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  1. Antecedent, first I have to ask, do you have any formal diagnosis at all? Without rules, there would be anarchy, right?? LOL. Impulsivity. I have got a lot better over the years (I'm 49) at controlling it. But it still pops up all the time. One time I was driving my 15yr old (AKA Clone) home from Pdoc, and someone in front of us cut someone else off (most likely a tourist that didn't know where they were going). This was very rude, and an assault to my beliefs, lol., so I YELLED "Let them go YOU FKN R$T&RD*D C*NT". I sat there fuming for a minute, then looked over at my daughter (who I had forgotten was in the car), and she had an odd look on her face (I'm a raging Aspie, not great at discerning face pictures). I asked her what was up, and she asked me what she had done wrong, she thought that I was calling her that. I should probably add that road rage came with menopause and sodium valproate. When I'm forced out to go shopping, I usually see things I've never seen before (because I hardly ever go out), and get very excited, and have to touch everything, buy all the stuff I don't need, it's like I'm on some sort of high (not bi-polar). I interrupt people speaking ALL THE TIME. I know it's rude, but I have to say it before I forget it. I derail conversations. Internet shopping got a bit out of hand last year. A bit is an understatement. I've got it together again. I just decided that I could no longer bear the lump of menopausal fat on my stomach, so on the computer, booked in to the first surgeon, getting in at the first appointment for surgery. Asked to be put on the waiting list in case I can get it done NOW. I jump up and down and clap my hands when something makes me happy, before I remember that I'm an adult and that behaviour is frowned upon (why is that? Shouldn't we be allowed to express happiness?). One morning I woke up and decided that I needed a new hobby. So I got on the net and ordered a $300 skateboard. I can't actually ride. I'm also very clumsy, so this was a very bad idea. Footnote; I have and wear all the safety gear, lol. I could go on and on and on. Basically your garden variety of do before you think. I have this also. I see all people as equal, until proven otherwise. A badge or a white coat means nothing to me. What are you like as a person? Well done for moving out at 18. I did too. Floundered for quite a while (a decade or two).
  2. Antecedent, did we grow up in the same household?, lol. I had very nice, but strict parents, that would tell me to stop swinging my legs when I was sitting down, don't talk out of place, look people in the eye (omg) etc. I was going to quote parts of your first paragraph, then realised I was going to quote nearly the whole thing. Impulsivity and inattentiveness go together. Don't get me started on impulsivity. (actually, you can if you want to, just be prepared for a rant). I have grown a lot since my diagnosis, about 6 years ago. My Allistic kid keeps telling me to be quiet, and SSSHHHHHH, lol. Also asks me when we are out if I can just act normal for a little while (Why, yes, of course, I only act like an imbecile for fun, insert massive eye roll. "You're like a kid, laughing and pointing at everything and touching everything". All true.) Shopping? Hate it. Online is a dream. But still hate it. Driving. I got my licence as soon as I could, because it meant freedom from the oppressive smothering I had at home. Also, being a black and white thinker, I am a rule following safety nerd. On the other side, an insane rebel. Owned a car before I had my licence, lol. When I drive, and it has become much more apparent since I had kids, (yelling, screaming, hitting in the back seat and trying to focus on the roundabout that I am in the middle of) I use hyperfocus. It's really mentally draining, and obviously, the further I have to go, the more it wears me out, but that's how I cope. Also listening to Heavy Metal really loud helps in the really busy places. It drowns out the screaming in my head. "Normal on meds". I should define that, I meant it only helped with my ADHD, not all the other crazy. As always, hang in there
  3. KJ

    random thoughts!

