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  1. chat having some issues?

    1. dark angel24
    2. hamster


      hello birds!

    3. birds


      hi sprocket, good to see you. :) 

  2. yesterday I did something to myself, and nothing happened, but I kind of wanted something to happen, now I just feel dumb.:(

    1. hamster


      I hope your staying in touch with people birds.

  3. :Trigger: I feel scared

  4. oh my god, I am so anxious. I just feel panic, and my hands are sweating, rapid breathing. I hate anxiety!!!:(:confused0078:

  5. there's a giant boulder in my head, and I can't move it out of the way........:(

  6. You okay?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. birds


      is that an email, or a chat? I don't know how that works

      or it might be easier to chat on here, but i'll try the enmail thanks

    3. sulkingdog


      well, if you have a gmail account... it's both.  if you don't, it's not really pertinent.

      i can log into chat if you'd like to talk, i'd be happy to do so.  i usually avoid chat, but i'm not completely opposed.


    4. birds


      maybe I can talk briefly in a pm? i'll go over to chat now, if that's ok, sorry I am beinf so burdensome to you lol

  7. thank you for writing back! yes I should probably try to get into a support group, that would give more support options, but my anxiety gets in the way. oh well.
  8. hi, I am not sure if anybody else has had a difficult time with this. if you don't have much support outside seeing a counselor/therapist, not many friends/family that really understand too much. I have heard that in other countries they have psychiatric nurses that will visit people daily or whatever, but there is not really anything like that here in the states. its hard to stop myself from going into full blown crisis mode when I am by myself, and calling a crisis line can only do so much. has anybody else ever felt this way?
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