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  1. Please help me figure out the right Med combo.. Since starting some of these meds I feel fear not my usual anxiety just flat out fear over nothing. I also have a nauseas stomach EVERY day. I feel stuck and lost since I'm no doc but maybe somebody will know what to do! I am desperately trying to find a medication that completely cures my anxiety like Xanax but still gives me focus and energy like Adderall I take both, but adderall heightens my anxiety at times, makes me cry sometimes for no apparent reason and occasionally I'm told makes me testy. It gives me focus and energy.. The Xanax alone makes me very calm, collected, and FINALLY quiets my fast moving thoughts and anxiety however it gives me absolutely zero energy or motivation. I am perscribed daily: 40mg of Paxil aka Peroxotine (I take at night) 70mg Adderall daily (30mg extened release /40mg amphetone salt tabs) 50mg Trazadone (nightly) UNPERSCRIBED MEDICATION Hydrocodone either 7.5mg or 10mg roughly 6 a day for knee and back pain I suffer with debilitating anxiety over seemingly tedious tasks.. Highly unmotivated feel almost frozen sometimes. so I take roughly 4/5 .25mg Xanax a day when possible or 4/5 1 mg Ada van throughout the day as well as night. Xanax and adderall work well I guess but I really feel like its Mesing up my stomach somehow. Lastly I've heard a lot of things about Paxil is it dangerous? I have no sex drive upset stomachs etc please help!!
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