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  1. I live in Michigan and while there are non-compete laws they are very much disfavored especially in healthcare and sometimes not fully enforced (or if they are, only for a year) , but otherwise it's good to know about this. Thank you for the heads up though. I'm going to see if I can still see him
  2. So I just found out that my pdoc switched hospitals and is still in my network and is right by my workplace. The hospital that he switched to is also where I see my primary care doctor. I am worried that he will deny me care since he used to see me when he was working at the previous hospital. I am not really sure how any of this works tbh but would like some advice. I am planning on calling him as well as transferring my mental health care soon.
  3. I really want to follow my old pdoc ... I am not ready to go to someone else and I am praying that I will still be allowed to see him if he stays in my area. I am going to call up the office and ask again where he is going, but I'm pretty sure I don't really have a right to know since he is referring all of his patients to his successor who will be there in a month or so. I hate that I am dealing with this right now ): ??
  4. I am going to try to call the office either tomorrow or Tuesday but usually I never got to speak with him directly and I'll probably just get the same answer from his receptionists and waste my time ?
  5. I don't have another appointment with him unfortunately and I cannot schedule one as he is booked all next week. I was supposed to see him back in October but since i stopped seeing my therapist I could no longer see my pdoc (the clinic has a policy where u have to see a tdoc in order to see the pdoc ) and I started seeing a new therapist just last week when the receptionists told me he was leaving. I could write a letter to him but I don't even know where he's gonna go or what his address is. He could even be moving out of state for all I know as he is licensed to practice in another state as well.
  6. I am unsure if I am posting in the right place, so I apologize if I am. I just got word two days ago that my psychiatrist is leaving the clinic that I go to, and that next week is his last week. When I asked the office staff where he was going, no one knew. This is really hard for me to deal with as I became emotionally attached to him. He only worked at the clinic that I go to for a little over a year. This is a huge shock to me. I was told that I would be put on a waiting list for the new psychiatrist who will be replacing him. I have trust issues and I am wary of seeing someone new; and this is really upsetting to me because I really trusted my pdoc. I am wondering, that if he is staying local if I am allowed to still see him? and how can I found out where he is going if his office staff won't tell me? will my insurance company know where he's going, or are there any other resources that could help me find out where he is going? A lot of things were left unanswered for me and I would really like some closure. I am having a very hard time dealing with him leaving, any advice is much appreciated.
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