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  1. Thanks; you're probably right. I was thinking about trying the topamax since it isn't (to the best of my knowledge) a serotonin upper where I might risk the dread syndrome. I could pay out of pocket, but I've done that before (pre-auth was a mess), and if I do, I need to have another WRITTEN script for a whole new batch. And I don't drive, my doctor is about two hours away by bus... I was hoping one day would work with the tyrosine, etc. What do you think about just a bit of topamax?
  2. My insurance pooped out and it's going to be another day or so before I can fill my dexedrine prescription. I'm entirely out. In the past, when I've tried to take a break, I've experienced crushing depression, even after a day. I've read it can start after 12 hours, and I took my last dose around noon today. Hopefully will be able to pick up more tomorrow afternoon, but I'm worried that I will go way down and not even be able to leave the house to get to the pharmacy (agoraphobia/depression). So I've taken the advice I've read online: tyrosine every two hours, continuation of clonazepam,
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