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  1. For years I had a weekly therapy visit. Then my insurance changed to an HMO and it was monthly if that. After a while of that, plus their opinion is therapy is for short term only, I just quit for quite a while. A few months ago pdoc said I should start again so I did, but she only has spots around monthly. It’s ok but I’m not in crisis. Not sure that weekly business was always helpful, either, in retrospect, which isn’t always a fair way to judge.
  2. So glad I opted for indoor appointment, not the one where I had to get my dog outdoors somehow. He had a peaceful passing and seemed to be ready from his look. My heart is so broken but I made the right decision, if anything, waited a few days too long—but I kept him as comfortable as I could with many drugs as I had available. This dog never let me down and was always there for me. It’s true dogs love you like humans never can. I am not one to cry but find myself tearing up whenever I think of him.
  3. I would say working from home I work the full time and eat at the computer. But I avoid unpaid overtime—and since I don’t get paid for it, that’s any OT. Also I’m on deadlines so don’t have much opportunity to not work.
  4. Tomorrow is the day. So glad the vet can come to the house. I’m trying to prepare myself for this.
  5. My best dog ever has a terminal cancer. We tried treatment briefly but it clearly didn’t work and now he refuses to go out the door to go to the vet, so I found a home hospice vet. She helped me figure out I haven’t been recognizing signs of pain and worsening. In the last couple days things have gotten worse despite increasing meds. It’s hard because he has some moments each day that don’t seem so bad but I see now that I don’t want every single minute to be misery. So I need to make an appointment for a final home visit. In covid era that’s not an easy task believe me. I’ve waited too long w
  6. I got 3 names from my tdoc but 2 aren’t taking new patients. I chose the other as my new PCP but honestly I wasn’t that impressed with the bio she wrote on herself. I browsed through listings of possible PCPs taking new patients in my HMO and noticed most by far are pretty young, therefore not super experienced. I prefer someone in practice a bit longer and a bit older although obviously don’t want another who might retire. I read through the writeups and few reviews and hope I made a good choice because I sure don’t like the one they randomly assigned me to. The whole “not taking new patients
  7. I was depressed from childhood on. I took so many meds. Finally on abilify and lamotrigine combo and not depressed in a long time. I will say that I probably had some unrecognized bipolar issues although I felt depressed throughout those times. At any rate I had been told some people are just depressed and treatment resistant and was offered ECT, which I declined. Nothing worked until this and honestly it feels like a miracle. So I tell people in case anyone else can benefit somehow. Also abilify hasn’t affected my weight or appetite. I still have weight issues but not any worse. Actually I ha
  8. I hope that’s a solution that works out for you. And hope the new job works out.
  9. I am very skeptical of these claims plus future privacy concerns. My family is very sold on them but I am not very trusting.
  10. I am not a psychiatrist but I wonder if severe depression is making you think of this more which leads to more depression? Not a diagnosis but I think talking to a pdoc or tdoc could help maybe with meds. I know it is very distressing but it sounds like no harm happened and you have suffered a lot. Anyone can do things they regret, especially when they are young. And I agree, a Christian God would forgive you, and allow you to move on.
  11. Totally makes sense to me. It’s hard to lose a pet of any kind and I admit I have the ashes of my cremated pets. I’ve never buried a deceased pet but think I too would not be comfortable, cremation seems what I would choose too. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s hard no matter what.
  12. Apparently my PCP retired, no word to me, so guess I am in the same boat. We’ll both have to figure it out I guess. I asked my tdoc for some names.
  13. That’s a good question. My current pcp is listed as not available so I don’t know if she’s left the HMO or what. My problem is I get treated like a whiner or complainer when really I am the opposite, plus with MI I think I get blown off, so if I have to see a random dr it’s not good. How can you tell in advance if you’ll be taken seriously? I think asking my pdoc and GYN might be a start, if that seems helpful you might consider a similar approach.
  14. I used to have to use the scales and I always said I had no clue, which was true. Finally my pdoc just gave up on it. Now the clinic uses what I think is the PH-9 with slightly better questions butI still struggle. The 1-10 baffled me. I never got clarification so that’s a good idea. Now i get asked about manic symptoms and that’s hard too. I don’t do well at those scale things at all. Could you say you experience x, y z and be ok? Who thinks these things up anyway?
  15. I have been there almost 2 years and got glowing feedback until my angry outburst. Since then it’s been up and down.
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