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  1. I do but I don’t think it would do much good support is great and all but it doesn’t make me not want to kill my self I’ve been on multi antidepressants and a couple mood stabilizers which is all on my profile I’ve just been having a shit hand at life I don’t know really why I feel like this more so these last couple months I think it’s just stress I feel like there is nothing good in my life anymore and not a lot of things bring me joy
  2. So I don’t know how to come out and say this ...... but life has been driving me slowly even more mad and I’ve been looking into killing my self using vet medicine ......... but giving my self a plan and a date gives me peace I don’t know
  3. Well I had the same problem come up in my own life. The only thing you can do is sit her down an explain how you feel . Now as for the self harm it's gonna be a hard addiction to beat but I would start by throwing anything away that you could use and making an appointment with a threapist asap . The only thing that helped me stop was to play sad music and sit in a cold shower for as long as I need to help it pass or I will take a walk and cry like a crazy person until I was empty . But I also take medication to help stop the racing thoughts. That made me self harm . Best of luck love
  4. So. I have to vent somewhere everyone else is tired of hearing me complain I have a sister in Law who is Bipolar1 , I'm pretty sure she isn't taking her medication but let me start from the top . three months ago my mother in law an my other sister in law sam got a call from my sister in law,s husband saying that my sister in law was going to kill her self an she was down at an abandoned house owned by my mother in law . With a bunch of guns . So of course they went down there and called the cops freaking out because her Husband and her have been having problems an she has been extremely unstable . They went down and found a strange man and no sister in law . So they asked who he was turns out it was my sister in laws lover of 14years . My mother in law had some words with him kicking him off her property and he left . Turns out my sister in law lets call her R . R and her lover changed the locks on the old house claiming it as their own not asking anyone's permission and were drinking , doing drugs and going though everyone's stuff . Her lover apparently called her up mad and "broke up " with her so she called her mother cussing her out. Fast forwarded to present day. R ended up losing her job because of failing a drug test an her lover just plain didn't take the drug test an he also got fired. The house owned by my mother in law was broken into twice by R and her lovers friends stealing 2,000 dollars worth of stuff an using the money for drugs an to go out to eat getting her hair done and stuff like that . R started to post stuff about. Her old job slandering everyone stating that she has contacted a lawyer because they refused her unplyoment and that she was going to sue the company she worked for . R ended up fighting her own sister , cursing out her 4 year old nephew and anyone who got in her way . And blocked everyone on Facebook while telling everyone we were the ones who blocked her . Basically she has run wild doing hard drugs not taking her meds which she never really took right anyways . Stealing cheating an lying just to satisfy her life style . It's been hard for the whole family at this point it's only her main family members that believe that she has lost it everyone else is in Deinal it's really sad an very stressful . It All feels like a dream. I just want my sister back Also she has two kids 13 and 14 that she has abandoned an gave all parental rights to her ex husband
  5. Hi :3 well first off I'm sorry your going though so much sometimes with our disorders it can make life unbarrble . And the answer to the question is yes we can live a "normal " life but what is normal to us isn't normal to everyone else the right meds will help but you will also have to put in the work. Going to therapy , not drinking in excess or doing drugs, trying to reroute your feelings into a positive light . It's hard but it's possible but the right med combo will. Help tremendously I have been though the medication merry go round as they say and it's so frustrating but you will get there if you keep at it
  6. I don't blame her but the way she put it was that I don't have ADHD that it's my bipolar making me seem like I have it
  7. So I went to my doctor on the 19th . An the last couple months have been horrible for my memory an my ability to focus . Like I can't remember dates at all if I don't. Write anything important down I will forget it in 5 minutes . And that has been a main cause of a lot of anxiety an frustration . I plan to go to school an I'm scared I will flunk out cause I won't be able to retain the information . I told my doctor my fears and she said one that a nurse can not diagnose anything . And two my memory problems could just be my biploar slowing down my brain which is common . And that ADHD. Medication can mess with bipolar so I would have to get tested by a specialist before anything else happens . I'm honesty confused cause I always been told I had ADHD or that I had problems concentrating
  8. She told me it was normal to be scared of future but I need to talk to partner as to why I causes me so much stress
  9. I haven't yet but I have an appoint in the 30th I don't remember when I see my threapist though
  10. Soo I have bpd an bipolar as well as GAD and I found kind of. Road block I can't speak about the future with out having a panic attack .. like a full blown crying ,screaming disassociating panic attack . Like I can't think of what could happen in the future I can't think of the negative outcomes of stuff an it really bothers my husband ... so I wanna know some tips on how to open more an tolerate this types of talks
  11. Sorta I still have swings just less so I'm still really depressed though but I haven't cut in months so I use I'm getting better .. thanks to meds I guess the answer is that I have symptoms but they are manageable Stress really effect it though less sleep , more stress equals more problems
  12. Didn't like it. Pop it like candy I didn't make me sleep made me irritable
  13. I do sadly, I wonder if it's only the borderline showing it's symptoms or bipolar but I realize that I'm taking meds an that's what "fixed" me I feel more regular. Because I'm taking something made for bipolar depression and that the reason why I feel like I can't trust others or I split it's cause of my bpd but it's hard cause they are so intertwined
  14. Mmmh super depressed toda

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