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  1. Well you never know. The right situation may still present itself.
  2. Thank you. I admit the new dog is a huge distraction. She’s a rescue and needs a lot of adjusting to living in a home. Which means I have a lot to dogproof etc. It does divert me from the grief. We had a memorial for my brother. Actually I’d call it a funeral and wish it had been different because it wasn’t helpful for me but then I’m not religious and he was. I still have texts from him on my phone. In fact his wife plans to take over use of his phone instead of hers, so I guess I may have to delete them eventually. I suppose even if she doesn’t, the number will be reassigned. I just want some remembrance of him when he was communicating. Maybe it sounds strange.
  3. Over the years, I’ve done different things. For me, getting up at the same time every morning is the key. Messing with my bedtime doesn’t help at all. Once I force myself to the early rising time it resets me and gets to be my new biorhythm. Ah, but how to get there, that’s the issue, and whether my sleep biology is like yours. Well that I don’t know but I’ve suffered the inability to get up before noon as well as working nights and sleeping 20 hrs daily on my days off. I’ll tell you what I do and if it doesn’t work for you, toss the ideas. I can barely get up in the dark. So at my chosen time I turn on a light. That helps but the gradual sunrise alarms just annoy me. I’ve also used the vibration under the pillow alarms sold for the deaf. Multiple alarms are key, usually 3, at least one requiring getting out of bed to silence it. Then I have coffee premade from the night before, because making coffee first thing is too demanding. And then sheer resolve that I feel it’s necessary helps. Of course now I have a dog who barks at his breakfast time and noses me to get up, as an additional thing. I hear exercise helps, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never used melatonin and don’t trust it so no experience to share there. I would say it takes maybe up to a week to reset myself and it’s super painful until then. Even now I don’t like getting up but I can. Also, I found I have a “reset” time, if I’m not up by then my body wants to get into super sleepy mode and stay in bed forever. I don’t know if any of this helps because it’s not the norm, but I put it out because it’s life changing for me.
  4. Your meds are totally different from mine so I can’t say too much. However, cymbalta sent me into a very lengthy manic period and was what messed with me. At first it was ok but as I went up on the dose it was like it turned on me and really messed me up. No idea if it’s doing anything like that to you, just a heads up it can do that. Stopping it didn’t stop a mania in motion but was a start. I personally take Concerta with my lamotrigine and abilify and it works for me, but your meds are totally different so I’m guessing your symptoms aren’t the same. For sleep I found most important is getting up same time every day no matter what, or I get all disrupted. Just sharing my experience fwiw, hope some aspect is helpful.
  5. I have but it does need to be open. And I think it’s easy to start expecting a bit more. I haven’t found them to be great but I decided they keep me from looking for what I want more. I think be aware of how it’s going and then act accordingly.
  6. I watched “fruity fruits” YouTube videos on my favorite channel. She explained different unusual fruits, how to eat them, and tasted them. Ok I know this would be considered boring by some, but I love her videos on various topics.
  7. I wonder how long placebo effect lasts? I used to try orthomolecular therapy for my depression—many years ago. Seemed to help for a while then not so much. Placebo effect that wore off maybe? Very hard to apply this to real life for me.
  8. I think it’s well worth pursuing a diagnosis or rule out. Sounds like me. True, I’ve done workarounds. I use Google Calendar on my phone and set it up to give me reminder notifications—huge help. I have a magnet-held pocket that sits on my waistband and I keep my phone there only to counteract losing it. And so on—many things to help me, although the messy house, disorganized stuff and lack of attention—well, I need meds for that. Of course your situation could be totally different. But my pdoc at first was positive the diagnosis was wrong, but now believes it. I think they don’t recognize it sometimes but meds have really helped me so it seems like something to add to your list of options to consider.
  9. I’ve spent so much when manic, such regrets, so I’ve been there. Remember you did ask for help and it is part of mania, not some character flaw, at least it helps me to remember those things. Glad you’re coming out of it now.
  10. I’m not depressed now but I could still just lie here all day, especially if I forget my Concerta, it’s all over. But I do get up and go to work, it’s just when I’m home I can’t seem to do anything. SAD is a possibility. I should think that over. I agree about the lazy concept, but have surely thought I must be lazy and accused of it.
  11. Funny I never did that because I thought I would have to pay for support? I admit YouTube taught me much of what I needed for school. Hey whatever works.
  12. I guess my cortana never was on to start with, lucky me. I guess in general I try to learn the new stuff and forget the old, since I have no choice, and because I was in online school and had no choice. I do wish I’d stuck with Dell, instead I got an HP and still hate it, still. Also I’ve found going on the Microsoft help site or YouTube has helped me with windows 10 and all things computer because I’m not very techy and I don’t know anyone to ask in person. Otherwise I would just give up. Since I was paying for online classes I had no choice but to make it work but since I wasn’t a 7 expert it didn’t matter that 10 was new, it was all difficult for me. I’m not really sure how other people learn computer stuff, should be easier.
  13. Does cortana have a voice? I’ve never heard of it, don’t use it. I like windows 10 better than 7, not sure why but I was happy with the change and when work upgrades to it I’ll see if I still agree. didn’t know I should unplug my laptop—guess I’ll go do that now. Glad I read this.
  14. I don’t know if this will help. I was depressed very young and meds not an option. As a result of the MI, I made bad decisions largely due to the MI, and have to live with that. I feel I wasted many years struggling with depression so I do have that perspective and try not to offer advice. But I do think the fact that your daughter is willing to try this really says something. I know it’s hard to make decisions.
  15. Been there, so know that no matter how good it feels now, it needs to end. Maybe call the first, and have a backup to call the next alternative? Please make a call before things spiral worse.
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