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  1. its very hard to explain but i'll try. last night I must have been sound sleep but I kept doing stuff in my dreams, like my dreams were keeping my mind busy for some reason? I feel really tired and drugged out today almost like I didn't sleep at all last night :(. any suggestions on how to get a more restful nights sleep? thanks, sweetfungirl
  2. thanks hubby took me out for breakfast today, did someone say there is a place you can blog on this site can someone give me the url to that i dont see it ive been looking around had 3 cups of coffee and probably 4 hours of sleep last night but that is better then nothing tonight will be better. we just got our money today so we will have more food in this house half me not sleeping was because i was going to bed hungry i need to be on prozac of lexapro i was on both before and it really helped doctor says that can make me manic but i dont think it would
  3. sorry about earlier I was just being emotional because of my Mom dying 2 and a half years ago. I guess no one can relate unless you've lost someone you really love that you were close to..
  4. without thinking about Mom my whole life she was always listening to music. it is what I was raised on how do I get past this? it was two and a half years ago and I just miss her more. I had the phone off the hook for 3 days so she couldn't call me because I was just trying to sleep ! ive been into the hospital half my life for just insomnia, they take me in for a few days and give me medicine to help me sleep now its 4:16 I'm wide awake to hubby snoring his butt off. I need ear plugs or something so he doesn't wake me up ive been up since 1 and went to bed at 9. that's with 4 freaking melatonin! those always help but not with him snoring next to me. I gotta go find my glasses now I lost them and I can hardly see to type sorry if any typos. me
  5. I'm schizophrenic very mild with and also bi polar which is very mild with meds too. they've been working extra good today. Today I'm finally happy and clear headed:)
  6. I mean she was legally blind my whole life, so my whole life I spent looking after her; anyways the last few years of her life she spent living with her baby sister who is my aunt who was really into drugs. I don't know what happened to mom if my aunt hurt her somehow by accident being too high on something or if she just died in her sleep like they tell me. that's my problem I can hardly ever sleep I got like 6 hours last night due to hubby snoring and it being freezing in this house. I'm 33, but I feel like a teenager with my husband ive been with since I was 19. I just need girlfriends but am super shy. I'm not shy online just in person. how do I open up to people more? I'm on klonopin maybe I need to take one of those a caffeine pill and go to the mall when I have money to meet new real life friends. anyone wanna be email buddys let me know. girls only please as I'm married and guys are always just horny well from my experience anyways sorry I used to work in the adult field. thanks
  7. Right now he just has me on mood stablizers and tells me I'm manic because I cannot always sleep but I did well on Prozac with past doc's..........any help?
  8. i now just take 2 caffeine pills in the morning if it were Sunday id be drinking hot coco and coffee i only had 9 cups on Sunday and felt like myself then i have a big caffeine addiction i cant wake up im gonna go take a shower im so sleepy gonna listen to music first my klonopin with depokote makes me tired as fck lol
  9. klonopin makes me not have a worry in the world i love this stuff but can tell its addicting now im off to do my computer work since i work from home talk to you guys later have a good morning!
  10. its not at all like ambien for me once i was hungry and even drove my car to mcdonals in my sleep on ambien lucky for me i didnt get pulled over i was only a teenager but i dont remember any of it but being hungry and needing some food fast lol last night i slept better then i have in 2 weeks in just depressed cuz i dont have MY mom anymore im so sad but am out of tears i do accept it now. is there a time your tears just run dry from grieving so much lol there is no right or wrong way to do this im finally getting past it but she must have knew she was dying but i didnt she kept saying "amber dont be sad when i die" Yes Amber is my real name i usually dont share that on the internet lol
  11. I was always the one with the legally blind mom. the girl who could see thru her mothers eyes. now I'm just a wife and a mother myself. but i really don't know who i am without my blind mom. i called the blind center to even volunteer for them they still havent gotten back to me. i need to be around older people. i get along better with them for some reason. all i know is im 33 years old but I was raised by my grandparents and mother. i always had at least 2 or 3 close bestfriends.,now hubby of 15 years is the only real friend i have left i built my life around him. how do i make myself more outgoing to girls my own age ? i have one bestfirne don facebook i new since i was 12 but we didntnt do anything since she moved into antoerh school. her mom died when she was a little girl. my mom loved her like a daughter. any advice for me? I know im not crazy just wondering why this is happening to me and why my bestfriend had to die i need to know it wasnt my fault i had the phone off the hook because i couldnt sleep for 3 days so it was off the hook 3 days before her passing me my bestfirned from when i was 10-12 was named melanie i really miss spending time with her but im really really shy in person just not online
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