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  1. My exact thoughts. @esmerinhell Late teens can be a difficult time, let alone adding mental illness. I feel your pain. And you don't have to apologise, we are always here for you.
  2. OMG, I love this site.
  3. Merry Christmas, peers!
  4. I just found this shirt on the interweb. Yayness. Also, I bought the "The autism is strong with this one" shirt, and wore it yesterday to my GP appointment. My doc thought it was hilarious, as did the pharmacist. I also purchased one for my clone. I wore it with pride around the supermarket, along with my black baseball cap and aspie headphones.
  5. Cake. You make me laugh. Have your cake, with sprinkles on top.
  6. Hi, Aspie (amongst other things) here. I have a family friend who I have been observing for a few years now. Trying my hardest to keep my observations discreet, I don't have a lot of information. Here's what I have: - He started calling himself in the third person at age 12. - He had a religious experience (at roughly age 19), in which he felt (did not see) Jesus, and his love flooding through him. He is now a crusader. Immediately after this 'vision', he then went on to b
  7. I just realised that my mental brain read this as Autie-Of-The-Corn, lol.
  8. This is so funny, I want to cry. I have only met one other person who has see Children of the Corn. The T-Shirt is mine now. And one for my Clone.
  9. I find this absolutely hilarious. As a raging Aspie, with two young Aspie's, I have tried to bring them up with the belief that we are AWESOME, because we have superpowers. Also, the cliché reference to Star Wars is deliciously titillating (even though I personally think that Battlestar Galactica, the original, was far superior). I would wear this t-shirt. In fact, I now want one.
  10. Throw out the cork board, and buy a magnetic whiteboard.
  11. "Bath Salts" and "Upperdrugs" by Highly Suspect. So relatable (although I do not take illegal drugs, I have the equivalent in legal drugs). YouTube Music recently found this band for me. I am addicted. Posted here because everyone I know thinks I'm insane when I get excited and make them listen to my eclectic taste in music.
  12. My Clone (daughter) just sent it to me. I thought it was pertinent to this thread. She also sent me this, which is 100% accurate. She's 15.
  13. I had to go to my daughters Formal (lots of people noise movement). I was barely verbal, and one of my best friends was there, and later she asked what I had taken. My GP just told me I'm too complex and keep it for my Shrink. I am currently mid conversation with a man, and I have no idea if he's flirting or funny.
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