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  1. so lately i've been dissociating all the time and there would be times when i'm so out of control of my body and my mind just goes blank like someone is taking over but i don't know who it makes me sick to my stomach and its really terrifying i don't know how i'm going to cope especially when school starts in a few days...
  2. i do but since i just got outt of e.d. treatment they want me to sit down and eat with other people so its hard when im being forced to..
  3. yea im trying to eat alittle bit out of my comfort zone now..
  4. i feel so flipping depresssed i just want to go home

  5. yea ive been seening doctors and therapists weekly i think so i dunno maybe they'll help
  6. ive been hurting myself everyday and even when i try to stop i dont last more than 8 or so hours.. i dont want to feel so depended on this but i do
  7. ive been on meds (the same kind) for about 6 months but ever since i got the dose rasied ive been feeling more suicidal and irritated at everything i dont like being so sad and mad all the time.. idk how to tell someone
  8. i hate how when i eat and start to feel full i immediately want to throw up i feel so pathetic i just want to be able to eat ...
  9. woah sleep i dont remember how that feels XP

  10. finally going to the hospital for my eating disorder i mean ... because ya know im not "actually" suicidal anymore...

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    2. momokitten13


      thanks so much i kinda feel like i dont want to go but i think it might benefit me in the long run so i hope things go well -_-

    3. Laudanum


      Accepting you deserve to feel good is the second biggest obstacle to getting help right after the actually asking/saying you need it. I know that feom my own experience.  I hope things go well for you when you go

    4. momokitten13


      thank u so much

  11. thank you so much sometimes i feel like a failure i guess
  12. im so upset i relapsed and i feel so numb and maybe even worse than i did before, i hate feeling like this is my only option that helps get my emotions out...
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