids mainly but it’s a numbing cream they apply thickly over a wide IV area, cover with plastic wrap, and let sit over 15 minutes. It numbs it. Keep it in mind if you’re ever in the hospital or such. But otherwise, for an IV, be warm and hydrated. Drink a lot of fluids up to the deadline. And go in very warm, plus ask for warm blankets and warm packs. If you watch at home sometime you’ll see what I mean. Cold and dehydrated makes for a poor IV experience for a lot of us deep veined types. For the prep, I chug it and follow with a chaser of broth or white grape juice. I find making real broth the day before, vs canned, is way more tolerable. I’m a pro at these by now I swear. Also I set a timer and just do it and get done. I used to chill the prep but drinking that much cold drink so fast really bothered my stomach and gave me chills so I go for room temperature or barely chill. Anyone going for the test, it’s easy. I’ve also had the upper GI scope and that’s easy too.
  3. Years ago I was basically told that so I’m afraid of it now. I try not to seem like a whiner. But I think I do have issues.
  4. I’m in a cubicle now. I never had a private office before, just shared space but different job. I hate having no privacy on the phone. I can deal with some social talk but hate not knowing who’s listening to me. But the private offices for one would have had 3 in them at my last job. Please never make me be in an open room again. I attend to everyone else’s talk and business. What’s with these office planners anyway?
  5. CR, I am going to sidestep the above discussion if that’s ok and shift back to your original thoughts. I used to feel that way too, living to not hurt others, it wasn’t a burden to me, it gave me hope and kept me going. I felt suicidal very young, so something to change that was a plus for me. So I’m glad you have that and sorry you feel so bad. I do hope you get a better pdoc who will try more. I know I would have tried most anything, almost anyway. I was treatment resistant and hated it. I wish I knew the system well enough to offer some advice but I’m not in the know—just wanted to say I hope you find the right treatment for you. I do think there’s still hope out there.
  6. You’re spending money and buying drugs, not sleeping much. Those sound like danger signals to me and yes you should tell your pdoc now. I have a certain amount of insight when manic but not as much as I think I do. I get the feeling of wanting to hold onto things that feel amazing but as someone who’s been there and really messed things up while I felt so great—it isn’t fun dealing with the aftermath I didn’t foresee. Please tell your pdoc.
  7. I’m not sure I’ve done the same but I’ve been the recipient of that sort of thing. And I can tell you it didn’t matter if I forgave because I didn’t forget and for my well-being I had to cut contact forever. He’s dead now so what I’d do years later isn’t in question. But although I didn’t go to the extreme I have said some bad things to a couple people and not been forgiven either. I figure they have their reasons and it’s probably a good decision for them, just painful for me. I’m ashamed to have said and done some things but I have to move on and not repeat my mistakes. MI hasn’t given me a pass and neither did my past drinking, so unfair as it seems in my mind, that’s my life. I think sometimes we need to walk away and try to avoid repeating the experience. Do I have regrets? Yes. Can I take things back or change others? No.
  8. I feel even to above even, not depressed. I suppose that’s normal feeling? Not sure I know. But it’s really changed my life for the better, that I know.
  9. After years of depression I like to be at at above the even point, my pdoc also is ok with that as long as I feel like am just mildly hypo not problematic hypo if that makes sense. I get it.
  10. After reading all this, I will try to baby my washer along. My repair guy said the new ones last about 5 years which is ridiculous so if I can I’ll stick to old school. At least if it fails I know to research all this stuff again.
  11. I have a coworker who is always going off to the bathroom. Maybe it was rude but I did comment on it. He just said it was because he drank a lot of water because it’s good for you. End of discussion. Maybe that would do it. Also his job was to answer the phone etc and his getting up without someone covering was problematic so I don’t know if you have a situation like that, but that’s why I mentioned it to this guy. Anyway I wouldn’t out yourself based on those comments. I know I wouldn’t have wanted a disclosure or expected one and certainly wasn’t entitled to one. Just my experience.
  12. For a time I was forced to attend some group therapy with my tdoc. It seemed like people just talking about what was going on. We really didn’t learn skills or anything and eventually we agreed it wasn’t for me. My support group experience was 12 step meetings, mainly AA. We also mainly talked about what was going on, a few had loose topics you had to work within, but they helped me way more than actual therapy. Maybe it was bad therapy? I failed to see much difference aside from a therapist. And one was free. But maybe others get more out of group therapy.
  13. What’s up with that? I don’t get it. Is it the whole drug thing again? I’m lucky my pdoc kept me on meds even when he didn’t believe the diagnosis. All this denying meds seems so unfair.
  14. I looked into them when my washer faltered. It said a regular washer uses 22 gallons a load, these use 2-6 gallons, so probably your water bill will be ok, not sure about gas or electric but I think they would be ok? Mainly I don’t have space for a bigger washer. And I read you have to be diligent about mold, which I fear. But I got a repairman out to fix my old one and got advice from him. Is there an old school appliance store near you, where, unlike Home Depot, they may actually know a lot about the products? I know someone who goes to that sort of place and gets advice from the owner/manager on her appliances . I guess that’s not for everyone. Friends tell me to just use the high water if I get one but since I just have a laundry closet, not room, guess I better make the best of my old one, especially after hearing your experience. 6 gallons does sound frugal, but laundry day must get pretty long. I hope the water comparison eases your mind a bit, sorry I don’t know more.
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