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  1. Hey, any infectious disease has a potential for depressing you. Then the other medicines.... Hopefully you will feel better once they control your infection. If you have time, and are in the mood, Tell us how in heaven you got lyme. It is a tick, I think, that transmit the disease, right? Did you go out camping?
  2. Yes, if you don't handle this topic well, it will probably have repercussions (a harmful tag on you) Be tactful, but don't give in into doing something that will not make you feel well in the long run. If your important network (family, work, friends) requires you to be part of a church, it would be tactful to find one which doesn't put too much pressure on you. Like, people in China marrying just for appearances. Fake marriages, I mean: gays marrying straight and lesbian women, etc. They find it is the course of action where they have to face the least resistance. That happens to me, alright. The participation in a church. I live in a small town (50,000 people) where about 70% of people are catholic, and the other 30% are small sectarian christian (sorry, I don't know how to properly describe that 30% in other words) The pressure is high on joining lest you are a pariah. I find Catholic masses agreeable (boring? :D). I can sit in a bank and let my mind wander for one hour. Some times I even sing, when the beat is right and the mood is not too bad. The problem is, as expected, different people from different groups will invite you to join, which makes me uncomfortable, although they are just being friendly. It has subsided over the years, (they don't invite me often now) I am rather intrigued by the snake handling church, I would have gone for the laughs Maybe, because I KNOW how insistent can a religious community can be about inviting you.
  3. Hey there lucy! We already talked in the chatroom, but I didn't know you were as new as I am Fine place these forums are, right?. And, as much derailed as we are, we can still pick sublime forum avatars! (yours is surely brightening!)
  4. I only took it for a month. I didn't ever notice anything different about my hair, and I check it daily (male in his 30s you understand) I don't remember feeling dizzier than usual either And I am glad to hear you feel happy. That's an achievement! Keep up the good work, haha.
  5. Been there, done that. Sleeping all day was the only choice. FORCING myself to walk a long distance and then coming back from pure self preservation instinct. Suffer through it, and some hours after doing that, and finally sleeping all day long. Taking showers every 4-7 days. I want to say that you need to readjust your medication, talk to your doctor. Maybe you are not overly anxious, maybe your mood is not too low, but depression is still wrecking your life. They (the medications) can do better for you. Well, I may sound like a douche, but your kids will actually help you, lol. No kidding, their screaming, begging, running around, fighting, breaking stuff, being audacious, etc will push you from your ennui. Talk about a kickstart ^.^ I hope you feel better soon
  6. For me, more than one suicidal consideration per day is not healthy and is a sign my treatment is not working appropriately. If you are having suicidal thoughts, you must do something real about it: tell the doctor your treatment is not working. Yeah man, you are probably going back in the H, but that's not your fault, you just need better treatment. Your own thoughts are dangerous, don't be fooled. Everybody says a therapist can help minimize suicide risk. You should try that, if you aren't already The more depressed I am, the more intrusive the suicide thoughts become. I have perfect plans for doing myself in. Luckily for me, when I am depressed I can't carry them out, and when I am feeling better I won't Even in a very depressive state, I could pull a trigger on me. I really want a weapon for shooting crows, practicing at a range and killing a mean ugly murderer who try to do us wrong at home. But in reality, I know that for my own sake I MUST NOT have a gun at grabbing distance. Not even an unloaded one.
  7. SOLUTIONS FIRST: Are you taking your meds? If you are, they aren't doing enough for you, go to your doctor and find more adequate ones. Do depressive states give you new ideas you could work on when you are not depressed? There are things you can FORCE yourself to do, there are things that you can't. For me, I can FORCE me to walk a long distance, and then I MUST come back for food and shelter (consider the agoraphobia). This is SUPREMELY stressing, I can't be intense enough about how much I suffer doing that, not only while doing it but also for many hours afterwards. The result? a fit body that will ache less from being bedridden. In the end, it is worth it. I can't force myself to read, much less write code, study chinese, stay awake all day. It simply doesn't come out. I can't do it for life. I know some people become naturally creative when they are depressed. I don't know how that works. I suppose it is only for agitated depressions. Van Gohg? With people with regular depression, like me, I can't imagine it happening. Never give up your dreams, but if you don't have other means of living, remember than being able to do your (a) job is priority. Keep this in the very remote back of you mind: Maybe there is something I can accomplish better, even if it is not as fancy.
  8. Depressed person: My friends are total Dicks. They don't like me, I don't like them. My life is terrible ... (the rambling goes on for a long time) Healthy person: **** YOU ANDERSON, YOU STOLE MY ****ING GIRLFRIEND. I'm not introducing you to anymore of my girlfriends, EVER!.... I am so glad we had top notch lasagna today... (life goes on) Depressed person (self conscious one): I am a mess. My life is a mess. I am addicted to video games. My mom has depression, I probably has depression. If I have kids, they will have depression. I am worthless as a person.... (rambling goes on for a very long time) (in the end doesn't do anything) Healthy person (Wakes up late) (Spins his head towards the clock, springs from bed) Mom! MOM! Wake up already!, I'm leaving, SEE YOU LATER! (Slams door) (3 seconds later) OH ****! I forgot my keys (thinks for 3 seconds) (bus approaches to stop) wait for me! WAIT! (sprints furiously toward the street) For me unhappiness is a mental state, a pathological one. Seek aid and treatment, you will 99.999% sure feel better, no sh1t. The road is not a straight one, but you are not alone.
  9. This is how I try to fight depressive crises: Find company (not sexual! geez) Binge eating Go Sleep I can't rationalize depression as you guys do. I have to sleep it over. If I try to talk out depression, it always wins!! I just get a witness, kick it out with food and then shut it off by closing my eyes. Obviously, life will fail without proper treatment.
  10. WE ARE NOT GOD. We are not omnipotent, we all have our capacities and our limitations. Learn to accept them! Working 11 hours a day is a feat not everybody is capable or doing. A few select can, bless them. Sleep 5 hours a day, wake up fresh a lettuce. Would I like to be like them? YES, of course! I actually was one when I was young, I so loved people's approval. But well, we still live in a physical world, and I can't handle it anymore. Do I hate me for not being the alpha male anymore? Yes sometimes! But I now became my own trainer: Do this, don't do that. I SAID DON'T DO THAT, FFFF IDIOT. Like a mild split personality. Working 8 hours a day is better than not working at all! Take happiness out of the universe in a steady flow, don't try to desperately squeeze it out.
  11. Screw's roots were part of my right maxillary sinus, so everytime I blowed my nose the snot went into my mouth, not out of my nose! How crazy is that? lol I am glad you understand that removing those teeth is serious surgery, and prepare accordingly. Good luck with it!
  12. I think mine were bigger than yours!

