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  1. You should talk to your pdoc, but I'm going to guess that it's the Cymbalta. Can you take 30 mg twice daily instead of 60 mg in the AM?
  2. I was on Lamictal/Abilify/Klonopin for awhile, and it kept my mood stable. I ditched the Klonopin after a few months because it wasn't helping what I now know are obsessions. Had a baby, went back on Lamictal/Abilify, added Effexor. Didn't work all that great. On Lamictal/Lithium/Effexor now and I'm feeling pretty peaceful. I think my brain changed up a bit when I had the kidlet. Probably going off of Effexor within the next few months.
  3. I'm content to stay on meds. I think I've found a combination of things that work for me. The side effects aren't too bad (water weight and some word-finding issues, thank you Lamictal), I can afford them, I feel good more times than not, yadda yadda. I spent many years being miserable prior to taking meds, and I don't want to go back there again. My dear grandmother, who is in her eighties, has been taking meds since the late sixties. She is alive and well because of doing that. I'd like to live to be in my eighties, too.
  4. I was on Lamictal/Abilify/Effexor for quite awhile. Got pregnant, got off of them, had baby, Abilify didn't seem to work as well after baby was born. Got up to 20 mg and said screw it. Switched to Geodon, couldn't tolerate it. Started lithium a bit ago with Lamictal and Effexor, and so far so good. I've actually lost a bit of weight - despite the bloating - and I don't feel as cognitively dull and emotionally flat as I did on an AAP (Have also been on Seroquel). Lithium is playing nicely with my brain, apparently, as a lot of people feel pretty stupid on it and I do not. Mood is just fine, despite the fall season. If you don't have psychosis issues, you might be able to swing a cocktail sans AAP. It's worth trying. Lamictal has a nice antidepressant effect. It keeps me from jumping off of a bridge.
  5. It seems like they choose only major cities. I can assure you that my city is quite crazy.
  6. I kind of look at radical acceptance as the cliche, "It is what it is." I've explained it to people and they seem to get it on an intellectual level. The desire to do it, though, isn't always present. I think people feel that continuing to feel angry, hurt, etc. is necessary. Like it gives them power, or it hurts the offending party in some way.
  7. I buy lithium for four dollars a month at Target. It might be even cheaper somewhere else - not sure. (Target is close to my house, so I roll with it)
  8. I've been like this when I'm depressed. It tends to make me feel worse. I think perhaps allowing yourself a half hour - an hour a day to be "deep," and then turning it off for the day. Being mindful throughout the rest of the day may help.
  9. I would be livid at the counselor who asked me that. That was absolutely not OK. Your friend sees the counselor three times a week. Surely she can hang in there until the next session. If she can't, perhaps she needs more intensive services. You are not selfish at all for wanting your time.
  10. OK, I have the article. PM me if you want it. (Gotta love going to a big research university) Where the hell the author of the news story got Tweets is beyond me.
  11. I can relate to what you said. Oddly, I've made a conscious effort to do the exact opposite of 99% of what my parents did. So far, it seems to be working quite well.
  12. I have twinges of this, though it's not as bad as it used to be. Perhaps some self-soothing? Or something off of the pleasant events schedule?
  13. I've been taking it with snacks. Doctor and bottle told me too, heh, so I do. I've noticed that I still have some stomach issues, but it could just be the start up blues. Eating periodically throughout the day isn't a bad thing, anyway. Good for your metabolism and all that.
  14. Non-judgmental stance has been the hardest for me, though it's getting easier. Remembering those acronyms! I'm bad with those, heh. I have found that if you practice mindfulness daily, it will stick and you'll start to do it automatically. That took me about a year (and I was familiar with mindfulness in the first place, as I used to meditate).
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