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  1. Lol, I think 3 weeks is my record for a song on loop ( I generally wear my headphones for about 8hrs a day). It's just THIS song. It's just not quite enough. But I can't change it. C'est la vie.
  2. I'm currently listening on repeat (and have been for the last three days) to Red Masterpiece, by kroh. My brain has latched onto it like some sort of parasite, and won't let go. The problem is, the song is quite basic, and my brain is screaming for MORE of something, like I've had a small amount of crack, but NEED more ( I don't do crack). I feel like maybe it needs to be played on four different devices, all one nanosecond behind the other, to give it depth. It's driving me insane, but omg it's so beautiful I want to cry.
  3. I hope you can see this, I've tried to make it as clear as well as could as I could. I can't do maths, I count on my fingers. I do love the lovely symbols maths have, though. I am unable to translate my picture thoughts to text. This is the best that I can explain it as well as I could.
  4. @CeremonyNewOrder Have you tried DNA testing your CYP450? The science is in it's infancy, but really interesting. I did the test, and now I can FINALLY have science based reason's why I can take 30mg of oxycodone and 30mg of diazepam (migraines) and not die. Unfortunately, the majority of doctors are not up to date with this new science, and I don't fit into any government declared box, so in the real world it's not that helpful for me. Also a lot of data for the myriad crazymeds I've taken, and had every goddamn side effect with almost every one I've taken. There is a young pharmacist workin
  5. @esmerinhell I am currently using CBD oil (amongst a plethora of other drugs), I was hit sideways like Thor's Hammer with old lady hormones. Short story, it brought me back to some form of functionality. I think the dose is 100mg a day. It's a very expensive government regulated drug in Australia, at the moment. Good thing about that, is you know exactly what you're getting. I don't know where you are, so what the regulations are in your country, but the upside of paying a lot is the peace in knowing that it's rigorously tested, and I know it won't kill me, and the dose is exact. I know it rea
  6. This. Thank you. Lately I've been trying to stave off a mathematical existential crisis (amongst others). This is really very helpful.
  7. Thank god, I thought it was just me. I love you @Cerberus
  8. I went Out yesterday. My son really needed a haircut, and I had been putting it off for weeks, because I haven't been doing so well lately. Anyway, forced myself Out Of The House, into The World. I hadn't made an appointment, so I walked into a shop, and said they could do it in an hour. Not enough time to go home and back, so wandered the streets (with my three kids, 2 Aspies+, and one ADHD, ODD). Got distracted by some really soft swim shirts, and was pawing at them when the sales assistant came to see if we needed help. I apologised for wasting her time, as I had merely got distracted by th
  9. My exact thoughts. @esmerinhell Late teens can be a difficult time, let alone adding mental illness. I feel your pain. And you don't have to apologise, we are always here for you.
  10. OMG, I love this site.
  11. Merry Christmas, peers!
  12. I just found this shirt on the interweb. Yayness. Also, I bought the "The autism is strong with this one" shirt, and wore it yesterday to my GP appointment. My doc thought it was hilarious, as did the pharmacist. I also purchased one for my clone. I wore it with pride around the supermarket, along with my black baseball cap and aspie headphones.
  13. Cake. You make me laugh. Have your cake, with sprinkles on top.
  14. Hi, Aspie (amongst other things) here. I have a family friend who I have been observing for a few years now. Trying my hardest to keep my observations discreet, I don't have a lot of information. Here's what I have: - He started calling himself in the third person at age 12. - He had a religious experience (at roughly age 19), in which he felt (did not see) Jesus, and his love flooding through him. He is now a crusader. Immediately after this 'vision', he then went on to b
  15. I just realised that my mental brain read this as Autie-Of-The-Corn, lol.
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