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  1. wonderful cheese I'm sry c I always think I like u, and its upsetting that u r feeling that way. I think u need a vacation or something ., u ccant stop feeling like that until u jjust forget about it, go have fun or something... u r sweet I think pu r pent up & need to get off ur wheel for a minute\ with love, ______ ______ ______
  2. Yes what I get is when I'm trying to sleep... only when I'm on a pillow, right when I get up it stops. Lay back down it stArts agInn
  3. Today I saw a few images (art that's in my house) but they were 3D?? I've had it where real life looks 2D, but this has never happened before, it was pretty much shocking. Is this a thing?
  4. I get told that alot at work. Its different but it might look the same to people esp if they haven't dealt w it. I feel like paranoia is more high energy alert pessimist more low energy inviting Of Any percieved thing.. If someone calls u a pessimist maybe it's cause they are, and they see paranoia & think it's the same .... alot of times we people tend to see something resembling an aspect of ourself on someone else and start calling them all the things w are... even when they're not, u r gr8, forgive them their error, and u b ok
  5. I mean developmentally, some "disorders" originally came about as the brains way to form/adapt to our surroundings, and or to bypass/ deal better with unnessary hardship
  6. If u can. alot of times when ur not experiencing alot of other negative emotions, it'll come out as rage. Try watching a sad movie or thinking about those things u don't want to think about
  7. It kind of makes sense, remembering that alot of mental "disorders" were originally put in place as a coping mechanism. I have had physcosis that (I) thought may have been helpful, e.I "understanding" a difficult situation, in which I know no-one else to have a (full) understanding of. And the music/TV actually did help me through alot of. It could maybe even be , a drasastic montage of thoughts/ feelings/ emotions that weren't "allowed" to process fully and /or right away. Though I usually feel upset / embarrassed after an episode, there is also a kind of sense of relief following..
  8. that sucks ! ur not alone tho ive put cups i was drinking from in the cabinets (then freak out for 20 mins looking for it) cards in the freezer, and spend a majority of my time getting ready looking for my 8***. hope u find relief !! @ least u can appreciate ur memory when u do remember.
  9. This happens to me (to a degree; I can't see what you're seeing.) I can't tell you what it is, or why it happens, but it does and it's usually freaky.
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