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  1. SO they put me on Gabapentin Topamax Klonopin Ambien clonidine, and metoprolol and Cymbalta. I have been on them all before just not all at once. I start seeing a trauma specialist soon and that is very scary to me. I don't feel ready. My pdoc brought back up dissociation again which could be going on, I just thought I was passed that and knew how to ground myself.
  2. So, the past three months have been a bunch of lows for me. I left my husband, I moved in with my sister, I left my sister to move back with my husband, and in the process of all of this, I lost my friends well people who said they were my friends. I know my husband did wrong by people, shit I did wrong by people we both are only human with MI. Everyone has issues some more than others. But my issues are deeper then that. I hurt badly. I cry daily. I feel like i am floating on a cloud watching myself live down below me. They have me on the same meds i have been one for 3 months now and they seem to keep me not so depressed but now i feel disconnected from my life and my body. This isn't normal, is it? Anyways, thanks for listening Ashley
  3. Not really i am strugglng badly. Me and my husband are getting a divorce and i had to get a protection order so i would say i am not well at all
  4. i dont have a tdoc not like if i dd it would help
  5. So I was doing so good. College was going great love was great chat was great. Now it isnt I ended up cutting myself today first time in over a year and I feel like i need to do it again. I hate this feeling. But i know i wont pass. What do i do? I am losing my shit
  6. this is nuts.... Chat is the only place I feel safe. ARE YOU KIDDEN ME.... SO SAD
  7. I know this is point less But i wanted to say hi and that I miss you. I know ur in a better plac e now but it hurts. Pod please watch over all of us crazys make sure we are all safe. Also have a seat at the table ready for us when it is are time. I Love you man 

    I cant believe ur gone :(


    1. WednesdayPotter


      Wait what??? What happened!?

  8. Thank Jt it is super hard and on top of all this i start school in a week. idk if i am going to be able to do this.who knows
  9. I went into chat yesterday thinking Pod could help me with a recipe. HE wasn't there i instantly started crying. HE will be miss os much more then words can tell. Pod was always there to talk to u or even lift u up when u were down. Pod was able to change my screen name for me. Pod showed me how to cook . He took his time out to help who ever and when ever they need it. Pod i will forever be grateful to have met you. I will never forget u FLY HIGH POD YOU DESERVE IT
  10. are you ok havent seen u in forever 

    hope all is well 

  11. I don't know how to start this. so here goes. I am hurting, hurting in more than one-way shape and form. I give everything I have to get nothing back. I hurt more than ever. I miss pod, Went to ask him a question and he wasn't there;( (crying so hard so this might end up all wacky) I hurt for the people how are hurting. I feel bad for the people how I have hurt. I am scared about this new President. I am scared I will die from my cancer. I am hurting scared and alone in a room full of people. I wish i could understand more. I want more than anything to tell someone how I felt but it will never happen. I am sorry this is all over the place.
  12. I think it looks great. Do you use markers or crayons or colored pencils
  13. I color nothing to great just a stress relief.
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