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  1. There was definitely something going on in my head, with the heat and fuzzy feeling in my head. Also the pulse was really strong, I have normal blood pressure. This was not imagined at all, don't know why it happened or what it was but felt like something was in my head, it was scary.
  2. Anyone experienced this feeling of heat in their head, or big pulse in their head?
  3. You have to realise your brain has been damaged, so you cannot believe these things. Just laugh at them, say silly brain, put up with them, just don't pursue them, don't invest your mind on them. I hope this helps.
  4. Basically there's something that used to happen in childhood that I recently remembered, and it seems a bit strange. When I first saw a new face, it would look a certain way. Once I knew the person, somehow their face looked different to how I percieved it before, like they were two different people. The way the faces would look different? I guess it usually went from an intimidating appearance to a familiar one, and this seemed to alter my perception of what the face actually looked like.
  5. I'm not saying do this, but gluten free diet, lots of vitamins, veggies, water plus daily exercise could help you manage.
  6. I couldn't comprehend any other explanation. It was a mental and physical deterioration I was experiencing and it seems I was investing my sanity in it being correct. After being so scared I was close to dying, I finally told my Mum, and then the doctor opened my eyes....I made the decision that I couldn't trust my thoughts, so I lived with massive doubts about everything for about 3 years, like crazy fears about everything, I'm going to forget my name, where I live, how to do things etc, accompanied by horrible feelings of dread, paranoia, mistrust, confusion in everyday situations. When I went gluten free things got better, but I guess I was hoping for complete normality and that won't happen as I've been cognitively damaged.
  7. My attitude is one of trying not to mourn what I will never do, and trying to appreciate my uniqueness whilst hopefully finding a useful way of expressing myself.
  8. I think I often got confused where the sound was coming from, so to make sense of the sound my brain would misinterpret it. For example I would brush past a branch and it would seem like someone hissing at me from behind.
  9. My delusional thinking in the past.....caused by left sided brain damage....the process in the brain already began at very young age, probably in the womb, causing preference for left handedness..as right side of brain controls left half of body.
  10. I dont think brain scans of schizophrenics show an imbalance, it rather shows neuron damage, but its just my opinion and I havent tried meds so I cant judge.
  11. If only a quarter of handedness is down to genes, then what is it that makes left handers more likely to get schizophrenia? Its fascinating because it means the schizophrenic development in the brain has already begun by the time we choose our prefered hand! Its our BRAIN that makes us choose our preferred hand. Consider that delusions come from left side brain damage, can we not assume that this is the continuation of a process in the brain that started very young, and caused a left handed preference? I think it makes sense.
  12. Basically, forget left handed and think about the way the brain develops as a whole..you will realise then that left handedness is just a function of the brain eventually becoming schizophrenic. Delusional thinking, caused by too much right brain and not enough left brain, because there is damage to the left brain. So you are more likely to be left handed as right brain controls left side. Just my 5 cents/pence
  13. Its relevant because it has helped me understand how the illness works. It has helped me understand it is something I was pre-deposed to, and not caused by myself. Mixed handedness is actually linked even more strongly, especially to ADHD. Its in the links.
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