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    National FFA organization, drawing, singing, playing the violin, playing with my pet hedgehog and dog, and listening to twenty-√łne pilots
  1. I do....but I haven't talked to her in a little over a year. I want to go back, but I just haven't had time and I can't drive yet (I'm 15)
  2. It's 11:30 pm. I'm hungry. I go downstairs to the kitchen. This Christmas, we found and killed several mice (we not including me, I just sat and closed my eyes and rocked back and forth). With my OCD, one of my obessions is contamination. Ever since I found out we had mice, I held my breath (to prevent breathing in mouse germs or urine I guess) when I was in the kitchen or an adjoining room. You can possibly imagine my horror when I heard rustling in the pantry, one of the spots they killed mice. I just chocked it up to my dog in the other room. I stepped into the pantry. A mouse jumped up from one of the cereal boxes into another box.(oh god oh god I got sick and more anxious just writing that) I think I screamed. I'm pretty sure. I know I slammed shut the pantry door and ran away into the living room. Then I went into panic mode. It didn't help that my grandma began telling me about how you can never get rid of mice. About how they're everywhere. I, being my paranoid anxiety ridden self, interpreted that as a literal statement. That mice were in every single room of the house. In the walls, in the floors, in the bed, in the couch. Everywhere. I even hallucinated (I think) a mouse on the carpet near where I was standing twice. So now I'm in my bed (with no blankets covering me so I can see), crying, having an anxiety attack. Can someone please tell me if my grandma was right? Will I have mice forever? Are there mice everywhere? Also, can one have hallucinations as a result of an anxiety attack?
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