    But I only had three. Have a great day!

    1. Go Ask Alice

      Go Ask Alice

      That's so cool! I wish I had asked if I could keep mine! So I have no idea the size. And unfortunately I had two extra on top of it, so mine was 6 total. :brooding: 

      But I liked anchor guy! Hahah I know he must've been a difficult abstraction, but he's pretty cool looking. It'd use that for your pendent! 


  13. I was talking with alice this morning about Wisdom Teeth. I wanted to show you mine because I know that in the developed countries the dentists won't give you a chance to keep yours. Anyways, here I present pain, disfigured smile and decay. Enjoy! PS (I think they are cute, and Mr good guy would make for a very handsome pendant someday!)
  14. @Velvet Elvis I'll look for them immediately! @toast My favorite psychiatrist said he doesn't want to take part into this because they don't sell that drug (tranylcypromine) in this country and he has never done it before. It's just me, and my family, and the forum! Thanks for telling me about MSG and Aspartame being ok. I will timely test my reaction to them during the first treatment days. I was specially concerned about MSG because that creep is basically everywhere I look at. @Geek That's the first diet I found on the internet! I still have it printed. I decided to disregard the table because I couldn't agree on "Fresh sausage, such as breakfast sausage patties" being unrestricted, same as all Coffee, tea, and soft drinks. If you could comment on those specifics, I will REALLY appreciate it! @melissaw72 I found that one yesterday just before joining (giggles) I have seen peanuts listed as restricted somewhere else, Could you tell me how ok they really are? Also, chocolate syrup is ok, but "imported" chocolate is not? I think I got lost on this one, hehe Guys, if you know someone who knows about Soy Meat (texturized vegetal protein), please share its safety! That food is very convenient to cook and nutritional! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Textured_vegetable_protein
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