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  4. Oh, Antecedent. What a shitshow. It's been quite a few years since my family and I got our diagnoses, so I have done a lot of research, and diagnose people at random (I don't usually tell them, because I found that people don't like that, lol ). That is insane that you can't get a diagnosis because of your age. We can here, but because I was diagnosed as an adult, the long acting stimulants are not covered by government assistance (Seriously???), so it's $60 a bottle or stay on the immediate release. This applies to some other drugs also. Don't get me started. Fortunately my children were diagnosed reasonably early, so they can get the long acting versions. I had a really big day yesterday, so today I'm just limping along, like your picture (can I please take a large amount of downers and go hide under a blanket for the day? Answer: No, because I don't fit into the government's box of acceptable dosages). You said that you read university textbooks. That's pretty full on, would you say that you are primarily on the Hyperactive side of ADHD? I am a mix of both subtypes (the most common diagnosis), and even on stimulants, I find it hard to focus on more than one sentence (the only thing that has ever really worked for my ADHD was vortioxetine. Was going to finally go and do a science degree, then realised that I hadn't left the house for three months. So. That was it. Was nice to see what real life was like, for a short time. But also, now I REALLY know what I am missing out on ). You have my full empathy. Feel free to contact me if you want to vent. Hang in there.
  5. When I was pregnant, and the tests said that I was fine, but the OBGYN said to take iron in the second trimester, I went from barely able to stand, to (overnight, one tablet) feeling great (well, sort of). I couldn't believe it. And it can't be placebo affect, because I had seen the test results, and had no preconceived ideas about it.
  6. You are not alone. I'm the 90th percentile on my Pdoc's scale. That's 30% worse that all the other people that qualify for stimulants (where I am at least). Before hormonal hell hit, I used to run around in circles until it was time to pick up the kids, then continue to run around. Peri-meopause has slowed me down, but not my head (I am a mixture of the two ADHD subtypes). It's SO EXHAUSTING. I also have Autism, so forays out into the world exacerbated the problem. Covid has been a dream for me. I have to keep reminding myself to add, "except for all the deaths, illness, loss of jobs etc". I joke ( I say joke, so that people think I'm joking, because neurotypicals can't handle the truth) that I need a drug induced three month coma. I think I might feel a little better after that. What stimulants do you take?
  7. KJ

    random thoughts!

    Cerberus. Wow.
  8. KJ

    random thoughts!

    OH MY GOD, PEER GROUP!!!! I just saw this on TV. It's a show on Netflix about plastic surgery and cosmetic beauty trickery. A lady had a neck lift and her surgeon recommended this to use on the areas that are swollen to reduce the swelling. The show is called Skin Decision, and the pink thingy comes up in season 1, episode 7, at 29mins in. I swear to god it's the exact same thing.
  9. KJ

    random thoughts!

    LOL. My thighs are huge, and my clone's thighs are huge, and she came out and had a rant about it the other day, and all I could say was sorry (genetics, I apologise a lot). You are very funny, Fluent In Silence.
  10. KJ

    random thoughts!

    HAHAHAHA I was just going to quote "I'm doing a public service", but I guffawed my way through your whole post. Thanks for making me laugh!
  11. KJ

    random thoughts!

    Ok, after seeing this it looks nothing like a Tribble. Happy hunting on your new hobby!
  12. KJ

    random thoughts!

    Fluid in Silence, what is that on your profile pic? Every time I see it, it makes me think of a Tribble, from the Star Trek tv series, episode "Trouble with Tribbles", lol.
  13. Absolutely a thing. I used to think that my migraines were caused by a bad sleep, then I realised that it was the migraine (sometimes not even painful yet) that was causing the bad sleep and waking me up. These are usually the worst ones I get, although now that I've bitten the bullet (I have multiple stroke factors) and am taking 'triptans, I can usually keep the pain to a minimum. But not the neurological symptoms.
  14. I'm in Queensland (state), Australia. My kids go back to school today Monday 25th May. I don't watch the news, but from what I can tell, most of the clothing stores are reopening. We are allowed 5 visitors, and a gathering of 10 people outdoors. We are allowed to travel (although our states borders remain closed)150km, as long as we "do not enter The Outback"
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