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  1. Congratulations. My mum was telling me about this the other day on FaceTime. Almost all of my family are around Melbourne. I fled to Queensland decades ago, as cold is pain for me. At the risk of speaking too soon, we have barely been impacted by the whole covid goings on, although it probably helps that we are a houseful of Aspies, and legal social distancing, and actually being told we can stay at home (and not have to make excuses) has been heaven. My Pdoc did talk me into getting the vaccine, so now I probably have thousands of nanobots running around my body (joking). For the Americans, I think fleeing to Florida would be the weather equivalent.
  2. Jesus. Ruminating about the horror show of Dr's I've had. So fortunate I've found my Forever Pdoc.
  3. I'm going to have to share this information with my crystal buying 18yr old.
  4. Now my brain won't stop trying to picture him/you in a kilt.
  5. Somewhere, I came across some sort of study, that claimed the higher your IQ, the more likely you were to be unhappy. Reading your post, it's like looking inside my own brain. I couldn't help myself, and had to google them. At first, I was like, I could totally wear this shit, especially the Holy Dragon Printed Fashion T-Shirt :D. It would save me buying new clothes, then wearing them for 3 years until they're soft enough not to drive me bonkers. After scrolling down a bit more I was laughing out loud. Oh, you're not a worthless prick 😉
  6. I LOVE this! Yes. When my kids were younger, I would time the school pick up to the second, to avoid making small talk with The Women. Of course it doesn't help that I'm Autistic, but I can usually strike up a conversation with a guy. I'm probably not the right person to be making comments on my gender peers. I'm the least girly girl you could find. My topics of conversation are not what the neurotypicals like to talk about, I could't give a rat's backside what colour my fingernails are this week. My eldest (18yr old female) keeps going on about my internalised misogyny. She's probably right, I grew up in a '70's-'80's Man's World. A world in which women were useless, apart from making babies and dinner. My headache drugs are starting to kick in, so I had better go before I start talking more shit than usual. Your project really does sound very interesting.
  7. No. Not even. I'd go on but my brain is working less well than usual and I'm scared of saying the wrong thing. Women are the worst to each other. Seriously. I'd much rather hang with guys.
  8. @Fluent In Silence My parrot is telling me not to say anything, because, why would you give the shiniest shit about what I thought? But I'm going to push through, because you have made my day so many times, with your wit and humour. You're really funny, I think without even trying to be, which is the best kind of funny. (fuck off, parrot). Your project sounds really interesting, as in, I want to know everything about it this very minute interesting. (Last warning, parrot). I have also observed you having insights to subjects that ordinary people wouldn't even think of. I think that you're pretty cool. The Great Cerberus, as usual, has summed everything up very eloquently.
  9. Lol, I think 3 weeks is my record for a song on loop ( I generally wear my headphones for about 8hrs a day). It's just THIS song. It's just not quite enough. But I can't change it. C'est la vie.
  10. I'm currently listening on repeat (and have been for the last three days) to Red Masterpiece, by kroh. My brain has latched onto it like some sort of parasite, and won't let go. The problem is, the song is quite basic, and my brain is screaming for MORE of something, like I've had a small amount of crack, but NEED more ( I don't do crack). I feel like maybe it needs to be played on four different devices, all one nanosecond behind the other, to give it depth. It's driving me insane, but omg it's so beautiful I want to cry.
  11. I hope you can see this, I've tried to make it as clear as well as could as I could. I can't do maths, I count on my fingers. I do love the lovely symbols maths have, though. I am unable to translate my picture thoughts to text. This is the best that I can explain it as well as I could. @Cerberus I just remembered. I forgot to add "Nikola Tesla on the Mechanistic Theory of Life".
  12. @CeremonyNewOrder Have you tried DNA testing your CYP450? The science is in it's infancy, but really interesting. I did the test, and now I can FINALLY have science based reason's why I can take 30mg of oxycodone and 30mg of diazepam (migraines) and not die. Unfortunately, the majority of doctors are not up to date with this new science, and I don't fit into any government declared box, so in the real world it's not that helpful for me. Also a lot of data for the myriad crazymeds I've taken, and had every goddamn side effect with almost every one I've taken. There is a young pharmacist working next door to my GP, and as he's just finished Uni, he knows about it, and has actually made a note on my file to look out for future possible ill effects.
  13. @esmerinhell I am currently using CBD oil (amongst a plethora of other drugs), I was hit sideways like Thor's Hammer with old lady hormones. Short story, it brought me back to some form of functionality. I think the dose is 100mg a day. It's a very expensive government regulated drug in Australia, at the moment. Good thing about that, is you know exactly what you're getting. I don't know where you are, so what the regulations are in your country, but the upside of paying a lot is the peace in knowing that it's rigorously tested, and I know it won't kill me, and the dose is exact. I know it really sucks to have to rely on drugs. REALLY sucks. But, we're lucky to be living in a time when the drugs are available. Hopefully you can find some solace in that. I'm sure you've heard the "If it was diabetes you'd take the insulin blah blah blah", but it's really true. Try not to feel bad about the drugs, if they help. Just from what you've written, I can tell that you're pretty awesome.
  14. This. Thank you. Lately I've been trying to stave off a mathematical existential crisis (amongst others). This is really very helpful.
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