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  1. Take this job and shove it.

    1. Mackie


      god i wish i was in that position :/

  2. I'm a clone, I know I'm fine, I'm one and more on the way

  3. Listening to Cradle of Filth. That's the kind of mood I'm in.

  4. is trying to live a life worth living.

  5. Conquer anger through gentleness, unkindness through kindness, greed through generosity, and falsehood by truth. Be truthful; do not yield to anger. Give freely, even if you have but little. The gods will bless you.

  6. needs a personal chef.

    1. Mackie


      amen to that.

  7. A cooking site ad courtesy of Google popped up on my blog entry. FML.

    1. ChemistryExperiment


      I think that google tries to set us up to fail sometimes. I get really random weird ads and I'm like GOOGLE HATES ME!

    2. bpladybug


      google has ny number - zappos & naturalizer - shoe porn galore

  8. Had a glass of Eiswein, a granola bar, a cup of yogurt, and a bowl of chili with some rice. I.feel.fat.

  9. NaNoWriMo Rebel!

    1. Outrider


      Target sighted. Lock on confirmed. Imminent Prosespank!

  10. Hamsters scamper

    1. ChemistryExperiment


      I read that as Hamsters Scamsters. lol.

    2. nibblerd


      we have a god damned hamster infestation at my house >_<

  11. I'm alright, nobody's worried 'bout me.

    1. mudpuppy
    2. rowen


      It's stuck in my head.

    3. rowen


      Yeah. Don't know the same.

  12. You shut your mouth, how can you say, I go about things the wrong way. I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.

    1. SashaSue
    2. rowen


      I love you too, Sasha.

  13. Vegetarian gummy bears are awesome.

    1. Mindful Momma

      Mindful Momma

      So is homemade strawberry jello...yummy in my tummy!

    2. Mayteana


      Gummi bears! Bouncin' here and there and everywhere! High adventure that's beyond compare! They are the Gummi bears!

    3. Mackie


      they're dashing and daring, courageous and caring, faithful and friendly, with stories to share.

      they march through the forest, they sing out in chorus, marching along as their song fills the air!!!

  14. Down with coworkers!

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