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  1. I'm in Queensland (state), Australia. My kids go back to school today Monday 25th May. I don't watch the news, but from what I can tell, most of the clothing stores are reopening. We are allowed 5 visitors, and a gathering of 10 people outdoors. We are allowed to travel (although our states borders remain closed)150km, as long as we "do not enter The Outback"
  2. OMG, that was so well done, haahahaaaaaaha. LOL
  3. Thank you so much, the toilet paper roll had me lolling for ages.
  4. KJ

    random thoughts!

    I'm actually starting to like the name 'Covid'. It's a bit of a mix between Colin and David. White Fairy, you might be on to something.
  5. That's fantastic! Zyprexa so far has been the only thing to work for me without side effects, well for a few months. Then I realised it was messing with my metabolic system. I still use it short term for horrifying things like family vacations, etc...
  6. KJ

    random thoughts!

    Oh, I hear you and I feel your pain. I can't even read the writing on my headache app because its orange writing on grey background. Useless piece of excrement.
  7. Hi Sming. I haven't read all of the above properly due to fatigue and headachyness, so sorry if I repeat something. In regards to the oxy, I find that after I completely taper off, my tolerance goes down (although I lose it very quickly), so when I start it again, it actually works. I naturally have a high tolerance, and can take 30mg of oxycodone and keep going (and yes, I get that short sense of being alive). In regard to your nerve pain, I had a neurologist screw up some nerves for migraine with botox, leaving me in agony. 20mg of oxy did nothing. Eventually my GP put me on pregabalin. The first day it was half better, second day completely pain free (I don't mean better as in fixed, just less pain). I think it took a couple of months for my nerves to heal up. It was like a magic pill. I did get fluid retention from it and had to go off it, but I was pretty much done with it by then. I highly suggest giving it a go. It is not a pain killer in the usual sense, just for nerve pain. Good luck.
  8. Wow, that's so fascinating, and fantastic for you. Thank you for sharing, I have been a migraine sufferer since I was 16. I found out a few years ago that I too have the gene mutation, but nothing was ever brought up about migraines. Definitely going to give this a go. I am on day 5 of a hormonal migraine now, and nothing much works, this gives me some hope! Thank you
  9. This is a really good idea. I've been hovering, trying to be social, and my mind is blank. The kids went to their dad's this weekend, so I tried to catch up on some rest, as I'm just so tired of this life. My dog went mental with a storm, so I gave her 150mg of trazodone (prescribed by Vet). It didn't really work, she just sat there looking like she was having a bad trip, ears back, staring at me. I was patting her gently, saying 'its all going to be fine, it's ok, please don't freak out and bite my face off'. Also I forced myself outside (to the porch). I stayed there for about 10mins.
  10. BHAAAHAAHAAA. Siigghhh. Yeah, that's pretty much my modus operandi at the moment. Thanks for your time in replying
  11. sming, how often do you take Oxycodone? I was given some for a migraine, then I hurt a disc in my back, and have been taking it on and off for months. I found, too, that it made multiple problems go away, and after the first two doses that made me tired, I find myself being more motivated, sometimes leave the house and it's fantastic for my sensory issues. The only problem is it's very restricted in Australia, and my GP is having conniptions about prescribing to me all the time, as he will get into trouble with the government. I told my Pdoc but he's in the same boat as the GP.
  12. Oh, wow, this is awesome, went down the internet rabbit hole for about an hour after reading this. Thanks for posting
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