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  1. I have no idea when my alters started manifesting. High school, maybe earlier. They got names in High school, or some of them did. But my parents moved us around A LOT (like 25+ times before I was 15 or so,) and so it's hard to track it all. I believe you <3
  2. Tired. All the time.

    Realizing I still lose time more than I guess I thought. Feeling lonely, all the neurotypical friends I've come out to as having DID are nice and accepting but not curious or interested in learning about Us, you know? Makes me feel disregarded. Am I being a selfish brat?

    Told therapist about childhood trauma last week. Thought I'd told her before but apparently not. 

  3. Thank you for the encouragement, WinterRosie. I guess I feel like if they wanted to know us as individuals, they would try? I dunno. That's many passive aggressive of me. Like wanted them to make the first move
  4. Hi all. So I have around 10 altars. And these days we are mostly co-conscious. It used to be MUCH WORSE. Weird thing I'm going through right now: After years of not telling people about my DID, I'm finally coming out to some of my closest friends. And they are accepting it with calm and nods. But I want QUESTIONS. I want them to want to get to know each of us inside. Is that selfish? I feel like an attention needy person for wanting this....
  5. Those are great points. Thank you all, I will think about this.
  6. New to the site. I like it so far!! 

  7. Hi all! First time posting and I'm new to the site. I have struggled for large stretches of my life with depression, anxiety, self-harm, trichotillomania (chronic hair pulling-out) etc. In the past couple years I've found an amazing therapist and gotten on Zoloft for depression and Buspar for anxiety. I have a wonderful Spouse, a great job (despite a rough boss,) and a stable home with adorable pets. Overall life is pretty good these days. I have around 10 alters. Some have come out of nowhere, some have splintered off from other alters over time. They all basically have jobs: protection, regression, self-soothing, order, fun, sex, etc. I have some lost time and amnesia but overall we're all pretty co-conscious these days, sharing experiences and memories. Mostly. I think I'm getting to a point in therapy where I am about to figure out some of the root cause of the DID. I know I was sexually assaulted by another kid (a bully/"friend") at least once when very young, but I don't think I was every assaulted by an adult when I was a child. But my parents moved me and my siblings around A LOT. Like 25 times before I was 16. All over the world. Hotels, relatives' homes, friend's apartments, etc. Could this lack of consistency, home country, and sense of "home" in general ...BE the root cause for my apparent DID? Could this continued and forced reinvention of identity be the cause of my DID? I don't have an official diagnosis yet due to going to a free clinic, because insurance reasons. But my therapist has said, "unofficially," that I do seem to have DID, and we talk about it all the time. Did any of you who have DID develop it without a "clear childhood trauma?"
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